The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 321 A Woman who has Worth 1

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Chapter 321 A Woman who has Worth 1

I woke up the next day and realized that the sun was high up in the sky. Judging by the sun\'s height, it was nearing mid day already. I rubbed my tired eyes and looked around, searching for none other than my husband.

"Leon?" I called in a low tone.

Looking at the big and empty room, I thought that he was already up for sure.

"I cannot believe I would wake up this late in the morning." I held my head with my palm, feeling a slight headache. "This is why I never want to wake up so late. For sure my head will throb the whole day." I told myself.

The doors suddenly opened and the person I was looking for a while ago after waking up, was standing in the door way holding a tray of food.

"You are awake." Regaleon said with a sweet smile. "I brought you your breakfast thinking that it will take a while before you wake up. Good thing you are awake. You can eat while the food is hot."

Regaleon put the bed tray on the bed. I saw the food I usually eat in breakfast, bacon, eggs and a slice of bread. There was also a glass of milk by the side, which I do not usually drink.

"Anatalia said that milk would be good for you and the baby." Regaleon said. He might have seen my eyes linger on the glass of milk.

"Thank you my love." I smiled sweetly at him, feeling warmth in my chest.

Seeing Regaleon, the king of Grandrest and the future emperor of this continent pamper me so much, made me feel so content.

I picked up the fork from the side and was about to start eating when I felt bad after smeeling the bacons. I felt dizziness and my stomach started to swirl. I felt I will throw up at any time.

I covered my mouth with my hands and quickly stood up from bed and rushed towards the bathroom. I can hear Regaleon calling for me from behind, but I was focused on getting to the bathroom before I could throw up.

When I reached the bathroom, I quickly hurled on the sink. I can feel the little contents of my stomach was being thrown out of my mouth.

"Lili, how are you feeling?" Regaleon was behind me in no time. He gently pulled my hair out of the way of my mouth and patted my back gently.

"I-I am okay." I said after throwing up. "I guess I cannot eat bacons for a while." I said with a slight smile.

"I heard that most of pregnant women have morning sickness, so I guess this is it." Regaleon said while pattin my back. "I should tell the chef to not serve you oily dishes for now."

I felt a little better after throwing up. Regaleon held my hand and we walked back to the room. I saw Tricia getting the food tray out.

"Good morning your majesties." Tricia greeted us.

"Get her another set plate of food Tricia." Regaleon ordered. "What would you like to eat, my love?" He then asked me.

"I am not sure I have the appetite to." I said truthfully. After throwing up, I am not sure I want to eat.

"But you need to eat." Regaleon said with worry. "You need food for you and our baby."

After Regaleon mentioned our baby, I felt guilty. I knew that I was not the only one needing nurishment right now. My baby was also in my body and I need to eat for both of us.

"Then bread and egg will do." I replied with a smile. "I will eat it with a glass of milk."

Regaleon\'s face beamed with a smile. "You heard her Tricia. Please bring her back a plate of bread and egg."

"Right away, your majesty." Tricia smiled and left the room.


Fortunately, I was able to eat the bread and egg Tricia brought without the feeling of throwing up again. But saddly I was not able to finish all of my food.

My morning sickness was getting worse and eating lunch was no different. There were food that I did not like the smell and I would feel sick and throw up. It was fortunate that my rival Deborah was not with us at lunch time. It was only the duke and his son Raphael.

It was after lunch and I was walking at thesmall garden in the estate. Regaleon went to Chris who received some news from Dimitri\'s group. Regaleon was reluctant to leave me but I urged him to go and because it was something important. I told him that there was nothing to worry about because William was with me.

I was walking slowly and was admiring the small garden that was overlooking the cliff by the sea. The gentle sea breeze was calming my morning sickness.

"How are you feeling?" William asked while escorting me. I was feeling dizzy a while ago and so I have my arms wrapped around him while walking.

"A little better." I said with a weak smile. "I never thought morning sickness will last the whole day."

"Haha, I know." William said with a gentle smile. "I saw my mother having morning sickness when carrying my siblings."

I looked at him solemnly. William lost his mother due to her weak body, but she was able to birth his siblings after him. He became an older brother and a mother as well to his little siblings after she left this world.

"It is said that morning sickness varies in every woman, so I wish it won\'t be that bad for you." William said.

"I also wish that to." I said. "I feel very tired just after a while. And with morning sickness, I feel like I just want to lie down and sleep."

"Would you like me to walk you back to your room?" William asked.

"Maybe a little later." I said. "I like the sea breeze blowing on my face and its smell." William nodded and we continued walking slowly.

While walking, we heard some servants chatting not so loudly.

"Did you hear what happened to the young lady last night?"

"I heard that she tried to seduce the king of Grandcrest last night."

When I heard what they were talking about, I aburptly stopped. I listened carefully.

"Belinda that was serving at the feast told me that the king of Grandcrest stormed inside the banquet hall with the young lady naked."

"Oh my! What happened?"

"The king had said that young lady Deborah tried to use her body to seduce him. Apparently, our young lady wanted to go inside the king\'s harem by climbing up his bed and using her body."

"Well it is said that concubinage is a normal practice in Grancrest, right?"

"That is the surprising part. The king had announced in the grand hall that he had ablished that long tradition for his now wife. He had said that he will only have one woman as his wife in this life, and that is the current queen Alicia."

"Oh my, how sweet."

"But our young lady was punished because of that. It is said that what she has done was punishable by death, but because her father the duke has been a good host the king had lowered her punishment. She is now under house arrest and is said to marry some baron I guess, from Grandcrest."

"Then her engagement with the foreign prince will be broken?"

"Well that serves her right. I do not know where she got her arrogant manner from. The duke and the late duchess are good persons. Not to mention young master Rapahel as well is down to earth and kind hearted."

"I know right."

I walked by slowly and the servants that were gossping saw me approach.

"Y-Your majesty!" They said in unison and was startled. The bowed down after seeing me.

"Is it a habit here to talk to about your master like that?" I said with a flat voice. My eyes were scolding them.

"W-We are sorry your majesty."

"This will not happen again."

They trembled in fright.

"The duke\'s family have been a good host to us. It is not good to speak ill of his daughter that is also your master." I said. "I will not speak of this, but be sure that this will not happen again. Or I will report you to the duke myself."

"W-We understand your majesty." They said in unison. "We thank you for your mercy."

"Let\'s go back now Will." I said and walked away feeling angry.

"Why are you angry?" William said. "It is not you they are gossiping about."

"I know, but it still bothers me." I said. "I never liked Deborah since the first time I laid my eyes upon her. But I cannot help but feel pity over her. I was also looked down upon by servants lf the palace back in Alvannia. As a fellow woman, I do not want anyone to be ridiculed like that."

"You are really kind." William chuckled boyishly.

"By the way, is what they said true?" I looked at him scrutinizingly that William shivered.

"W-Well, it is true." William said while looking away shyly.

"So, did you see her naked last night?" I looked at him with one eyebrow up.

"I-I only saw a glimpse." William had his hands up in defense from my interrogating gaze. "I was guarding your door when I thought that his majesty has not returned yet, so I followed him towards the kitchen thinking he might need some help. When I arrived, that was when I saw his majesty dragging the naked Deborah out and towards the dinning hall."

I never felt so irritated before in my entire life. Regaleon had never even told me the whole night and also this morning. I stomped my feet back to the estate with anger boiling inside.

"W-Wait... Alicia!" William called from behind, but my attention was directed on my husband that did not tell me anything.

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