The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 318 Girl Talk

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Chapter 318 Girl Talk

Note: This chapter has R-18 talks. Those that are 18 and below and does not want to read adult content and the likes, please skip this chapter.

It has been a while since I finished taking a warm bath. Tricia tucked me in bed nicely while Anatalia was by my side checking my condition.

"Well, all looks good." Anatalia said. "You just need rest. Why don\'t you retire to bed early?"

"I have been sleeping all afternoon." I said while pouting my lips. "I am not yet sleepy you know." I grumbled.

"Hahaha." Anatalia laughed out loud. "Such a cute little feisty but cute pregnant woman you are. If your husband were here, he would surely say yes to all of your demands." She said while wiping a tear that came out of her eyes because of her laughing.

"Your majesty, you are pregnant now." Tricia said with a tone of an older sister. "Your body needs ample rest. It is for you and the baby\'s wellbeing."

I sighed in defeat. "I understand." I frowned.

"Well it is not that you cannot stay up Alicia. You can sleep when you feel tired. Believe me, being pregnant can make you feel tired even if you did not do anything." Anatalia said. "By the way, what are you currently feeling?" She asked.

"Well, I feel fine actually." I said truthfully. "Aside from my stomach hurting a while ago, I feel fine. More energized, actually."

"How about the mood swings?" Anatalia asked.

"I think I can manage my mood." I said but then I remembered Deborah\'s continuous flirting with my husband Regaleon. My moos soured just by remembering her. "Well, there is just one thing that irritates me."

"What is that your majesty?" Tricia asked and was waiting intently with my answer.

Knowing Tricia, I am sure that she will do her upmost best to make my pregnant life comfortable with her abilities. The idea that Tricia is always by my side made me smile.

"It is just that the duke\'s daughter irritates me." I said with annoyance. "I just do not like seeing her anywhere near me."

"Is it really anywhere near you?" Anatalia asked with a huge grin on her face. "Or is it anywhere around your husband?" She giggled teasingly.

I felt my cheeks become hot. I think I am blushing with embarrassment. "It just irritates me seeing her face and her wearing such a showy dress flashing her cleavage. Her choice of perfume also makes me nauseous, and…"

"Hahahaha, we understand Alicia." Anatalia said giggling. "We know why you are irritated with her. No need to enumerate everything."

"Hehe, yes your majesty. Anatalia is correct." Tricia also giggled. "Do not worry to much. I am sure that His majesty will not even give Lady Destia even a glance."

"I-I know that of course!" I said with embarrassment. These two girls have seen my inner worries in an instant. "I know that Regaleon would never look at such gaudy looking girls."

I know that my husband will never look at other women, but I cannot but help worry non the less.

"I am just a little concerned." I started to tell my worries. "I mean, what if I cannot give his desires now that I am pregnant? What if he finds other women to satisfy his needs?"

Both Anatalia and Tricia become silent and looked at me.

"Your majesty, it is normal for pregnant women to feel such things." Tricia held my hand soothingly. "But I assure you that your worries are nothing to think about. I can see how his majesty only looks at you. He loves you dearly." Her comforting words made my worries lessen.

"Now that you are pregnant, hormones tend to make you feel worried and your anxiety heightens. Do not worry too much Alicia." Anatalia said. "And who said that you cannot satisfy your man\'s desires?"

"What? But you said we cannot do the deed now that I am pregnant?" I said with astonishment.

"What I meant was in the first trimester." Anatalia said with a knowing look. "At least you cannot let your man penetrate you while the fetus is still small. But in the later months, when this little bean sprout becomes large, then you can do it with your hearts content. Let me ask, how is your sex drive?"

"Well…" I was reluctant at first but opt to tell Anatalia with such embarrassment. "… I am feeling the desire a little more lately." I felt a blush creeping on my cheeks.

Anatalia nodded professionally. "Well, there are two things that will happen for a woman\'s sex life during pregnancy. It is either she has a high sexual desire or none at all."

"Is that so?" I said with an astonished face.

"I am sure that your husband will love it while you are pregnant." Anatalia had a teasing grin on her face. "Well you can satisfy his desire in other ways you know. So, while you cannot take him in, then do other options for now."

Anatalia\'s words made me embarrassed even more. I can feel my whole face becoming hot. I must be blushing as red as a tomato by now.

"Oh, come on Alicia, no need to feel embarrassed." Anatalia said while patting my shoulder. "We are all women here. No need to feel shy."

Anatalia and Tricia were both giggling when Regaleon came inside the room.

"What did I miss?" Regaleon said while holding a plate of macaroons in one hand and a glass of honey water in the other.

"Oh, your majesty." Tricia quickly got up and curtsied in Regaleon\'s presence. Anatalia also stood by the side.

"It seems that you girls are having fun. Sorry to spoil the mood." Regaleon smiled gently.

"Oh, it is nothing much." Anatalia said while pushing Tricia towards the exit. "We will leave the two of you alone then."

When Anatalia was by Regaleon\'s side, she whispered something and then she and Tricia left the room and closed the door. Regaleon was smiling when he made his way over.

"Here, I brought you some sweets to eat and honey water." Regaleon said. "Have you drunk the herbal medicine Anatalia gave?"

"Yes." I nodded while looking at the delectable macaroons.

"Here." Regaleon placed the plate gently on the bed. "It looks like you are craving for them." He smiled widely.

"Thank you so much, my love." I smiled happily and started munching on the macaroons.

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