The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 307 Pregnancy Symptoms 2

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Chapter 307 Pregnancy Symptoms 2

After we spent the night at the village, we departed before daybreak. Brad and the other mercenaries under his command accompanied us in the journey of searching for the key fragments. It was refreshing to know that we have gained allied in this quest.

Four days have passed by since we departed the village and we were getting nearer to our destination. The location of the first key fragment we are tasked to get was in a place near the ocean. That said, it was lucky that the key fragment was not included in the area where Atlantia have sank to the bottom of the sea.

\'But the forbidden magic is found under water.\' I sighed remembering that the forbidden magic also sank into the depths of the sea with Atlantia.

"Let us take a short break." Regaleon said to the group.

I was about to doze off in his arms while riding when he immediately ordered the group to rest.

"Chris, find a good spot to take a rest and where we could have our lunch." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris bowed and swiftly did what he was ordered to do.

In no time, Chris was able to find a good spot with huge trees that can gives us good shade from the harsh sun. In fact, I was feeling quite faint with the heat.

Regaleon slowly got down of the horse and he helped after.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon said in worry.

"I am fine." I lied with a smile. I might be looking horrible seeing Regaleon looking at me with worry.

"Come and seat here." Regaleon took off his cape and laid it down the grassy ground for me to seat on. He helped me down and pressed his palm on my forehead. "You feel a little hot. I will call the medic to look at you." He was about to get up when I grabbed his hand to stop him.

"No!" I said rather forceful. Regaleon looked at me quite confused with my sudden action. "I mean, Anatalia can look into me." I hurriedly made an excuse.

Regaleon sighed and stood up slowly. "Alright. I will go and look for her. William, please watch over her for me please. I also need to have a word with Chris."

"Of course, your majesty." William stepped in and bowed as affirmation.

When Regaleon was away, William looked at me questioningly.

"You do not look quite good, your majesty." William said and sighed. "In your state, this is not the place for you to be."

"I know Will." I replied. "I think I have to tell him rather earlier than planned. I know that my body is quickly changing."

I know my own body quite well. And with the start of the pregnancy syndromes, I am sure that I cannot hide this from Regaleon for too long.

"It is best that you tell his majesty as soon as possible." William looked at me in his big brother persona. "As your best friend, I suggest you tell him right away or this could be an issue in your relationship in the future."

"Thank you Will." I smiled, thanking that I can count on William with this kind of situations.

Not long has past when we saw Anatalia hopping towards us. "You called for me Alicia?" She asked. "You do not look so good." Her eyebrow scrunched after looking at me.

"Yes, well that is why I called for you." I smiled. "Can you do a quick check-up on me?"

"Of course." Anatalia smiled brightly and took my pulse. She looked quite serious when doing so, it was like she became more mature than she looked. \'Well she said she is twenty-five years old already. But she still acts like a twelve-year-old in her gestures.\' I giggled internally.

Anatalia finished feeling my pulse and sighed. "What are you feeling now Alicia?" She asked.

"Well, I feel quite fatigued lately. I also get dizzy, maybe because of the heat." I said.

"How about vomiting?" Anatalia asked.

"Not yet." I shook my head in reply.

"Hmm… it looks like I was wrong with my first assumption on how far you are in your pregnancy." Anatalia said. "You are probably five and going on to six weeks by now."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Well, it means that your pregnancy symptoms will probably kick in and in full blast." Anatalia said. "What you are experiencing now are just the early symptoms. You will probably feel more symptoms in the upcoming days."

Anatalia\'s words was like a huge rock coming down on me. It just means that I cannot hold off telling Regaleon about my pregnancy any longer.

"I think it would be best if you tell your partner about the pregnancy." Anatalia said. "You are in the first weeks of pregnancy and is the most crucial parts. You need ample rest to ensure that you will not lose the baby."

\'Lose the baby?" I thought to myself. \' I have been selfish, just because I wanted to be by Regaleon\'s side. I neglected the safety of our baby.

I knew that the baby inside of me was strong, but I was still neglectful as a mother to not think of his safety.

"It is okay Alicia." William held my shoulders lightly to comfort me. I looked at him with worry in my eyes. "If you tell his majesty now, I am sure he would go home with you in an instant. The quest for the key fragments will fall in Captain Chris\' capable hands."

