The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 316 Foolish Girl 2

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Chapter 316 Foolish Girl 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Y-Yes your majesty." Deborah said with lustful eyes. "I heard that you are on your way here to get her majesty some sweets."

"Such a foolish girl." I said with a cold tone, my eyes were glaring daggers at this foolish girl.

Deborah took slow steps towards me, looking at my reaction. When she saw that I was not saying anything, maybe she took it as a sign that she can come near me.

But the truth is that I do not wish to utter even one word to her. I looked at her full of disgusts. Her every action was clearly seducing, her very move made me sick

"Y-Your majesty." Deborah was now just a step away from me. When she took another step closer, I took two steps backwards, clearly showing my disgust.

"What are do you think you are doing, lady Destia?" I said with a cold tone.

Deborah was throwing such seductive gazes at me, as if ignoring my clear rejection of her.

"Your majesty, do you not see me pretty?" Deborah tried to make seductive poses in front of me. "I am willing to be his majesties concubine. I am ready to give myself to you right here and now."

"How shameless of you." I scolded her. "I am giving you the benefit of a doubt just because your father is a good host to us, and you are being quite so bold to say such things."

Deborah was shocked with my words. I hoped that my words had made her come to her senses. Duke Destia has been a good host so far, I would not want to ruin our good relationship just because of his foolish daughter.

"Do not say that your majesty." Deborah\'s shock was just momentarily, and she had continued her seduction once again. "Isn\'t her majesty pregnant now. I am sure that your body is craving for warmth from another. I am happy to be of service to you, your majesty.

Deborah slowly unbuttoned her dress, and with just one action, her dress dropped down from her body. Her nude body was clearly exposed before me. She took another step to get closer to me.

My eyes were glued to her face. My anger was at the brink, and I was still trying to suppress it.

"Your majesty, I am willing to warm up your bed." Deborah\'s fingers were snaking its way on my chest towards my neck. "I will be a good concubine towards you, maybe I could satisfy you even more than the queen. She cannot be that good in bed I am sure. Maybe she is just like a dead fish when you are doing the deed."

My last thread of sanity snapped with Deborah\'s words. I cannot suppress my rage that was burning inside me.

\'How dare this foolish girl say such things to my wife!\' I thought with burning rage.

"Is that so?" I smiled sinisterly. "Do you think that your body is such worth it?" I slowly put my palms on her shoulder, making its way onto her nape.

"Y-Yes, of course your majesty." Deborah was clearly relishing my touch. Her gaze makes me want to puke. "I will surely make your time with me unforgettable. Clearly, my body is something that men would lust for. This… this is all yours, your majesty." She said with a lustful voice.

"So, you think your body is something that men would lust for." My hand had reached her soft face, but then I squeezed her cheeks with much force that I knew would hurt her. "Do you think that this face is also something that men will love?"

"Y-Your majesty… it hurts." Deborah was trying to pry my hand off her cheeks but with no luck. Her feeble attempts are like child\'s play compared to my strength.

"What do you think me of, lady Destia?" I looked at her with a sinister smile, my gaze was looking at her coldly. "Do you think I am just like other men?"

"N-No, your majesty." Deborah was now tearing up. Her face that was once filled with lust was now filled with fear. "P-Please, let me go. It hurts."

"I am not just any ordinary man, lady Destia. I am the king of Grandcrest. Unfortunately, your body does not affect me at a least." I spat every word with mocking and coldness. "To tell you, you are not the only one that tried to use their body to seduce me. Do you want to know what happened to those ladies that tried…hmm?" I asked with a hint of humor.

My hand that was holding her cheeks now shifted to her neck, I held it tightly letting my anger flow. I can feel her slender neck being squeezed little by little on my hand.

"All of them did not see the light of day." I whispered in her ear.

I can feel her whole body started to shiver. I am sure that she got my point quickly.

"Your…*cough* majesty…*cough cough*." Deborah said, trying to pry my hand away from her neck. "P-Please… spare me."

"Spare you?" I gave a sinister smile. "Did you not give me your body just now? Then I can do whatever I please with it."

Deborah\'s face quickly paled. I pushed her on the counter table. The kitchen utensils on the table were getting tossed and broken with her flailing body. She was squirming quite violently, trying to get away from my hold.

I was still holding her neck firmly, but I was not squeezing that hard enough that she could not breath. I just want to let her see what kind of a monster I can become if one gets on my nerves.

"Did you not hear rumors of my violent nature, lady Destia?" I said with a mocking tone. "I was depicited as a cold-blooded man in the battlefield. My hands were always stained with blood, and not even my half-brothers were spared."

"B-But with her majesty…" Deborah looked at me with fearful eyes. I bet she was about to say that how kind and gentle I was with my wife.

"Of course, that kind of affection is ONLY for my wife." I said. "I will never give such affection to another woman as long as I live."

"But, how about your concubines?" Deborah asked with a hoarse voice. "The royal family of Grandcrest practices concubinage, you are expected to follow age old customs."

"Oh, haven\'t you heard? Well maybe because of the ongoing war, news does not arrive in other places." I said. "I have abolished the concubinage system in Grandcrest. I will only have one wife for the rest of my life, and that is my wife and the current queen of Grandcrest, Alicia."

Deborah\'s eyes went wide in shock and fright. I guess her head was now processing all of the information I have just conveyed to her.

"Well then, what will I do with you?" I said with a playful tone.

"Y-Your majesty… please forgive me." Deborah was now pleading for her life. She was still pinned down by me on the counter table. "I… I will not do this again." Tears were streaming down her eyes onto her cheeks.

"Your father has been a good host by far, I can spare your life for his sake." I said with a cold tone. But then I flashed a sinister smile. "Let us go there and ask him what punishment will be fitting for you."

I stepped back from her and took her by the hand forcibly. I pulled her towards the dining hall where the feast was still ongoing.

"No… your majesty!" Deborah was trying hard to get out of my hold. "I cannot… not like this."

Deborah was still naked, from head to toe. She was trying to resist but failed miserably.

"Did you not tell me that your body is something that men would lust for?" I said with a cold tone. "Then let my men see it for themselves." I said with seethed anger.

"N-No… your majesty!!!" Deborah yelled.

Deborah\'s attempts to stop me were futile. I pulled her towards the dinning hall door and opened it with a loud bang. The people in the hall all stopped what they were doing. They were all shocked and speechless after seeing me. I walked forward and pushed the naked Deborah in front.

"D-Deborah…?" Duke Destia stood up with eyes wide, shock was drawn on his face.

Deborah was now lying on the cold floor, trying her best to cover her body with her arms and hands.

"Duke, your daughter had made such a grave sin of trying to seduce me." I said with a cold and stern voice. My eyes were fixed at the shivering body of Deborah with such coldness. "Her actions are punishable by death in my kingdom. But because you have been quite a good host, I will spare her life. And so, I dragged her here for you to give her the proper punishment that you will see fit."

Duke Destia was scared speechless of my words. He was quite at a loss.

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