The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 312 The Destia Siblings 1

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Chapter 312 The Destia Siblings 1

I was able to take a refreshing nap all afternoon after eating lunch. When I woke up, the sky was turning red orange and the sun was just about to set. Regaleon was sitting by my side reading a book.

"Did you get a good sleep?" Regaleon asked with a smile.

"Yes, I feel refreshed after taking the afternoon nap." I replied with a smile. "Where did you get the book?" I asked out of curiosity.

I have thought that maybe Regaleon left our room when I was asleep. Then he thought of him meeting Deborah by chance made me feel irritated in some way. I know that Regaleon loves me and is a loyal husband, but I cannot stop women such as Deborah to try to get close and seduce him. That is what makes me feel irritated.

"If you are thinking that I left when you were asleep, then you are mistaken." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me.

"H-How did you…" I was about to ask how did Regaleon knew what I thought but I sighed and smiled. I am happy that Regaleon understands me to this extent.

"That is because I can see the scowl on your face. And here… you have a crease." Regaleon rubbed the space in between my eyebrows. "Do not worry, I did not leave this room when you were sleeping. I stayed inside all this time. This book… I saw took it from the bookshelf there." He gestured over the side where a small bookshelf was located.

I felt embarrassed that my thoughts were seen through. "S-Sorry for thinking such things. I can not but help feel getting irritated if a woman tries to get near you with such thoughts."

"It is okay." Regaleon pulled me into his embrace. "As my wife, you are entitled to get irritated and angry with women who tries get near me with such unpleasant thoughts. I will gladly let you punish them." He pressed his lips on my forehead.

I am happy with Regaleon\'s every word, but I was a little bit dissatisfied. After the battle with the sirens, Regaleon has not touched me beyond light kisses either in my forehead or cheeks. At first, I was thankful because I always felt fatigued and worn out in our travels. But now I am fully rested, I am hoping for something more.

"What is the matter my love?" Regaleon might have seen the scowl on my face.

I looked at his intently. I cannot believe that I was yearning for his lips, as if I were thirsty for them. The mood around us was just right. I thought of having the initiative to kiss him first.

I slowly closed the gap between us and closed my eyes. My lips had found his and was now feeling its heat. At first it was just a light peck, but I was not satisfied and deepened the kiss.

"Hmmhh." Regaleon moaned. His arms that was already wrapped around my waist pulled me even closer to him.

My body felt hot and wanting. Regaleon\'s arms started to explore my body, gently caressing along the way. Our kiss became breathless, our tongues intertwined.

When we parted our lips, we were both catching our breath. Regaleon\'s face was flushed, and I bet mine was as well.

"My love… let us not take things further." Regaleon said with gentleness. "I am hardly trying to contain myself now."

"B-But why?" I asked doubtful. "I want you." I said with yearning.

"Me too my love." Regaleon caressed my cheeks with his thumb. "But Anatalia said that we should abstain in the first trimester of your pregnancy. I do not want anything to happy to you or our baby." He sighed.

I was awakened from my inner desires after hearing Regaleon\'s reason. It is true that abstinence should be practiced in the first trimester of the pregnancy. It was also included in the bridal lessons I took.

\'Why did I not remember such an important information.\' I scolded myself.

Maybe because I never thought of having a child this early. I thought that my marriage my marriage with Regaleon would be done after the war ends. Me conceiving was not planned at all.

"I-I am sorry. I forgot that piece of information." I said with embarrassment. "Umm, are you okay? Does it not hurt?" I asked.

Regaleon\'s manhood was evidently bulging under his trousers. I also learned that men could feel pain if it were not released, and it was the job of a wife to help her husband as the bridal lessons taught me.

"I am fine." Regaleon said. "I can manage. Just stay here and rest okay." Regaleon parted with a kiss on my forehead and walked towards the bathroom.

I felt guilty letting Regaleon endure such a thing. I should be careful not to entice him so much.

\'But what about me?\' I thought to myself. I also felt hot inside my body.


Before the sun had set, our group that continued to travel in horseback had arrived in Duke Destia\'s estate. They were properly greeted and was shown to their respective rooms to rest.

