The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 324 Raging Hormones

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Chapter 324 Raging Hormones

I walked towards the parlour room that is being used exclusivley but our group while we are here in Duke Destia\'s estate. If Regaleon and Chris are talking about important matters, I am sure that they will be using a room for privacy.

After turning in a corridor, the door to the parlour room was seen. Two men under Chris are standing guard.

"Your majesty." The two of them bowed after seeing me.

"Is my husband inside?" I asked.

"Yes your majesty." One of them replied. "Our vice-captain is talking with his majesty now."

"Have they been there for a long time?" I asked.

"Well yes... it has been a while, your majesty." The other one replief with a confused expression.

The guard\'s gaze fell behind me. When I looked around I can see William mouthing some words to the guard. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"*cough* um, please tell his majesty that her majesty wishes to see him." William said after composing himself.

"Y-Yes. Right away." The guard said with a surprised tone.

*knock knock*

"Your majesty, vice captain." The guard called. "Her majesty would like to speak with you.

"After a second, a response was heard immediately.

"Let her in." I heard Regaleon\'s voice.

The guard opened the doors and I walked in with William following me from behind.

"I am sorry if bothered you." I apologized. "I know you are talking about important stuff." I said apologetically but my resolve was firm. I need to talk to Regaleon about what happened last night or I cannot be ay peace.

"There is no need to apologize my wife. You know you are always welcome where ever I may be." Regaleon said with a smile. "What bring\'s your here?"

"If I may vice-captain, I need to talk to my husband alone." I looked at Chris earnestly.

Chris had a suprised expression, to say the least.

"Ahh..." Chris was at a loss on what to do and looked around. He looked at Regaleon first and then at me. When his gaze fell upon William who was just behind me, he had an understanding expression. "T-Then I will take my leave, your majesties."

Chrise bowed and then walked and exited the door.

"I shall take my leave as well." William bowed and followed Chris outside. They closed the door behind me.

I was only me and Regaleon inside the parlour room. He looked worried and walked towards me in a hurrry.

"What is the matter my love. You do not look so good." Regaleon was in front of me after just a few strides. "Did someone anger you? Tell me who it is, I won\'t let them off." He had a hard faced expression.

"Do I look that angry?" I asked. \'That explains why Chris was surprised when I looked his way.\' I thought.

"Yes, your face says it all." Regaleon held my face with his hands and gently caressed it with his thumb. "Tell me, who inconvenienced you?!"

"You know full well who." I looked at him with a cold expression. "Lady Destia called for me and we talked." Insaid cooly.

"How dare she...?!" Regaleon said, I can see anger building up inside of him. "Is she not satisfied with her confinement that she even dares to call upon my queen? She must want an even harsher punishement!" He raged.

"Are you not forgetting something?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. "Did you not forget to tell me something, like why Lady Destia has been punished?" I said with a sarcastic tone. I pushed him away and folded my arms, leaving a slight distance between me and Regaleon.

"Well that\'s..." Regaleon was surprised with my sudden action. I am sure he can see my anger. He scratched his head, trying to think of an excuse.

"You forgot to tell me the events that happened last night!" I said with a loud voice. I channled my anger at him.

"I am sorry my love. It really slipped my mind." Regaleon was getting anxious seeing my angered expression. "I mean, when I returned in our room my focus was on you and you alone. That is why I forgot trival matters."

"Trival matters?!" I roared. "Seeing a fully naked beautiful woman and presenting herself to you is a trival matter?" I asked with a sarcastic tone.

"I-I am sorry my love. It is just that, my focus was on you and well... you know out heated passion last night." Regaleon explained.

Well it is true that we had such a passionate night together, and my anger simmered a little after remembering our romantic actions last night. I was glad that Regaleon\'s eyes only see me and his mind thinks of only me.

"But why did you not tell me this morning?" I questioned once again. "This matter is of importance for us as a couple. Do you not think that I would want to know that a woman tried to seduced my husband last night. Are you planning on keeping it from me?"

I felt a pang in my heart after saying those words. Of course it pains me that my husband did not tell me anything about this.

"I-I am sorry my love. I did not mean to keep it from you." Regaleon was looking at me anxiously. It was as if he was aftaid that I will get angry even more. "I heard that pregnant woman are very sensitive. I would not want to upset you because of such a matter. I have settled the matter accordingly. You know that I will never look at any woman in my life except for you, my love."

Regaleon was coaxing me gently, and his gentle words triggered my tears to fall.

"E-Even so... you should have told me." I said while tears were streaming down my eyes. "We are husband and wife Leon, we should have no secrets between us."

Regaleon wrapped me in his arms gently, he was very careful as if I were a piece of glass that could easily break.

"I am sorry Lili. It is my fault." Regaleon embraced me closely. I could feel the warmth of his body. This just made me cry even more. I burried my face in his chest and cried in his arms.

"I am sorry my love. This will never happened again." Regaleon patted my head gently and caressed my haird. "I will tell you everything, I promise." He whispered gently into my ear.

"I am not that fragile you know." I said in between sobs. "I won\'t break just because of such problems. I am not weak." I looked up at him with resolve and determination.

