The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 310 Port City of Veluria 1

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Chapter 310 Port City of Veluria 1

Like Regaleon had planned, we traveled to the port city of Veluria on the back of Tempest. We are accompanied by Anatalia and Tricia, while the rest of the men in our group will continue in horseback and will probably arrived by late afternoon or early evening. Snow was also with us in her cat form, seating on my lap looking so carefree.

We were high in the sky traveling, for about ten minutes. I was able to see the sea now, meaning we are nearly in the port city.

"It has been a while since I have been in the port city of Veluria." I said.

"So, you have been here in the past?" Regaleon asked.

"Yes, it was a long time ago. Back when I was still young." I replied. "Our whole family came out here to greet and meet with the envoys of the country of Rabansi, a country beyond the seas to the east. It was courtesy because the envoy consists of royal family members from their country."

When I was little, I was able to visit this city with the royal family. As I recall, we travelled all the way from the capital to Veluria because of an important business. If I recall correctly, it was to receive and meet the envoys from the country beyond the seas towards the east. It was a business between the two countries to start trading with one another. It was so important for the royal family to be complete to let the foreigners see the strength and unity of the royal family of Alvannia back then.

"If I am correct, that meeting gave Alvannia such a good trading deal with Rabansi." Regaleon said.

Of course, Regaleon would know of political and business affiliations of Alvannia. Back then the relationship of Grandcrest and Alvannia was strained due to the great might of the former. But after my father got such a good trading partner from a foreign country, the country flourished with produces that were only obtains to trading from the eastern countries.

"Where would we stay once, we are in the city?" I asked curiously.

"I have sent word in advance to the vassal governing the port city of Veluria, Duke Destia." Regaleon replied. "You will need a proper place to rest to recover your energy. Once you are good to go, we can travel back to the capital of Alvannia and we will stay there for your first trimester until we can travel back to Grandcrest."

Anatalia had already told Regaleon the important things about pregnancy. Because the first trimester of pregnancy was the most crucial, I cannot travel long distances. That is why Regaleon planned to go back to the capital of Alvannia first which is the nearest. With Tempest as our mode of transportation, the travel from the port city towards the capital will only take five hours compared to going to the capital of Grandcrest that could take nearly fifteen hours as estimated. Traveling by sky was more efficient than by land that would take at least about a month or so from the capital of Alvannia to Grandcrest.

"So, we will be residing in Duke Destia\'s estate." I said. "I recall that he has a son and a daughter. The daughter if I remember correctly, is the same age as me."

"I think you recalled correct." Regaleon said. "I was planning on going inside the port city incognito, but the plan changed when I knew of your pregnancy. I sent a carrier bird at once a few hours before our departure, so I am sure they are already expecting us."

"But Duke Destia is one of the lord vassals, so it is his job to host any of the members royal family that will be visiting." I said. "I remember that we also stayed in their manor the time we visited the port city in the past."

But I did not have any good memories in out stay there. That time I was still young and the black sheep of the royal family. I remember that the daughter of Duke Destia was friends with my stepsisters and she joined them in bullying me. Richard was still too young to take my side back then.

I remember that I was not permitted to leave the estate. My stepbrother and stepsisters were able to go and see the sea up close with father and stepmother, while I remained in the estate being lonely. The only friend I made back then was the duke\'s son. He always accompanied me in the estate when my family left me there. He also always rescued me when he saw my stepsisters and his sister bullying me.

\'Come to think of it, I do not recall his name.\' I thought. Duke Destia\'s family did not attend any social gatherings in the capital, with the reason of his wife\'s poor health.

"Duchess Destia died just recently due to her long-time ailing health." Regaleon muttered.

"Oh my, I did not know." I said. I did not hear any news that my aunt did not want me to know when I was in Jennovia. "I am sure to express my condolences when we arrive."

Just after a few minutes, the wide sea was clear before us. The dark blue hue of the waters reminded me of Regaleon\'s deep blue eyes. I can also smell the salty air.

"Oh my, the sea!" Anatalia was so excited to see the sea. "It is my first time to see it in all of my life."

It was sad to think that a siren of Anatalia\'s age have never seen the sea before. The sea should be the sirens home.

"Once the war is over, why not take the other sirens here." I said to Anatalia with a smile.

"Really, can we?" Anatalia\'s eyes were sparkling.

"Of course, you are free to chose where you live." Regaleon was the one to reply. "I promise to protect your kind and I will do so."

"Thank you, thank you." Anatalia said with an exciting tone.

Tempest started top descend slowly. The location of our landing was an open area in Duke Destia\'s estate. Their manor was located top of a cliff overlooking the sea, it has a breathtaking view.

"Hold on tight." Tempest gave us a warning before making a landing.

The landing was rough, but we landed on the ground safely. Servants were already standing by near our landing area. They were lined up neatly to greet our arrival. I saw Duke Destia standing at the front with his children beside him. He looked much older than his age, as I know he is just a shy away from my father\'s current age.

\'He must have grieved greatly with his wife\'s passing.\' I thought.

The ducal couple must have a good relationship with one another, knowing how Duke Destia had not attended any social gatherings because of his wife\'s poor health.

Our party had come down from Tempest carefully, with Regaleon taking me into his arms. I have the feeling that he was going to carry me all the way towards the estate like this.

"L-Leon, you can put me down now." I said feeling quite embarrassed.

"I am more at ease carrying you in my arms my wife." Regaleon said with a straight face. "What will I do if you trip down and fall. Or if you go bump to things accidently. Or…" He was trailing off, saying reasons that surely will not happen if I was careful.

"Husband, I am pregnant and not clumsy." I looked at him with irritation. He sighed when he saw I was getting angry.

"All right. It is not good for you to be irritable my wife." Regaleon said and gently put me down. "But take my hand and stay close to me." He plated a kiss on my forehead gently and it made me smile.

My feet were now firmly on the ground. Regaleon offered his hand and I took it without any second thoughts.

"Your majesty, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia of Grandcrest." Duke Destia greeted us. "I welcome you to our estate." He and his children respectfully bowed before us.

"Thank you for taking us in with such short notice." Regaleon said and gestured them to rise.

"Of course, your majesty. It is such an honor for the royal couple to grace us with your presence." The duke replied. "It has been a while since I have since her majesty. Back then you were but a small child this little." The duke smiled gently and gestured with his hand my previous height when I last visited.

"It is an honor for you to remember me Duke Destia." I replied curtly. "I am sorry if it is late, but I want to express my condolences to the passing of your wife the duchess. I have only heard of the news not too long ago."

Duke Destia\'s smile turned sad with the mention of his wife. "Thank you, your majesty. Oh, by the way, I would like to introduce you to my children. This is Raphael, my eldest.

"It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your majesty." Raphael bowed his head towards Regaleon. "It is nice to see you again, your majesty Queen Alicia." He gave me a sincere smile and bowed.

\'Now I remember his name.\' I thought. \'I called him big brother Rap back when we were little.\'

"And my youngest here is Deborah." The duke introduced his daughter.

"It is my pleasure to finally meet you your majesty. King Regaleon of Grandcrest." Deborah curtsied in front of my husband. When she looked up, her eyes were fluttering and was hooked on my husband\'s face.

I knew this look best. It was a look of lustful adoration towards my husband. It made me irritated looking at how Deborah was using her body language to get Regaleon\'s attention.

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