The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 32 The country of Atlantia

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"Yes. The war with the country of Atlantia." Robert said with a serious face. "The war that broke twenty years ago was the biggest and most devastating war this continent had ever seen. And I am afraid there is a possibility that it will happen again."

Robert started to remember the war twenty years ago. Back then the continent consists of four countries, Jennova to the north, Grandcrest to the south, Alvannia in the center, and Atlantia in the far east.

"I was just a lieutenant in the Alvannian army back then when the war broke out." Robert started. "Atlantia was the biggest and most powerful of the four countries back then."

"That was what I have heard from mother." Leon said. "She was a citizen of Atlantia."

"Yes, your mother was Atlantian. Hence her knowledge in the magic arts." Robert said. "Atlantians were gifted with the use and knowledge of magic. Some people do good with it, but others also use it for bad."

"When the mad king sat in Atlania\'s throne, it became worse." Leon said.

"Yes. The Atlanian royal family was the most powerful magic users of all. And they had access to the forbidden magic." Robert sighed. "The mad king saw the Atlantian race was more superior to others and wanted to rule over the whole continent. Hence the start of the war."

"The other three countries banded together to fight Atlantia. The war was bloody and fierce. Many people died, not only soldiers but also the common folks. Fields and crops were burned. Live stocks was scarce and many died. Famine was abundant everywhere. It was the darkest time I have seen in my entire life." Robert continued.

"And in that time was, when I first met you father." Robert chuckled. "He was a young lad, The crown prince of Grandcrest. He was a proud young man, strong and brave."

"No need to tell me. I know he was known as a war hero because of his achievements in winning the war." Leon said. "At the last years of the war, the allied countries was able to push back Atlantia in the last years of the war, correct?" Leon asked.

"You are correct. And the mad king was in his last straw. He used the forbidden magic that the other countries were afraid of." Robert made a frightened face. "I was there that time, the battle of the Upgrove Plains. The time the forbidden magic was unleashed. Friend and foe alike perished. If it wasn\'t for your mother\'s help we couldn\'t have survived that day. She was branded a traitor to the Atlantia\'s cause but because of her we are alive and at peace."

"And someone is trying to disrupt that peace." Leon exclaimed. "The country of Atlantia sunk to the vast ocean after the forbidden magic back fired. The remnants of Atlantia that survived the fall was scattered in the three countries. And the writings of the forbidden magic should have been destroyed. But we are now seeing bit and pieces of it."

"This frightening magic shoudn\'t be used once again. We should find the one who is gathering the pieces and stop them." Robert said with a serious tone.

"You know that the only one who can use the forbidden magic is a descendant of the royal family of Atlantia." Leon said.

"I am afraid someone from the royal family survived the purge." Robert said. "And he is out for revenge."