The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 315 Foolish Girl 1

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Chapter 315 Foolish Girl 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

Alicia and I got back to our room swiftly with Tempest\'s help. I carried my wife in my arms rather carefully and laid her down on the bed. I was worried of the pain she just had experienced.

"How are you feeling, my love?" I asked in a worried tone.

"I am fine, my love." Alicia replied with a smile. "Maybe, it was just a passing pain."

"We cannot let such a thing pass by." I said. "What if it was something serious?"

"Oh, Leon. You worry too much." Alicia giggled. "I am not feeling any pain right now, believe me."

I sighed seeing her bright mood. But remembering her painful expression on the seashore a while ago made me tense and I cannot just calm down.

*knock knock*

"Your majesty, it is me." Tricia\'s voice was heard outside the door. "I have come with Anatalia."

"Please, enter." I replied in haste.

The door opened and Tricia came in with Anatalia following from behind. I also saw William standing by the door.

"I am sorry that I called you out from the feast." I said with a sympathetic tone.

"Do not worry, your majesty." Tricia replied with a smile. "It is our job to serve you."

"And you as well Anatalia, I know you were still enjoying yourself and exploring the sea." I said in a humble tone.

"It is no biggie." Anatalia said with a wide smile, waving her hands. "Alicia\'s condition is more important. The sea is will not go away anywhere, so I can explore another time."

"Thank you." Alicia said with gratitude.

Anatalia walked towards Alicia and took her pulse. I looked at my wife with worry.

"There is no need to worry, her pulse is strong." Anatalia said. "It is normal in the first trimester to feel slight pain. After a few weeks into the first trimester, the pain should go away. But just to be sure I have some herbs with me that will help the fetus grow strong."

"That is good to hear." I sighed in relief. I held my wife\'s hand firmly and kissed its back.

"You should get a hot bath before you sleep to help you calm your muscles and nerves." Anatalia said to Alicia. "Oh, and I suggest taking some warm honey water after your intake of the herbs I will give. They are a little bitter to taste."

"Is that so?" Alicia had a frown in her face. Seeing it made me smile.

I knew how Alicia does not like drinking bitter medicine since we first met. I remember always having something sweet like candy, ready to be given to her after drinking her medicine.

"Tricia, please prepare a hot bath for my wife and help also her." I said. "I will visit the kitchen to ask for warm honey water and some sweets to be ready after you drink the herbs Anatalia will give." I told Alicia.

"You really know me too well." Alicia giggled.

"Be careful while taking a bath okay." I kissed Alicia on the forehead. "I will be right back."

I stood up and walked out of the room. Once outside, I saw William standing guard by the door side.

"Your majesty." William greeted me.

"Sorry to take you away from the feast." I apologized to William as well.

"There is no need to apologize." William said. "It is my duty to guard her majesty.

"Thank you for giving us some alone time for a short while." I patted William on his shoulder.

I have asked William and Tricia to stay and enjoy the banquet while I take a walk with my wife in the seashore. William was not only a good personal knight to Alicia, but also a good friend to me. He is the only one that can depend on for Alicia\'s safety.

"I am happy if her majesty is happy as well." William said truthfully.

I smiled hearing William\'s bold words. I am rather impressed with his martyrdom, such devotion to his love for my wife. It was rather shocking how he was the only one that I can trust on behalf of Alicia\'s wellbeing. But I know that his affection for my wife is pure and untainted, that is what I am very much impressed. If it was me, I cannot do the same thing.

"I will be going to visit the kitchen to get my wife something sweet to fight the bitterness of the herbs Anatalia will give her." I said. "Please stand guard while I am away."

"It looks like her majesty has not gotten over her fear of bitter things." William chuckled. "Do not worry your majesty, I will stand guard and would never leave my post."

"Thank you." I walked away, knowing that my wife will be safe with good people by her side.

I walked thru the hallways of the Destia estate. I can hear the faint sounds of merriment in the dinning hall not far from where the kitchen was located.

\'It looks like my men are having a good time.\' I smiled with the thought.

I have traveled with this group for quite a long time now. We have departed from Grandcrest towards the Duess Canal and the naval battle that was held there. After that, we quickly rode our way towards the capital of Jennovia to save my wife. We traveled towards Alvannia right after saving Alicia, and now we are in this quest of searching for the key fragments together.

This group has grown on me. I am happy that they are having a merry time tonight. After Alicia has gained back her strength, we will depart towards Alvannia for her to get the proper environment a pregnant woman needs. I of course will be joining her back to Alvannia.

When I have relayed my plans to my men, rather than be sad that we would be leaving the quest to them, they were happy with the news of my wife\'s pregnancy. They gave us their blessings and promised to finish this quest with successful results.

\'Once this war is over and we are back to Grandcrest, I will give them a proper reward.\' I thought.

This group consists of Dimitri\'s men that are Atlantians that lost their homeland. They came to Grandcrest and I gave them a place that they can call their own. I think it would be best to give them piece of land that they can really call home.

I arrived at the kitchen which was practically empty right now. I am thinking that maybe the kitchen staff were all at the dinning hall, serving the guests. It was just curious that even the chefs were not here.

I shrugged the thought and just focused on getting the things I need. Luckily, I saw platers of macaroons that were ready to be served. I took one plater to take back to my wife.

"I am sure that she would love to eat these." I smiled crept on my face just by imagining how my wife would smile seeing one of her favorite desserts.

I looked around to find some honey so that I can make warm honey water for her. In the process of scurrying the kitchen, I heard the kitchen door that I left wide open, shut close. I looked around, feeling another presence of a person. Duke Destia\'s daughter was standing in front of the closed door.

What I saw was not something that surprised me. There have been a few times when ladies have tried to catch me in their love traps. Alicia\'s sister Veronica weas first of many women. When I ascended the throne of Grandcrest, many women of various standing such as aristocrats, and also maids tried to put themselves onto my bed. Unfortunately for them, they did not see the light of day after they have tried the night before.

"I am thinking you were the one that cleared all the kitchen staff from here?" I said with a cold voice.

"Y-Yes your majesty." Deborah said with lustful eyes. "I heard that you are on your way here to get her majesty some sweets."

"Such a foolish girl." I said with a cold tone, my eyes were glaring daggers at this foolish girl.

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