The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 311 Port City of Veluria 2

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Chapter 311 Port City of Veluria 2

"Oh, by the way, I would like to introduce you to my children. This is Raphael, my eldest.

"It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your majesty." Raphael bowed his head towards Regaleon. "It is nice to see you again, your majesty Queen Alicia." He gave me a sincere smile and bowed.

\'Now I remember his name.\' I thought. \'I called him big brother Rap back when we were little.\'

"And my youngest here is Deborah." The duke introduced his daughter.

"It is my pleasure to finally meet you your majesty. King Regaleon of Grandcrest." Deborah curtsied in front of my husband. When she looked up, her eyes were fluttering and was hooked on my husband\'s face.

I knew this look best. It was a look of lustful adoration towards my husband. It made me irritated looking at how Deborah was using her body language to get Regaleon\'s attention.

But Regaleon\'s gaze did not even landed on Deborah who was clearly trying to get his attention. His eyes were glued to me, his arm was firmly encircled around my waist while his hand held mine to support me.

"If you are done with the introductions, can you please lead us to our quarters at once?" Regaleon said with clear irritation. "My wife is pregnant and needs to rest."

"O-Oh, yes. Of course, your majesty." Duke Destia said feeling embarrassed. "I would like to congratulate both of you for the good news. My butler will lead you to your rooms." He gestured to his butler. The butler came and bowed down to us.

"Lunch will be served a little while. Would you like it to be sent to your rooms?" Raphael asked. "It looks like her majesty is currently not feeling well." He said with utmost respect.

"That would be fine." Regaleon replied.

"Would you be dining with us, your majesty?" Deborah asked with a cute voice that peeked my irritation. I looked at her sideways with a cold look, but her gaze only fell upon my husband.

\'You have the guts to flirt with my husband with me, the legal wife around.\' I thought in anger.

"Please send my food in our room as well." Regaleon did not even answer Deborah\'s question, and directed his order to the butler. "I do not want to leave my wife\'s side when she does not feel well."

"As you wish, your majesty." The butler replied.

I grinned internally, getting satisfaction that Regaleon was clearly avoiding and rejecting Deborah\'s advancements. I looked at the girl once again and she had a scowl on her face.

Duke Destia\'s family have strong physical traits. They all have auburn hair and light blue eyes. I remember I envied their beautiful looks when we were young. It was Rap who often plays with me when I was being ignored and alone. I remember commenting that his eyes were like the sky\'s color.

"If you would like your majesty, I can call our personal doctor to look at her majesty." Raphael asked.

"No need." Regaleon replied. "We have our own physician with us."

"That is good to hear." Raphael replied curtly. "Then I will not hold you to your rest, your majesties." He bowed his head lightly.

"Please follow me your majesties." The butler gestured the way.

"It is nice seeing you once again big brother Rap." I said in passing. "If we have time in the next few days, I would like to catch up and chat."

"It is a pleasure your majesty." Raphael smiled sweetly.

I felt Regaleon\'s hand holding mine squeezed slightly. I was curious and looked at his face. He had a frown on his face indicating he was displeased with something.

\'Do not tell me he is jealous?\' I thought and giggled internally.

Regaleon and I have been engaged and are now married, but he still feels insecure and becomes jealous over my male acquaintances. It is not good, but I felt happy that he feels that way.

\'I should appease his jealousy when we are alone in our room.\' I thought.

We followed the butler inside the duke\'s mansion and navigated the halls inside. The mansion was still the same from what I remember from my childhood.

The butler stopped at front of a double door. "This will be your lodgings your majesties." The butler opened it.

Regaleon and I entered the room that was big and luxurious. These past few weeks, we have been either camping outside or staying at village inns. It has been a while since I have stayed in such a luxuriously decorated room.

"Your food will be sent to your room later." The butler said. "I will be showing the other guests their lodgings as well."

"Thank you." Regaleon replied. "You do not need to serve my wife for now. I will call you once we need you. You two rest as well." I told Tricia and Anatalia.

"Yes, your majesty." Tricia replied.

"Okie dokie." Anatalia replied.

Once the butler closed the door behind us, Regaleon ushered me towards the bed to sit down. He then helped me take of my boots.

"L-Leon, I can do that myself." I said with embarrassment.

"Let me do it." Regaleon said. "I want to serve my wife."

I felt embarrassed but let Regaleon do what he was doing. It was quiet between the two of us while Regaleon was helping me get comfortable in bed.

"So, the son of the duke is your friend?" Regaleon was the first one to speak.

Regaleon was currently kneeling is one in front of me while I was seating on the bed. I looked at his smug face and confirmed that he was really feeling a little bit jealous over my friendship with Raphael.

"I cannot tell if he is my friend, because we only met when we were still young." I replied to his question. "He was the only one nice to me when I stayed here in the past."

Regaleon scowled even more. "He has feeling for you, I can tell." He said, avoiding eye contact with me. "His gaze towards you tells it all."

I felt happy that my husband was jealous, but I should appease him and not fan the flames of his jealousy even more.

"Regaleon look at me." I said and clasped his face to face me, our eyes met. "You know that the one I love is you. I am already married to you and I am carrying the proof of our love." I put his hand on my belly.

Regaleon sighed and smiled. "Yes, I am sorry. I just do not want any other man looking at you with such eyes. I am afraid I cannot hold myself back and pluck their eyes right then and there." He said.

"Hey, you cannot do that." I scolded him. I did not even know that Raphael would have such a feeling towards me. We only met when we were young, and we did not crossed paths ever since. "And besides, there was another one that was sending such lascivious gaze towards you." I looked at him with irritation.

"Hah? Do you mean that red headed girl?" Regaleon said and looked in disgust. "I feel disgusted with her gaze towards me, and she was trying to push advancing that made me even more irritated. She is nothing of course, she is not even worthy to look at. Were you also jealous?" He smiled at me.

"Hmph, it is more of an irritation rather than jealousy." I said. "She is trying to flirt with you with so many people around, and to top it off with me your wife looking. Hmph, she has such guts."

Regaleon chuckled and caressed my cheeks. "Do not worry, I will never even look at her. So do not get angry, okay? It is not good for the baby."

Regaleon\'s words made me smile. I felt loved with his every sweet action towards me.

The sea can be seen from our room\'s balcony. I can hear the waves and smell the sea. It was rather calming that I let a yawn out of my mouth.

"How about you take a nap after we eat." Regaleon said.

"Hmm, that sounds good." I felt fatigued all over my body. Being pregnant really was not easy. "Leon, can we go out and take a stroll later on the beach?" I asked.

It was a long time since I have visited a place near the sea. I would like to have time and enjoy the view with Regaleon before going back to the capital.

"Of course." Regaleon replied with a smile. "We can take a short walk once you are fully rested. I will ask Anatalia to look at you before we take a stroll. If you cannot walk that far because of your condition, we can find a spot to sit down on the sand and enjoy the view of the sea."

"Thank you." I smiled wholeheartedly.

I looked out of the balcony and saw the dark blue hue of the sea. It felt peaceful out there.

\'Come here.\' Suddenly I heard a voice from out of nowhere. It was faint and I was not sure if it really was a voice.

"Did you say something?" I asked Regaleon.

"No, why?" Regaleon asked curiously.

"Oh, I just thought I heard something." I said rather confused.

"Maybe you are just tired." Regaleon stood up and helped me lay down on the bed. "Why don\'t you lay down for a while until the food arrives." I nodded in agreement.

\'Maybe I am just tired and imagining things.\' I thought.

I looked outside the balcony once again. The sea was calm and peaceful, but it felt rather ominous.

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