Duke Destia sent word to our room later that evening that he had prepared a feast for dinner. It was welcome us and our group\'s arrival.

"He is such a generous host." I said when we were preparing for dinner. I was sitting in front of a vanity mirror with Tricia fixing my hair.

The duke had sent us formal clothes to wear for the feast. Our group was traveling incognito, and so we only brought clothes that matches the status we were portraying. We never thought that we would be residing in Duke Destia\'s mansion or attending a formal feast.

Me and Regaleon were both given clothes befitting a monarch. We were both wearing matching clothes, navy blue in color. Regaleon was already finished wearing his clothes, and he looked quite dashing.

"He did not need to do such a thing." Regaleon said while buttoning his cufflinks.

"I think he is just showing courtesy for the future emperor." I giggled.

"He cannot obtain my approval with just this." Regaleon said with a serious expression. "I am thankful that he let us stay here until you get your strength back, but to get my approval he needs to earn it."

Regaleon was also a strict leader to his vassals. Corruption is a problem that cannot be solved so easily. Even if the head of a country is a good leader with good intentions, if the ones under him are corrupt, then his efforts will all be in vain.

I wondered how Regaleon had managed Grandcrest after the civil war. It was a tough to bring the country back on its feet after such a turmoil. When I asked him how he did it, he smiled and told me that he was still in the process of stabilizing the country, but thanks to his ever loyal vassals they managed to at least get Grandcrest back on its correct path. Regaleon was planning to tour the whole continent after this war ends and peace has been achieved, just to make sure that all was in order.

"Let us take a stroll on the seaside after dinner." Regaleon\'s serious face brightened up with a smile. He had promised that we would take a stroll on the beach while we are here.

"Sure." I was happy that we can take the stroll tonight.

The weather was warm because it was summer, but the breeze from the sea gives a gentle cool. I was excited to see the sea since we got here a while ago. When I last visited, I was not able to go to the beach because I was not permitted to. I envied my stepsisters that were able to go and play on the sand. I have only imagined what was the feeling of walking on the sand beach barefooted, or the feeling of the waves under my feet. But now at least, I can feel those that I only imagined in the past.


"Your majesties." The butler\'s voice was heard outside the door. "Dinner is ready. The duke, young master and mistress will be awaiting your arrival in the dining hall."

"Give the duke our message that we will be there shortly." Regaleon replied.

"There your majesty, all done." Tricia said after the finishing touches done on my hair. She stepped aside to let me view my reflection in the mirror.

My hair was styles upward into a braid. Navy blue flower like ornaments adorned my platinum blonde hair. Tricia had put only light make up on me that made my face glow naturally.

"You are beautiful, my wife." Regaleon was standing behind me and held my shoulders gently. Our eyes met on the mirror in front of us. He leaned slowly and planted a kiss on my neck. His lips sent a bolt of pleasure thru out my body. "Come, let us go."

Regaleon offered his hand and I gently placed mine on his. We walked side by side and exited the room. Outside, the butler was waiting for us. He had led the way towards the dining hall.

We navigated the halls of the manor and arrived at the dining hall in no time. We heard voices inside the closed doors. It looks like the others in our group have arrived early.

"His majesty King Regaleon and her majesty Queen Alicia has arrived." The butler announced.

The murmuring inside the dining hall lessened into silence and the doors opened. Regaleon and I both walked inside hand in hand. There was a long rectangular table with lots of food served. Our men were positioned into their respective seats while Duke Destia\'s family was at the far end of the table. All of them bowed at our presence.

Once Regaleon and I arrived at the far end where the highest ranking should seat, the others have raised their heads. We stood in our place and saw the people in the dining table. At our right side, I saw Duke Destia and his children.

Raphael was handsomely dressed in a formal suite while Deborah was wearing a light pink gown that have such a plunging neckline. Her cleavage was in full view for the men that were present here.

\'Does she not think that all of the attendees tonight were men that will lust over her plunging cleavage?\' I thought with irritation. I know full well why she was wearing such a showy dress, and it just made me more irritated

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