The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 313 The Destia Siblings 2

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Chapter 313 The Destia Siblings 2

"His majesty King Regaleon and her majesty Queen Alicia has arrived." The butler announced.

The murmuring inside the dining hall lessened into silence and the doors opened. Regaleon and I both walked inside hand in hand. There was a long rectangular table with lots of food served. Our men were positioned into their respective seats while Duke Destia\'s family was at the far end of the table. All of them bowed at our presence.

Once Regaleon and I arrived at the far end where the highest ranking should seat, the others have raised their heads. We stood in our place and saw the people in the dining table. At our right side, I saw Duke Destia and his children.

Raphael was handsomely dressed in a formal suite while Deborah was wearing a light pink gown that have such a plunging neckline. Her cleavage was in full view for the men that were present here.

\'Does she not think that all of the attendees tonight were men that will lust over her plunging cleavage.\' I thought with irritation. I know full well why she was wearing such a showy dress, and it just made me more irritated.

"It is a great pleasure for us in the Destia estate to host your majesties here in Veluria." Duke Destia said. "This feast was made to welcome your grace in our port city, and also your retainers as well. Please eat at your hearts content." He said with outmost respect and courtesy.

"Thank you for your generous hospitality duke." Regaleon replied. "As the duke said, eat at your hearts content. Let this fest begin."

The men at the table thanked the duke. All of us took our seat and started to eat merrily. Regaleon was very cautious of the food that was given to me. He was not only tasting it first before putting it on my plate, but also picking the most nutritious food available.

"It will be best to stray from oily food for a while." Regaleon said softly. I smiled thinking how protective my husband is to me even to small things such as my food to eat.

Regaleon had mentioned that when I was sleeping, Anatalia came to our room to check up on me. They had a little chat on what to do and what not to do in every trimester of the pregnancy. That was also where Regaleon knew that we should abstain in our first trimester.

I felt my cheeks burn up when I remembered what we did when I woke up. I was all over Regaleon and forgot that we cannot go on further after that intimate kiss.

"Are you feeling well, my wife? Your cheeks are flushed." Regaleon looked at me worryingly. "Are you feeling hot?"

"N-No, I am fine Leon." I said embarrassed. "I think I am just feeling quite hot."

"The weather here in Veluria is hot when summer starts." Raphael said. "Here, an ice-cold lemonade can help bring up your body\'s temperature. I heard that pregnant women like sour things as well." He poured a glass of lemonade and gently passed it on to me but Regaleon took the glass swiftly.

"Thank you so much, big brother Rap." I said in reply to his kind gesture.

"I am happy to be of service, your majesty." Raphael replied with a warm smile.

I saw Regaleon frowned with Raphael\'s small gesture of kindness and it made me giggle internally. Raphael was just being of service and as my husband, he cannot scold him because of that. But I am sure that he does not like other men coming close to me.

"I can see that her majesty still remembers my son well." Duke Destia said with a solemn tone. "I remember that the two of you had become close friends with your stay here when you were still little."

"Yes, big brother Rap had always kept me company when I was here." I replied to Duke Destia.

"Ah, it is a shame." Duke Destia said in passing.

"What is?" I asked rather curiously.

"Oh nothing." Duke Destia waved his hand. "Do not mine the ramblings of an old man like me. Please continue eating your majesty. Just tell me if you have something you wish to eat. I remember when my wife was once pregnant to Deborah, she craved different kinds of food. Just tell the kitchen if you have food you are craving for, we will try our best to give them to you."

"I appreciate the thought duke." I replied courteously.

"Thank you for the thought Duke Destia." Regaleon also showed his thanks.

We continued eating our dinner when the servants came to serve red wine. They were starting to pour it on glasses per person.

\'It is a shame I cannot taste of the red wine.\' I thought.

Deborah who was seating quietly a while ago stood up and took the wine bottle from the servant that was about to serve us.

"Let me help pour your wine, your majesty." Deborah\'s voice was ringing with seduction. "I would like to tell you that this wine was taken from my best collections. I have a good collection of wines you see. I have collected them from the best vineyards of Alvannia."

Alvannia\'s climate was best for growing grapes that produces good quality wines. The great wines surely cost a lot of fortune and only those that have money can collect such good wine products and keep them until they age. Wines tastes the best after they have aged, that was what I have heard.

\'So, this girl is a wine collector.\' I raised my eyebrow in annoyance.

Clearly, she was just using this reason to make her way towards my husband, Regaleon. This made my irritation top a notch.

