The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 33 Royal family of Atlantia 1

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"You know that the only one who can use the forbidden magic is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Leon said.

"I am afraid someone from the royal family survived the purge." Robert said. "And he is out for revenge."

"The royal family of Atlantia, they are a frightening enemy. They don\'t only have the talent of high magical arts but they also have a talent in physical aspects. It could be the art of sword or hand to hand combat. They are fearsome opponents in the battlefield."

"I have known that based on experience." Robert said. "They are fearsome indeed. If it wasn\'t for the common folks of Atlantia\'s help we couldn\'t have won the war. They also saw the craziness of the mad king in using the forbidden magic."

"But they weren\'t able to save their country in the end and it sank in the vast ocean." Leon interjected.

Robert sighed. "That forbidden magic is really a frightening power."

"Well it won\'t be called \'forbidden\' for nothing, right?" Leon said sarcastically.

"We have to stop them from acquiring this fearsome magic." Robert said.

"Even if it is your son-in-law, your king?" Leon asked.

He looked at the old general seriously, trying to read his reaction. Robert made a serious face and looked at Leon.

"Even if it is my own king, I will not let that fearsome magic ever surface again." Robert said with conviction. "I saw how that magic erased a country from this continent. Million\'s of lives perished with it. I don\'t want to see that happening ever again."

Leon smiled. He knows that this old general is more loyal to his oath to the country and people rather than to a person called a \'king\'.

"Well said general Robert, high commander of the Alvannian army." Leon said with his authoritative voice.

Robert was taken aback. Looking at this young man before him was like looking at his father back in the old days. A crown prince worthy of the title. High and mighty, bold and brave. After Leon\'s father took the throne of Grandcrest, it flourished even further. Making it the most powerful country as of date.

"You really have your father\'s temperament. You will be a fine king in the future." Robert praised.

"Thank you for the compliment. Even though I am not happy being compared to him." Leon said sarcastically. "He is a good ruler, but not a good husband. He doesn\'t know how to handle his queen, even less his own harem."

"Hahaha it is because your country has a weird custom in your royal family." Robert laughed out loud. "But I can\'t judge them. A man is born naturally polygamous."

Leon made a sour face. "Tsk. It only invited problems having many wives. If I can, when I seat on the throne I will surely abolish that old custom."

"That is of you can pass the ever so meticulous court of your country." Robert said.

"I am sure to do so. What I want is what I will get." Leon said proudly.

"Speaking of wives, I heard you have set your eyes upon my granddaughter." Robert looked at Leon seriously.

"That I have." Leon said. "What of it?"

"I want to know if you just want her because she is of some use to you." Robert looked at Leon with a piercing gaze. "Because she is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia."

Leon and Robert had locked gazes. There was silence in the room. Their aura are overwhelming. There was a heavy atmosphere in the air.