The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 327 She is Missing 1

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Chapter 327 She is Missing 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

I woke up in the middle of the night stretching my hand to feel the warmth of my wife. But what I felt was the cold bed sheets beside me.

I sat up on bed and gently rubbed my eyes, scanning the room in search of my wife. But all I saw was an empty room in the darkness of night with only a lamp to give a warm light.

"Lili?" I called out to her but without any reply. "Where could she be?" My heart was starting to race but I tried to calm myself and do not think of anything negative.

I stood up from bed and found my bedroom slippers. I quickly slipped them into my feet and wore my night robe that was hanging at my bed side. I took the lamp and slowly walked towards the bathroom to see if she was inside.

Upon reaching the bathroom door and opening it, I did not see anyone inside. That was when I started to panic.

My heart was thumping even faster. My steps was faster than the normal and walked towards the door and opened it. Outside, I saw the night guards standing by the door.

"Your majesty." The two guards bowed and greeted me.

"Have you seen my wife come out from the room?" I asked in a hurry. The two guards looked confused with my question.

"We have not seen her majesty coming out of the room." One guard replied.

"That is impossible." I said with disbelief. "She is not inside." The two guards were equally surprised with what they heard.

"H-How can that be?" The guard said in disbelief.

"Gather everyone and start a search party." I ordered in a hurry. "I will also ask the duke for help."

I quickly went inside to get a white shirt to wear on top and my pair of shoes. I quickly exited the room and towards Duke Destia\'s room.

Once there I quickly told a servant to wake the duke up. Fortunately, his son Raphael was still awake and was passing by the corridor.

"What is the matter your majesty?" Raphael asked. "I heard a commotion outside and thought to see what is happening."

"Sir Raphael, thank goodness you are up." I said with a sigh. "I would like to ask your assistance to search the premise for my wife, she is missing."

"What did you say?!" Raphael was alarmed to hear the news. "Butler, please wake up our servants and knights, and start a search."

"Y-Yes young master." The butler who was about to wake the old duke up, changed his course and headed to the servants and knights quarters.

"Your majesty, please rest assured that we will do everything in our power to find your wife." Raphael said with conviction. "And your majesty, I hope that you will not pin this matter on my sister. She is in her room on house arrest and is not connected in this matter in any way. She has seen the error of her ways and is now reflecting." He bowed his head to ask for mercy and understanding.

"I pray that your sister is really not connected to my wife\'s disappearance Sir Raphael." I said giving him a sharp and cold gaze. "Because if she is, she will surely not see the light of day again." I see Raphael shiver with my threat.

I walked away without saying anything and started to search for my wife as well. When I stepped out of the mansion, I see William and Tricia running towards me.

"Your majesty." They said in unison.

"I heard what happened." William said with a face full of worry. "I will be heading out as well to go search."

"Thank you William." I said with gratitude. He walked away in haste.

"I will also look around your majesty." Tricia bowed and was about to walk away when I called out to her.

"Wait Tricia." I said and Tricia looked back at me. "It will be best if you stay here and wait. If ever Alicia comes back here, at least you will be here to welcome her."

Tricia understood my words and nodded.

"Then I will be off." I said and started my own search.

\'Tempest...\' I quickly called out to my familiar.

\'I am here.\' Tempest replied to me via telepathy. \'What can I do for you?\'

\'Please help me search for Alicia.\' I said.

\'Your wife? Is she missing?\' Tempest asked.

\'When I woke up a while ago, she was no where to be found. Her side of the bed was also cold, meaning she had been missing for quite some time.\' I explained. \'I will need your help to scan the vicinity. If ever she have gone by her self of have been abducted, I am she won\'t be far.\'

\'I understand. I will scan the area.\' Tempest said. \'I suggest you go call for her familiar as well. I am sure she will be of help, because the two of them are connected.\'

After Tempest\'s words, I see him took off from a tree not far from where I was and flew to the sky.

I then tried to take Tempest\'s advice and call Alicia\'s familiar Snow.

"Snow!" I called in the vicinity of the garden. "Snow, are you here?" I called once again.

As I know, Snow loves taking strolls outside at night. As a car, I always see her sleeping by day in different locations. Cats by nature are carefree and I am not sure where to find her.

"Snow!" I call out once again.

I decided that if I cannot find Snow, then I will head down and search for Alicia at the sea shore where we took our strolls. The night is a little dark with the moon at its quarter phase. If Alicia thought of going on a night stroll outside, then it was a little bit dangerous to go to the shore by now.

But then I thought of the voice she has told me a while ago. I knew that the voice I heard was not something ordinary. It might be something related to the forbidden magic that is near here.

Snow did not come out after I called out to her and so I decided to head down the sea shore. I lighted a fire on the palm of my hand using my magic to light up my way. I walked down the steep stairs down the sandy shore.

The shore was quite except for the calm waves I was hearing.

"Alicia!" I called out to the silent night. "Are you here my love?"

I was getting anxious with every passing minute. Knowing that my wife is missing, I cannot bit help feel nervous, but for some reason I am not feeling frightened. Yes, I am anxious that my wife is nowhere to be found, but I am not afraid that she might be in danger which is odd.

"Alicia!" I call out once again. I am almost near the water\'s edge.

"Hey, Regaleon." I heard a voice behind me. It was Anatalia\'s.

"Anatalia." I saw her running towards me with something glowing in her arm.

"Thank the heavens I found you." Anatalia said. "This little one, I saw her at a foot of a tree."

I looked at Anatalia\'s arms and that she was cradling Snow gently. Snow was sleeping peacefully and was enveloped with a din white glow.

"Is she alright?" I asked worridely. I know how Snow is connected to Alicia as a familiar. What happens to its master can be felt by its familiar.

"She seems to be sleeping peacefully." Anatalia replied. "I examined her and there seems to be nothing wrong, except for she is not waking up whatever I do."

I sighed in relief, knowing that Snow is not in any form of danger. That just means that Alicia is also safe.

"The sea..." Anatalia\'s eyes wandered over the sea.

"What is it?" I asked with curiosity. "Is something wrong?" I looked around to see the calm waters.

"The sea is calm... too calm." Anatalia said in a daze while looking out to the sea. She started to walk towards the waters until her feet was submerged. "Something is amiss. Can you see that?" She pointed out to the horizon.

I looked toward where she pointed and saw the dark night. But after my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw a faint glow on the horizon. It was not so distinct that you can miss it.

"I will go and see what is happening under the waters." Anatalia gave Snow to me and then proceeded to dive under the waters.

"Be careful." I called out to her but she was already under water. Not long I saw her fish tail swimming away.

"Tempest, I need you." I called out to him. Not long, he was hovering right above me and landed in my outstretched arm.

"What happen to Snow?" Tempest asked looking at the sleeping cat cradled in my other arm.

"She seems to be sleeping but cannot be woken up." I replied. "I need you fly me toward that faint glow." I pointed out.

"To the open sea?" Tempest asked. "Come to think of it, I can sense something not normal over there."

"I have a hunch we need to go there." I told him.

"I feel that we need to stay clear from that place. But if Lady Alicia is there, then I will take you to her." Tempest replied.

Tempest flew up and shifted to his phoenix form. I huge wave of wind blew the sand on the shore and I squinted my eyes to avoid it from entering. Tempest hovered beside me and I braced my body and jumped to mount onto his back. I positioned myself safely on his back with Snow still on my arms sleeping.

"Let\'s go Tempest." I ordered.

Tempest flapped his huge wings and we were air born in no time.

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