The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 329 Reincarnation

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Chapter 329 Reincarnation

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Such a hot blooded person." A voice from behind me said. "You cannot just wait in one place until I come to find you."

I braced myself from an attack of ever the one behind me was an enemy. I slowly turned around to who it was.

My eyes went wide when I saw the person that just spoke. He does not have a solid body and seemed like a mirage. Looking at his physical features, long silver hair and eyes, it is undoubted that he is of Atlantian royal blood line.

"It is nice to see you again, young king of Grandcrest." The man greeted me with a bright smile.

"You... who are you?" I asked out of curiosity. He seemed to be not a threat, but I still kept my guard up just to make sure. I looked around and it was like time had frozen around me. Only me and the man before me are the ones that can move.

"Oh, it is understandable that you do not recognize me." The man replied. "The time I met you, I had the feature of an old man. Now I am in my young form." The man smiled brightly at me once more.

His words puzzled me for a moment, but when I looked at him closely, I remembered the incident the time the fish witch dies. I remember that the soul of the Almighty One came to fetch the fish witch and send her to the after life.

"You... are the Almighty One." I said with wide eyes.

"That is correct. I told you we will see each other again. But I did not expect that it will be this soon." The Almighty One smiled. "You can call me grandpa. You are technically one of my grandchildren."

I raised an eyebrow debating if I could call someone that young looking as grandpa. He looks like he is my age.

"Well I do not have that much time. This image of me that you see now is just a small part of me that I conjured with. My primary soul is now slowly merging with your wife, together with my magic powers." The Almighty One said. "If not for your wife\'s worries that you will go out of your mind looking for her, I won\'t come out to meet you like this. Well it was a good decision, seeing that you are frantically searching for her now."

"My wife?!" I quickly asked. "Where is she?" I said with a worried look.

"Do not worry. Your wife is now safe at the bottom of the sea, where my body is also laid to rest." The Almighty One replied.

"The forbidden magic?" I had my guess that the forbidden magic had something to do with the Almighty One, and it looks like my guess is correct.

"You are a smart one. Yes, you are correct." The Almighty One said. "The forbidden magic you know of is me and my wifes final resting place, where our bodies were laid to rest so many years ago."

The explains why such great magic power is said to be burried within that forbidden magic. The mad king sought out that frightening magic in the past and the past might repeat itself today it gets into the wrong hands.

"Then why did you say that your soul and magic power is now merging with my wife?" I asked even though I have an idea why. "Does that mean... my wife is the chosen one?" My tone was calm when I asked but my heart was thumping rapidly.

Thinking that such destructive and enormous power will be assimilated in my wife\'s body, I cannot fathom how such a burden will be given to her. Not only that, but many would like to covet the powers she will have, namely her aunt and cousin.

"Your guess is near, but not quite." The Almighty One smiled. "The child inside your wife is my reincarnation. His body will house my soul and magic powers."

Hearing the words of the Almighty One still shocked me, even though I had my guesses.

"Are you saying you will be my son?" I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hahaha, your face tells me that the idea of me being your son irks you." The Almighty One laughed.

"Well no offense, but it does." I replied nonchalantly.

"Haha you are very honest, but do not worry...." The Almighty One said. "I will not be your son technically speaking. My soul will be housed in your son\'s body, but he will be a different being from me. This consciousness I have right now will fade after my soul have been fully merged within his tiny body that is now inside your wife. Your son will have his own identity different from mine."

"That is a relief to hear." I mumbled low.

"Hey, I heard that." The Almighty One said with an annoyed face. "Well that aside, the merging of my soul and magic powers will take some time. So, your wife will have to stay here for a while until it has been fully assimilated into your baby."

"What?!" I said out loud. "No, she cannot just stay here. She will be out in the open and will be in danger!"

I understand now why Alicia is here, but she cannot just stay here all alone and unguarded. Knowing that Queen Patricia is still out there and is still planning to take the forbidden magic for her own, I cannot just leave Alicia and my child out here and in danger.

"If it is her saftey that you are worried about, then it will not be a problem." The Almighty One said. "A divine beast of mine has been tasked to guard final resting place in turns. The one guarding right now is something similar to your familiar here, one of my four divine beasts."

"Divine beasts?" This is the first time I heard of that term.

"Yes. They were my companions from the east. They traveled with me from the far eastern country and we ended up here in this continent." The Almighty One explained. "These four sacred beast are like me, reincarnating into a new body after their present one expires. Their souls are immortal. I am happy that two of them have met worthy masters, you and your wife."

"You mean that our familiars, Tempest and Snow, are the reincarnations of your divine beasts?" This information is new to me, it is also not written in any ancient books I have read.

"Yes, these beast chose me to become their master a long time ago. And we all decided to leave our country of origin because of some reason." The Almighty One explained. "Vermilion bird, white tiger, black tortoise, and azure dragon. Those are the four divine beasts from my country of origin."

If I am not mistaken, the vermilion bird is Tempest and the white tiger is Snow. So there are still two divine beast I have not yet seen, and the Almighty One said one is guarding my wife right now.

"If I cannot take away my wife from here, then at least let me go there to watch over her." I said.

"That will be a problem without the keys, I am aftaid." The Almighty One replied.

"What do you mean a problem?" I said with an angered tone. "You are the Almighty One right? Then you can just take me down there. And I thought the key is for opening the forbidden magic? It is usless now that the magic from within is being absorbed to my child, correct?"

"Well, you have a point. The key is now useless in opening my resting place, but it now serves as a pass." The Almighty One explained. "I am afraid that the divine beast that is guarding my resting place right now has a gutsy personality. He has taken into heart the very last command I gave to them, and that is to guard my final resting place well."

After the Almighty One\'s sentence, surroundings started to slowly move and time started to move once more. By then, a huge pillar of water shot up from the sea. Water sprinkled all over my body, even though Tempest was some meters high above sea level.

"Well, speaking of the devil." The Almighty One said with a surprise. "It looks like he has felt your presence."

"Can\'t you just tell this divine beast to let me pass through?" I quarreled with him. "Are you not its master?"

"In this lifetime, this one is masterless as of the moment." The Almighty One said. "And my form right now is just but a projection. Maybe if it was your wife that carries my soul inside her, this one will listen. But I am afraid I cannot do anything to help you right now."

I cannot but help to think this Almighty One is a useless fellow right now. Looking at his form right now, he was fading away slowly.

"It looks like my time is up as well." The Almighty One said and with that time flowed normally around me once more. "I am sorry if I cannot be of help, but if you want to pass the one guarding your wife, then I suggest you get the key to pass by. I bis you farewell and a bright future ahead, my grandson."

And with his last words, he vanished. I clenched my fists thingking thay the Almighty One left me in such a predicament.

"Tsk, he was not helpful at all." I said with irritation.

"Who are you talking to?" Temepst asked with a curious tone.

"No one in particular." I replied. "I was just talking to myself."

After that, more water pillars shot up from the sea. Tempest navigated around, flying cautiosly to evade them.

"Leon, something is coming from below." Tempest said. "I can sense a strong presence and it is coming to the surface!"

After Tempest\'s words, something big and long flew out of the water\'s surface and nearly bumped into us. Fortunately, Tempest was able to evade the sudden attack.

When the water droplets cleared out, I was able to see the thing that flew out of the water. It was an azure dragon, hovering just in front of us.

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