The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 309 Couple’s First Quarrel 2

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Chapter 309 Couple’s First Quarrel 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

"My wife, I am here." I said to her with a gentle tone.

Alicia looked up and our eyes met. She was about to cry even more.

"Leon!" Alicia cried out my name and hugged me tightly. "I am sorry. I am so sorry."

Hearing her words melted the hurt and worries I had earlier. This woman in front of me was the one I chose, was the one I dear to me, was the one I loved the most.

I took her trembling body into my arms and embraced her.

"Hush now my love." I said gently and caressed her back to comfort her. "I am here. I will not leave you again, I promise."

I can feel her warm body in my arms shivering. I let her cry and until all her sorrows have came out. Her quiet sobs were like small needles piercing my heart slowly and painfully.

After some time, her cries started to die down. She had calmed down and her body stopped shaking. I gently lifter her face to see her face.

"No." Alicia tried to refuse my advances. "I surely look haggard from crying she said.

"To me, you will always be my beautiful wife." I said with affection.

Alicia had let me see her face at least. I gently lifted her chin and saw her eyes swollen with her crying. On her cheeks were still some wet tears. I took out my handkerchief from pocket and gently wiped her tears away.

"See, you are still so beautiful." I said with all honesty. In my eyes, Alicia my wife, was the most beautiful woman in all the world.

"You are clearly teasing me." Alicia smiled at last.

"I am sorry for leaving you my love." I said and planted a kiss at the back of her hand. "I was momentarily blinded from the hurt I was feeling. I should have not left you when you needed me the most. Especially now, in your current condition."

Alicia shook her head. "You did not do anything wrong Leon. It was I that made the wrong decision. Please forgive me, my love." She said with such a remorseful look. "I should have told you the time I knew I was pregnant. You had the right to know. I was… I was just afraid to be parted with you. I do not know why, but that feeling of being separated from you is something I clearly dread about."

Alicia\'s words were full of truth. She might have kept the pregnancy a secret but now she is clearly remorseful of what she had did. Maybe it is true, what Snow said. Pregnant women are prone to mood swings. I should be more understanding of her condition, more than ever.

"I understand my love." I kissed her forehead to show how much I trust and love her. "I promise, I will never leave your side. I will stay by your side."

"Thank you, Leon." Alicia rested her face on my chest, something that gave me relief.

I was happy that our issues have been resolved. I am now happy that we have made up.

Alicia pushed me gently away, looking a bit pale. She was holding her mouth looking nauseous.

"My love, are you okay?" I asked in worriment. She shook her head and quickly walked beside a tree just behind us and started throwing up.

I quickly stood by her side and put her hair up. I patted her back to give her some comfort. After she had thrown up, I gave her my handkerchief without any second thought.

"Thank you." Alicia replied graciously. She still looked a bit pale.

"Are you doing alright now?" I asked looking at her worriedly. I touched her cheeks with my palm, trying to gauge her temperature. "It is not good for you to out in the open like this. We should her to the port city and find lodging at once." I said.

"It is okay, they said this is normal in the first trimester of the pregnancy." Alicia replied with a smile.

"It is not okay for me." I said. "I will call Anatalia to look at you once again. She is the one that you want to look after you correct?" I asked.

"Yes." Alicia nodded. "I feel at ease with her."

I guess it is normal for pregnant woman to be at ease with female physician\'s rather than male ones. Having Anatalia by Alicia\'s side would probably the best course to take.

"Okay, I will be right back." I told her and kissed her forehead. "Sit here and wait for me."


Anatalia gave Alicia a thorough check up. Tricia and William have come back with me and are now standing by.

"It looks like you are over fatigue Alicia." Anatalia said with a serious face. "The crying also did not help in your situation. And you should not have given her something to worry about." She scolded.

"I am sorry." I was remorseful of my actions that made my wife felt this way.

"Hmph, thank the heavens that I am here. I can help you." Anatalia said with a proud face. "I have some herbs that can help you with the nausea and vomiting. But remember, it will only lessen the symptoms, it will not disappear entirely."

Anatalia took some herbs from my bag. She gave it to Tricia who was standing nearby.

"You can brew these herbs like how you brew tea leaves and give it to Alicia." Anatalia said.

"Is this good to be taken by pregnant women?" William asked.

"Do not worry, these herbs do not have any harmful substance that can affect the fetus." Anatalia said with a knowing tone. "In fact, it contains nutrients that will help the fetus grow strong. My kind has used these kinds of herbs many times in pregnancy. Us sirens have the same constitution as human women, so no need to worry." She replied skillfully.

I was relieved to know that we have someone that has knowledge on how to take care of pregnant women.

"It would be best if we can take her to a place where she could relax and feel safe." Anatalia looked at me. "Her body needs to rest. This travelling has made her body over fatigued."

"I understand." I replied. "After you have rested well, we will ride on Tempest so that we can get to the port city in no time.

By horse ride, it would take about four to five hours until we arrive at the port city. But with Tempest, it will only take half an hour to get there.

"We will take Tricia and Anatalia with us to take care of you and your needs." I added. "William, I am sorry if I cannot take you with us because there will be no space left for you."

At the moment, Tempest can only take a number of people along while travelling in the sky. I have chosen Tricia and Anatalia because they can take care of Alicia\'s needs. For guard duty, of course I can do it myself. Now that my wife is pregnant, I do not want to leave her side even more.

"I understand your majesty." William said with a solemn face. "What is important right now is to take her majesty to somewhere safe and where she could take full rest."

"Thank you, William." I said graciously.

"I will be riding with Captain Chris and the group in haste to follow you." William said. "I will go right now to inform Chris of your plans."

"Yes." I said and patted William\'s shoulders to show my gratitude.

"I am sorry my love." Alicia said. "I have become a burden to you." She said with a frown.

"You are never a burden to me my wife." I sat down beside her and held her hand. "On the contrary, you have me given so much happiness with you carrying our child."

I gently placed my hand over her belly. \'In here is the child that was born between me and Alicia\'s love.\' I thought. My lips moved upwards into a gentle smile.

"Hehe, he or she is just a little apple seed now." Alicia said. She placed her hands over my hand that was holding her belly. "That was what I learned from the bridal lessons back in Jennovia."

Hearing Jennovia just let me remember that b*stard of a crown prince and his mother. They let Alicia take bridal lessons, thinking that they will marry her to that son of a b*tch.

"Even if he or she is still little as an apple seed or a grain, I will protect he or she with everything I have." I said with such deep emotions. "I will protect the both of you, I swear."

"I know." Alicia smiled sweetly. "Leon, I want to say sorry once again."

"How many times do you want to apologize?" I smiled teasingly.

"Until you say you forgive me." Alicia said. "I have done something wrong that made you feel hurt, and so I am asking for your forgiveness."

"Even though I told you that you do not need to apologize…" I said but my wife was staring at me persistently. "All right, I give in. I forgive you in one condition."

"And what is that?" Alicia looked at me with anticipation.

"Kiss me." I pointed my lips as for her to know where. Alicia clearly blushed and it made me happy seeing her react this way.

Alicia then took the first step and leaned closer to me. I see her close her eyes when our faces were just inches away. I also closed my eyes and felt the touch of her lips on mine.

What I am feeling right now was such bliss. The love of my life is now carrying the proof of our love.

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