The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 325 Unknown Voice 1

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Chapter 325 Unknown Voice 1

When I woke up, the sun has set and it was already dark outside. The moon was in the quarter moon phase and so the stars were brightly shining in the night sky.

"To think I slept after confronting Regaleon." I sighed and got up from bed. I looked around and Regaleon was not around.

"Tricia?!" I called out. And in an instant the door opened.

"Your majesty, you are awake." Tricia said with a smile. She hurriedly lighted the lights inside the room. "His majesty was called by vice-captain Chris once again because of an urgent matter. He has entrusted you to me and Sir William."

"Oh..." I replied. I was about to ask her where my husband was but she answered before I even asked. Regaleon must have instructed her to tell me where he was once I have woken up.

"Would you like to eat your dinner, your majesty?" Tricia asked.

"I will wait for Regaleon to return and eat with him Tricia." I replied with a smile. "Thank you."

"Then let me at least get you some biscuits to snack while waiting." Tricia said. She bowed her head and left the room.

I was alone once again and still feeling groggy. "I cannot believe I am still sleepy after sleeping that much." I said. "There are really so many things to experience being pregnant."

Aside from getting fatigued and sleepy, my mood swings are getting out of hand. While recollecting what happened last night with Lady Destia and my husband, I am thinking that I could have handled talking to my husband more calmly. But I was brought to tears and anger after confronting him. Just thinking of another woman using her body to seduce my husband infuriates me to the core.

"Am I really this easy to get angry and jealous?" I asked myself.

While lying down in bed, a gentle sea breeze came in from the veranda door that was open. I can see the curtains swaying with the gentle breeze. It felt it on my body then a shiver crept on my skin, all the hair on my body stood up.

The feeling gave me the goosebumps and I rubbed my skin with my hands. But then another breeze came blowing in and blew towards my ears.

\'I have found you at last.\' A voice gently whispered on my ear.

I was shocked and surprised that I jumped down the bed in an instant. Tricia just opened the door when she saw me wide eye in shock.

"Your majesty, what happened?!" Tricia said with a loud tone that also alerted William.

William dashed inside the room while holding the hilt of his sword tighlty. He looked around in attention.

"I-I thought I heard a voice." I said while my heart was racing. "It was so close, as if it whispered in my ear."

"Take her majesty to safe room Tricia." William said. "I will check the room just to make sure and then report this incident to his majesty."

"I understand." Tricia said while walking towards me. "Let\'s go your majesty."

"O-Okay." I replied and nodded.

Tricia and I then left the room towards one of the parlour room\'s of the estate.


I was sipping some herbal tea that Anatalia had brewed when Regaleon bursts inside the parlour room. He was frantic looking but when his eyes met mine, he sighed in relief.

"Are you alright, my wife?" Regaleon quickly strode towards where I was sitting and kneeled before me.

"I am fine my love." I replied with a smile to wash away his worries. "I was just startled, that\'s all."

" I have given Alicia some herbal tea that cab calm her and also help stabilize the baby inside her belly." Anatalia said with a bright smile. "No need to worry because I am here to look after her."

"Thank you as always." Regaleon nodded with gratitude towards Anatalia and she replied with a proud smile on her face.

"Tell me what happened my love." Regaleon said. He caressed my cheek gently with the palm of his hand. I felt safe automatically when I felt his warmth.

"I am not really sure." I said truthfully. "I was just resting in our room when a breeze came inside from the veranda doors. Then I think I heard a faint voice, like a whisper. I was startled because it was as if the owner of the voice was just beside me, whispering in my ear."

"A voice?" Regaleon asked then looked at William.

"I have searched every corner of your room your majesty, there was no one inside." William replied. "I also asked our men that were guarding the veranda on the ground floor. They were one hundered percent sure that they did not see anyone at that time."

Regaleon\'s eyes fell unto me once again. I am sure he knows that this was something that cannot be explained easily.

"What did the voice say?" Regaleon asked in a calm manner.

"It said to me \'I found you at last.\'" I replied. "But I did not feel any ill intent in the voice, I was just startled. On the contrary, the voice felt warm and peaceful."

I do not know how to explain it any further, but it is true that I did not feel any evil feelings from the voice. I was just caught off guard, feeling someone whispering into my ear when I was all alone.

"I understand." Regaleon sighed. "I will ask the duke to change our room just to be safe." I nodded in agreement.

"Your majesty, your dinner is ready." Tricia politely interrupted.

After hearing that dinner is ready, my stomach grumbled noisly that it was heard by everyone in the room. I felt embarrassed while the people around tried not to laugh.

"Then please prepare our dinner here Tricia." Regaleon said with a warm smile on his face. "It looks like my wife and child cannot ignore their hunger even after that fright." He chuckled lightly.

"Of course, your majesty." Tricia said with a smile and left.

"Then I will take my leave then." Anatalia replied cheerfully. "Remember to eat even though you know you are going to throw it out. The important thing is there is still some food that will be left in your stomach." She reminded me and then left.

"I will also take my leave your majesty." Chris who I did not notice was in the back said.

"Please make the necessary preparations." Regaleon said to him. Chrise bowed and left the room.

"I am sorry, did I bother your talk?" I said with guilt. "It looks like you were talking about something important."

"You are more important." Regaleon said while taking my hand and squeezing it lightly. "It was just a report coming from Dimitri." Regaleon took a sit beside me.

"Did it contain any news of the key fragments?" I asked.

"Yes. Dimitri\'s group has acquired all two of the key fragments." Regaleon said. "They are now on their way here."

"That is good to hear." I beamed with joy. "That was fast. So, the only one left is the key fragment near here."

"Uhuh. Dimitri always impresses me. I am fortunate to have him as my right hand." Regaleon nodded. "Chris has selected a group of men and will continue to the site where the key fragment should be found. They will be departing tomorrow at dawn."

I remembered that Chris was left to lead the group in the search of the key fragment near here. Regaleon has promised to stay by my side all the time when he knew I was pregnant.

"After a week or two, Dimitri\'s group will arrive here. They can then plan on the voyage towards the sea where the forbidden magic lies dormant underneath." Regaleon said.

"Then, will we be still here?" I asked.

Regaleon said that both of us will be going back to the capital of Alvannia after I have been stable with my pregnancy. I was not sure how long that will take.

"Unfortunately, we will not be here when they dig up the forbidden magic." Regaleon replied. "Anatalia said that you have been stable since we got here and has been well rested. We can hear towards the capital a day after tomorrow on board Tempest. And to be honest, I do not want you or our child near that damn thing." He caressed my stomach lightly.

"I understand." I replied to Regaleon with a smile. I was a little regretful that I cannot see the forbidden magic, but for the safety of our unborn child I would not take the risk.

Not long, Tricia came in the parlour room with our dinner. Regaleon and I then ate peacefully. But in the back of my mind, I was still curious where that voice came from and who was calling out to me.

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