William really was my best friend. He clearly knew my intentions even though I have kept it all to myself. He really was such a dependable friend to be with.

"Do not worry, I will also cover for you." Anatalia raised her hand as if she does not want to be left out. "Only the three of us knows this, so we can just tell him that you only knew today."

I giggled looking at Anatalia\'s joyful face, even though she knew we would probably lie if we told Regaleon that.

"No." I shook my head. "I will tell him the truth. I do not want to lie to him."

Regaleon and I are husband and wife. At best, I do not want to lie any longer. I will confess to him why I hide my pregnancy. I am afraid that he would get angry, but I am sure we can work on this.

"How is my wife?" Out of the blue, we heard Regaleon\'s voice. He just came back from talking with Chris.

"Oh, um well…" Anatalia was looking at me. "It is probably the best if Alicia tells it to you personally. So, I am off." She smiled and quickly walked away.

"I will also take my leave your majesty." William bowed. "You and her majesty need to talk in private." He said straight forwardly.

William silently left us alone. Regaleon was both confused and worried at the same time.

"Is there a problem my love?" Regaleon looked at me worriedly.

"L-Leon, we need to talk." I said with nervousness.

"What is it?" Regaleon said and sat on the ground facing me. He held my hand and solely caressed them. "You can tell me anything."

"Well you see… ummm… its because I…" I was certain I would tell him about the pregnancy now, but my words started to jumble in my mouth.

"Take it slowly my love." Regaleon said as he caressed my cheek. "Take a deep breath and start again."

I took Regaleon\'s advice and took a deep breath. After that I looked at Regaleon firmly.

"My love…" I started. "I am pregnant." I told him at last.

The words I was hiding from him for a week was now out of the bag. Regaleon at first was clearly shocked, but then a wide smile formed from his beautiful lips.

"You are pregnant… really?!" Regaleon cannot contain his excitement any longer. I nodded at him in reply. "My god, Alicia… this is the best day of my life." He quickly pulled me into his embrace.

I can feel his happiness brimming out. He was so happy to know that we have conceived a child in such a short time.

"So that is why you did not look good." Regaleon said. "How are you feeling right now? Do you feel sick? I think it would be best if we go back to the capital of Alvannia right away. It is not good for you to be out in the open."

Regaleon\'s tone was so excited, I can see he was so happy with the news. I am so guilty not telling him the first time I have known about my pregnancy.

"My love, I have something to confess." I said with a sad smile. "I have made a sin of not telling you about the pregnancy when I knew of it."

Regaleon looked at me with disbelief. "You knew? When?" He asked.

"After the battle with the mermaids." I said with a guilty conscience.

"It was… a week or so ago?" Regaleon said with a disbelieving tone. "That long, why did you not tell me?"

"I am sorry my love." I said and tears were rushing down my eyes, I was feeling such guilt of not telling him. "I was selfish. I do not want to tell you in believing that you would send me back to the capital and you will continue the quest to search for the key fragments. It is my fault, I do not want to part form you even for a second." Tears were overflowing from my eyes nonstop.

Regaleon wiped my tears with his thumb gently. But when I looked at his face, all I could see is hurt. I have hurt my husband.

"Do you not have trust in me?" Regaleon said with a bitter smile. "Do you think I would abandon you knowing that you are carrying my child, our child?" I can clearly see that I have hurt his feelings.

"I am sorry, Leon." I said also hurting. "I am at fault. Please, don\'t get mad at me." I pleaded.

Regaleon sighed heavily and looked at me with sad eyes. "My Alicia, I am not mad you. I am just… hurt." His voice cracked. "This feeling of mine… will pass. I just need to take a walk."

Regaleon gave me a kiss in the forehead and stood up. My heart was racing, quickly grabbing his hand, preventing him from leaving. He patted my head and gently took off my hand holding his.

"Do not worry, I will not be long." Regaleon said. "I will call Tricia over to look after you."

I was not able to stop Regaleon from leaving. I knew what he said was true, but I was afraid of being left by him. My heart twisted in pain.

"This is my fault. I have hurt him." I said while clenching my hurting chest.

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