The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 328 She is Missing 2

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Chapter 328 She is Missing 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I was a top Tempest when we flew to the open sea in a dim lit night. Because the moon was just a quarter full, the surroundings were dark. Good thing that Tempest\'s wings were burning, we can at least see a few feet radius of us.

Our destination was the location of the faint glow. At first the glow was dim that can be ignored. But when Tempest and I were getting closer, the light became distinct.

"I can feel a strong wave of magic where that light is coming from." I said out loud.

"Yes, I can feel it as well." Tempest replied. "I feel something familiar and yet ominous in the vicinity of the light."

"Can you sense any danger?" I asked him.

"There would be danger, provably." Tempest replied without thingking twice.

The strong magic I am sensing from the direction of the light might only be one thing.

"The forbidden magic." I said it out loud. I unconsciously got shivers all over my body after saying its name.

"I am sure that is what it is." Tempest said after hearing my words.

I can sense the magic getting stronger and stronger while we were getting near. The calm sea was now starting to have ferocious waves and currents while we are getting nearer to the spot.

"Hey!" I heard Anatalia. "Hey, Regaleon!" She shouted out loud.

I tried to locate her in the vast darkness of the sea, my eyes searching for where she was. After sometime, I saw a glowing dot on the sea\'s surface.

"Tempest, let\'s go where the siren is." I told him.

Tempest quickly complied to my request and swoop down. He hovered just above where Anatalia was. I saw her holding a large night pearl, the size of a closed fist. It made me locate her more easily.

"How are you?" I asked. I guessed that swimming near such turbulent current is nearly impossible.

"I am alright, but I am afraid I cannot advance any further from this strong current." Anatalia said.

\'As I thought.\' I thought to myself.

"But I was able to ask some creatures in the vicinity of what was happening." Anatalia said.

After her words I was able to see dolphins bon their heads on the sea\'s surface. They were making sound like they were talking.

"They said that the current started to get strong and hour or so ago. They said there was like an underwater tornado swirling at the center of the light source." Anatalia explained as if translating. Another dolphin started to make sounds again and Antalia listened. "They said that even before this happened, no marine animal can go near a mile radius from that spot. They said it was guarded by a big and long sea creature that is very mean."

"I understand." I nodded. "Tell them that I am thankful for the information that they have given."

Anatalia nodded and looked back to the group of dolphins and silently conversed to them.

"They said that they accept your appriciation and that the waters near our continet is the most safest and so they are willing to help in anyway." Anatalia said.

I was happy to hear that even the marine animals are happily living near our coasts. Assuring that the seas are safe for humans and marine animals alike is now included to the long list of plans I wish to do once I start my reign as emperor.

Not long the dolphins dived under water once more, leaving me, Tempest and Antalia.

"Anatalia, it would be best if you go back to land and tell the others about what is going on out here." I said. "Tell them not to embark out on sea unless I give a signal. Just wait out on shore for my return. I will survey first the area."

"Okay." Anatalia replied instantly and was about to dove when she thought of something and looked my way. "Um, what kind of signal will you be giving, if I might ask?" She asked curiously.

"Chris will know." I replied short and tapped Tempest, a sign that we need to go up now.

Anatalia closed her eyes when Tempest flapped his wings. Not long, we were high up once again. Anatalia dived back under water and left no trace. We continued on our way towards the light.

"The waters here are becoming more turbulent." Tempest said.

The sea\'s surface is in fact on chaos. High waves are being formed. Strong gusts of wind are preventing us from getting any nearer. It was like we are in a storm, and we are trying to go in the center of it.

\'Tempest, can you handle the strong winds?\' I conversed using telepathy because the strong winds are preventing us from hearing each other.

\'This is a piece of cake.\' Tempest replied with full confidence.

A dim red light emitted out of Tempest\'s body and formed a force field around us. It helped block the strong winds that was preventing us from getting near the center.

"The surroundings are like when there is a strong storm." I said whole surveying the area.

"The only difference is, this storm is not moving anywhere." Tempest said.

"Yes, it is just staying in once place." I replied. "As if its protecting anything that is found at the center. There, look."

I pointed to the location where the light was the brightest. Tempest made haste and flew towards the location.

And like any storm, the center was calm and peaceful. The strong winds and huge waves are spiraling around the center. The light that we saw was glowing under the calm water surface.

"I can feel her presence." I said with a sigh of relief. "My wife is under there."

"I belive she is alright." Tempest said. "I can still feel her life force, an effect we had after connecting to one another."

I remembered Alicia telling me that she connected with my familiar at the lake when we battled the sirens. Because of that they formed a bond, not as strong as her bond with her own familiar but something similar.

"I am going in." I said while taking my shirt off.

"What?! Are you insane?" Tempest scolded me. "We still do not know what is in there. Do not do anything that will also put yourself in danger."

"I cannot think of that right now. All that is running in my head is Alicia is in there and I need to rescue her." I said with conviction.

"You fool! If you go head on, what will the others do if you are also in danger." Tempest said. "Haa! I wish Dimitri was here to knock some sense in to you!"

"If Dimitri was here, I am sure he will try and stop me. But he is not, so I will do what I need to do." I said while readying myself to dive under water.

"Don\'t do this!" Tempest tried to stop me but in vain.

I jumped from Tempest\'s and dived in the water. I felt the cold temperature of the water sting my skin but I paid it no mind and continue diving under. When I looked down, where the light was coming from, I saw a much brighter light zooming toward me. I was startled with the speed and braced myself if ever it was something dangerous.

When the light approached me, I felt myself being swept up. The force was so strong as of someone was pushing me away from my goal. I tried to use my magic but to no avail.

I felt my body being flung up the water surface and high into the air. My body hovered for a split second before it started to come plumeting back down.

"Ahhhhh..." I cannot help but shout with the feeling of falling. I enveloped myself with my fire armor just to be safe. Even thought I am going to fall on water, from this height and velocity it will feel like falling on solid ground.

But then I saw Tempest swooping in to try and catch me. I spread my arms and legs to slow my fall. Thankfully, Tempest was able to catch me in midair.

"That was close." Tempest said. "What just happened?"

"I do not know." I replied in all honesty. I was also shocked with what just happened. It was si fast that my mind is processing the events just now.

"Such a hot blooded person." A voice from behind me said. "You cannot just wait in one place until I come to find you."

I braced myself from an attack of ever the one behind me was an enemy. I slowly turned around to who it was.

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