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Chapter 322 A Woman who has Worth 2

I was stomping my feet back to the estate with one thing in mind, and that was to confront my husband about the happenings last night.

Just thinking that he did not tell me any of this the whole night and all morning we were together made me furious.

\'I know this I need to stay calm and hear my husband\'s side, but just thinking he saw another woman\'s naked body infuriates me.\' I thought while stomping my feet.

When I was about to enter the mansion, a maid blocked my way. I was left to stop on mu tracks looking at the maid curiously. She was a little flustered looking up at me that she bowed down instantly.

"Y-Your majesty, I am sorry for blocking your way, b-but can I have a bit of your time." The maid said flustered.

"How dare you block the way of her majesty?!" William was by my side in an instant. I raised my hand in gesture for him to stop.

"What is it that you wish to speak that you need to block my way?" I said with a cold voice.

I usually am not this cold, but the maid stopped me in my tracks to where I needed to go and deemed important.

"F-Forgive me your majesty." The maid bowed down in fright instantly. "My young lady sent me to give you a word. She wishes to speak with you."

"The young lady Destia?" I raised one eyebrow. "I heard that your young lady is under house arrest. Is she also confined to her quarters?"

"I-I am not in the position to reply to that, your majesty." The maid shivered in fright.

"Yes, it is true that my sister is confined to her quarters the whole duration of your stay here your majesty." I heard Raphael\'s voice.

Raphael emerged from one of the corridors. He gave me a solemn smile."Greetings your majesty." Raphael greeted me."Raphael." I nodded in reply.

"If you can please consider my sister\'s request to speak with you, I will gladly stand by to guard you." Raphael said with a light tone. "I know she has done some bad things to you, but please hear her out and let her ask for forgiveness."

"Her highness has me to guard her." William said with hostility against William.

"I am sorry Sir William. I did not mean it in a wrong way." Raphael apologizes solemnly.

"That is enough Will." I said.

"But Alicia..." William was still protesting."I also want to here lady Destia\'s side of the story.

" I said it in a way how a queen would to her subjects.

"Thank you for giving her this opportunity, your majesty." Raphael said. "I will lead the way." He gestured.

I followed Raphael and the maid towards Deborah\'s destination. I would like to go to where Regaleon is and to interrogate him of the happenings last night, but it is best to hear Deborah\'s side as well.


I entered the room where Raphael led me to. I entered first and William and Raphael followed behind.

The inside was a typical room a noble lady. The beddings, curtains, and furnitures had a light pink motif. Deborah was sitting on the couch with her back facing us.

"Deborah, her majesty is here to see you." Raphael said with a gentle tone.

Deborah stood up and faced us. Her eyes were completly swollen from crying.

\'It seems she has been crying since last night.\' I thought.

"Greetings your majesty, the queen of Grandcrest." Deborah curtsied with respect before me.

"Arise lady Destia." I said with authority.

"Thank for bringing her big brother." Deborah said. "Your majesty, please sit down." She gestured towards me.

I took a sit in front of her. William and Raphael maintained a respectful distance away from us.

"Would you like some tea and snacks your majesty?" Deborah said solemnly.

I looked at her and gauged her behavior now. I cannot see the naughty young lady that was flirting and trying to seduce my husband. All I can see now is a young lady that cried all night like the world had fallen unto her.

"You can skip the pleasantries lady Destia." I said with a cold voice. "Let\'s cut to the chase, shall we?"

Deborah was startled with my words. She did not expect that I will be straight forward with her from the start.

"I am sorry for what happened since the beginning of your arrival, your majesty." Deborah said, her eyes were in the brink of tears once more. "It is just that... I am so envious of you. When we were children, I was clearly on too of you, but now..." She trailed of, not able to finish her sentence. Tears streamed down her eyes.

"If I may ask, what is it that you are envious of me, Lady Destia?" I asked her.

"You... you have become someone who is loved by all. Clearly when we were children, you were not loved and neglected." Deborah said whole tears were falling from her eyes. "But now, you have the love of the strongest country\'s king. You have beauty and power, a queen that is respected and loved by all. But me... I am nobody. Yes, I am a daughter of a duke. I should be given similar importance as well. But because I was not able to attend high society due to our family\'s circumstances, I was not able to debut and was stuck here. I was also engaged to a foreign prince I do not know of."

Deborah was telling all of her grivances and crying. She felt wronged until this stage in her life. I sighed, thinking that she is much luckier in life thant I had been.

"I know that you have a brief idea of my circumstances." I said. "I was said to be a b*stard daughter of the king of Alvannia. My step mother and step sisters bullied me in every way. My father turned a blind eye on me and was cold. I did not get the love and affection I yearned for from a parent. The love I got was from a man that I do not have any blood ties, but he treated me as his granddaughter nonetheless. The only sibling that loved me was my little brother. I lost my mother when I was more younger than you did. If you look at it, you have a much better life than me Lady Destia." I said gave her a cold stare.

Deborah was clearly shaken with what I just said. Of course she could not know everything about me. I never had a whole family when I was young, but she had a loving family even until now.

"Lady Destia, I got to be where I am because of hard work and dedication. I proved my worth as a woman and came to be loved by a good and just ruler. I never used my looks to seduce anyone and I never will." I said with conviction. "I earned everything I have with determination. And now I am happy because I have a husband that loves me, friends that care for me, and it might be late but now I have a complete family. So tell me Lady Destia, you need not be envious of me because you have had the love of your family from the start. Other people respect you as the young lady of this house as well. You were given a good marriage by your father as well."

Deborah bowed her head, her tears was still streaming down her cheeks and now are staining her dress. I can see her hands gripping her skirt tightly.

"I-I know now. Thank you for being straight forward with me, your majesty." Deborah said solemnly. "I-If I can ask you one thing... can you please ask his majesty to rescind his other punishment. I am willing to stay single for the rest of my life and never leave our fief. I would not like to marry a baron from Grandcrest that is a complete stranger to me."

This was news to me. I have not yet know the extent of the happenings last night.

"Can you tell me the reason why you do not want to be married to a person my husband had selected." I asked. "If it is a baron from Grandcrest, I am sure he is someone with a good background knowing that he works under my husband."

"It is also the same with my reason for not wanting to be bethroved with a foreign prince. I am not looking at the position of the one I will marry, it is just that... I do not want to marry a man I have not met and do not know of." Deborah said with clear eyes. Her eyes tells me that it was not a lie.

"But you wanted to enter my husband\'s so called harem?" I said sarcastically.

"I-I did not mean it to be like that. I had the idea that if I come to be one of his majesties concubines, I at least can remain in the country." Deborah said. "And as I said before, I was envious of you. I wanted to covet what you had. I am sorry, I know I was wrong to do such a thing." She bowed again.

I looked at Deborah, feeling that she was being sincere now. I sighed and looked at the young woman before me.

"Lady Destia, I am just his wife and cannot change what he has decided. If knowing the baron is the problem, then I can at least make your engagement to be longer." I suggested. "With that, you can have time to get to know the baron. After knowing him and if your decision is still the same, then let us talk then once again."

Deborah\'s face that was gloomy at least started to brighten.

"Thank you, your majesty." Deborah said with approciation.

"Until that time comes, show me that you are a woman who has worth." I said.

Deborah showed a solemn smile at last. I felt my heart lighten after our talk.

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