"I am sure you will love the taste your majesty." Deborah poured the red wine on Regaleon\'s glass that was just beside him. She then lifted the wine glass and gave it a swirl and a whiff. "The smell of the wine proves its taste your majesty. Here try it." She offered the wine glass to Regaleon.

Regaleon was not giving any attention to Deborah\'s advancement, and that made me quite happy. All of his attention is on me, even his body was leaning over to me clearly ignoring her.

But Deborah was insistent. She was leaning over, brandishing her luscious cleavage that made me feel sick.

"Blrgh…" The thought of feeling sick made me really felt sick. I held my mouth to try and stop from throwing up.

"Lili, are you not feeling well? Do you want to throw up?" Regaleon looked at me worriedly and patted my back. His action gave me some relief. I moved sideways away from the table just to make sure not to throw up while in the presence of many while eating.

"I-I think it is the smell of the wine." I made such an excuse. Actually, it was not the smell of the wine, but I want to put the blame on the one who was holding the wine.

"Take it away this instant!" Regaleon said loudly and pushed the glass of wine Deborah was holding, making the content pour out unto her dress and staining it in the process.

Deborah was shocked with the sudden incident and was lost for words.

"My wife is pregnant and sensitive to smells, so please be mindful of your actions." Regaleon said with such cold tone.

"I-I…" Deborah was in the verge of tears.

"Please forgive my daughter for her sudden actions, your majesty. She did not present any ill will to her majesty." Duke Destia said. "Raphael, please help your sister out the dining hall to change.

"Yes father." Raphael stood up and helped Deborah. "Excuse us your majesties." He bowed sincerely and led Deborah out of the dining hall.

I looked at Deborah\'s retreating back, feeling triumphant.


(Third Person POV)

Raphael and Deborah were walking in a hallway outside that was leading back to the estate. He was clearing pulling her hand gently. Deborah\'s face was full of bitterness and in the verge of tears.

"Let go of me!" Deborah yanked away from Raphael\'s hold and ran towards the garden.

"Deborah, wait." Raphael also ran to catch his sister.

The two siblings were running in the garden paths until Deborah stopped at the fountain located at the center of the garden. She was panting hard from the running she just did. Raphael was quick to get a hold of her.

"Deborah, let go back to your room." Raphael said in worry.

"Just leave me alone." Deborah shouted in anger, tears started to flow form her eyes. "I only want to serve his majesty. Why can\'t I do what I want to do? You also served that b*stard earlier."

Raphael\'s face crumpled in anger. "Mind your words, Deborah!" He scolded her in a high tone.

Deborah was shocked with her brother\'s scolding. "Are you now scolding me because of that b*tch big brother? You have never even used such a tone on me before." She said with bitterness.

Raphael sighed to calm down. "I am sorry Deborah, it is just that Alicia is not the same as before. She is now his majesty\'s, King Regaleon\'s wife. She is now a queen. We are not children anymore."

"You have always taken her side even then big brother. I know, you have feelings for her. But what happened to the feelings you have harbored?" Deborah said with anger. "If not for our father, we would have debuted in high society a long time ago. We would have met partners that we choice for ourselves, you would have had a chance courting that Alicia if you attended her debutante ball."

"Deborah, father made such decisions because of out mother." Raphael explained in a comforting manner.

"He robbed us of our opportunity to be in society, big brother!" Deborah said in a high tone. "Now you are engaged to a royal of the foreign country of Rabansi. Father is also trying to get an engagement for me to the crown prince of their country. He is just using us for his own benefits."

"Do not think such things, Deborah. Father just wants what is best for us." Raphael tried to reason.

"I would not want to be married to some foreigner with brown skin even if he is a crown prince." Deborah said. "I plan on choosing my own path. I choose to be one of King Regaleon\'s wives."

"What are you planning to do?" Raphael was shocked.

"It is said that the king of Grandcrest can take many wives, his concubines. I choose to be married to such a handsome and powerful man rather than be married to an unknown foreigner."

"Do not do this Deborah." Raphael held his sister\'s shoulders with force.

"I have decided. You cannot stop me brother." Deborah said showing firm resolve. "If that Alicia was able to seduce the king, then I can do so as well."

Deborah pushed Raphael away and ran towards the mansion. Raphael looked at his sister\'s back. He covered his face with his hands feeling defeated.

"Mother, what am I supposed to do?" Raphael asked desperately. "Deborah is going astray."

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