"I know." Regaleon smiled sweetly. "You are a strong independent woman, that it frightens me. You can leave me if ever I do something wrong." He chuckled.

"Do not worry, I will never leave your side." I wrapped my arms around his waist. "We are husband and wife. We will solve any problems that comes are way, by each other\'s side." I said while I rested my head on his chest.

"That is very assuring to hear." Regaleon said and squeezed my body lightly in his embrace. "Because I do not know what to do if you ever leave me."

"I love you so much, my husband." I said, savoring his warmth in his embrace. "I will never leave your side whatever happens."

"I love you too, my wife." Regaleon planted a kiss on the top of my head.

This position gave me as sense of relief after my bout of anger has passed. I never knew that I can be that angry. Maybe it was because of my pregnancy. They said that hormones in pregnant woman can make them very moody.

I felt so at peace that I fell asleep in my husband\'s warm embrace.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

Alicia fell asleep right in my arms. I carried her gently and walked back towards our quarters.

Once we entered the room, I laid her down in bed and loosened up her dress. I tucked her in and planted a soft kiss on the forehead.

"You are the only person in this world that I am afraid of." I gently put aside stray strands of hair from her face.

My wife was the most beautiful woman in my eyes. Not a woman alive could even compare to her beauty in my sight, and so what happened to Duke Destia\'s daughter last night was a simple matter to me. I never thought that Alicia would get angry at me for not telling her this.

"I should tell her every woman that comes close to me from now on." I said. "I would not want my wife getting angry at me."

But it was a delight to see my wife getting jelous of another woman. It made me see how much she loves me even more.

I stood up gently and walked towards the door. I need to know what that woman told Alicia when they talked a while ago.

"Sir William." I called by the door.

The door opened and William was there guarding as always.

"Yes, your majesty." William asked.

"Can we talk for a bit inside?" I asked.

"Yes, of course." William said respectfully and entered our room silently.

William and I walked towards the veranda overlooking the sea.

"Let\'s talk lighlty as to not wake up my wife." I said and William nodded. "Were you there when Lady Destia and my wife were talking?" I asked.

"Yes, I was standing close if ever Lady Destia would do something brash." William replied.

"That is good to hear." I nodded, satisfied that William was always there to guard Alicia. "So, did you hear what they talked about?"

I would want to know what Lady Destia had said to my wife. If ever she had been harsh on her words or insulted Alicia in any way, then I was prepared to give her a hardher punishment. I can overlook the things she has done to me so far, but I would never forgive her if she had hurt my wife in anyway.

"They talked peacefully your majesty." William replied. "There is nothing to worry about."

William recounted to me everything that Lady Destia and my wife talked about. He even told me about the conversation between my wife and Duke Destia\'s son.

"Another man who has fallen in love with my wife." I sighed. "And to think they first met when they were still young."

I was really lucky to have been the one chosen by my wife. Alicia has unknowingly ensnared the hearts of many young men. Well I am most definitely the greatest one of them all, knowing that I was the one Alicia loves and chose.

"There is no harm from young master Destia. It looks like he has come into term with her majesty\'s rejection." William said. "And he is already engaged to a fone young lady."

"I know." I sighed once again. "I am just happy that majority of the men that has fallen for my wife have good hearts. Well except for one."

I then remembered the crown prince of Jennovia, Gladiolus. To think he was about to marry Alicia by force. I can help but get angry just by thinking of him.

"After this war ends, I will personally punish that mother and son pair with my own hands." I said gripping my palms tightly.


(Somewhere in Jennovia)

Queen Patricia was forced to flee the Jennovian palace after Duke Matias\' army envaded. The civil war has come to an end with the other side\'s victory. Jennovia\'s rule was now given to Satiana, as the sole heir of the previous king.

"How dare they?!" Queen Patricia said with fury.

"It was best to flee and fight another day, your majesty." High priest Hector said.

The hight priest, who was a clear supporter of Queen Patricia and her advisor, has no other choice but to flee with the queen and her son. He would have been thrown to jail and get executed if he stayed.

"I will make them pay with the shame they have given me." Queen Patricia angrily said. "What news have you got?"

There were still people that were loyal to the queen, or rather towards her son. The Atlantians that remain under the queen\'s command still believe that prince Gladiolus is the chosen one that will be their salvation.

"The message that came from my spies contains information about King Regaleon\'s men looking for so called key fragments." High priest Hector said.

"Tell them to observe them closely whithout them noticing." Queen Patricia said. "Let them do the job of searching and obtaining the key fragments, and then we will snatch it from them."

Then a young woman came near the queen and the high priest. It was Clara, one of the siblings that were taken prisoner after the naval battle on the Duess Canal.

"Your majesty my queen." Clara kneeled on one mne before Queen Patricia.

"It is good that you were able to escape from your captors Clara." The queen said. "Too bad that your brother Jeremy was not able to make it out alive."

"I will make them pay for what they have done to me and my brother." Fury was burning inside Clara\'s eyes.

"Good. I will need you by my side to seek revenge on those that have done this to us." Queen Patricia said. "We will make them pay."

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