The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 306 Pregnancy Symptoms 1

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Chapter 306 Pregnancy Symptoms 1

"My love…" I heard a familiar voice calling out by my side, it was my husband\'s voice. "It is time to get up and eat." His sweet tone helped me open my heavy eyelids.

"W-What time is it?" I asked groggily, rubbing my eyes, and looking around the room.

I was slowly orienting myself after my heavy nap. When I looked around the room, I remembered that we are checked-in in an inn at a village we passed by in our journey east of Alvannia.

"It is half past eight my love." Regaleon rubbed my cheeks gently. "You had a long nap. I was reluctant to wake you up, looking at your lovely and peaceful sleeping face." He smiled at me.

"I slept that long?" I was a little surprised, but I guess it is to be expected.

I am currently carrying Regaleon\'s child in my belly, our child. I have at least learned the first signs of pregnancy symptoms, and that is fatigue and becoming always sleepy. It was clear that I was now experiencing such symptoms.

"You must have been very tired in our journey." Regaleon looked at me worriedly. "At least you had a good nap. It is time to eat now. Tricia had brought our dinner here."

When Regaleon mentioned food, I felt hungry and my stomach made a low grumble. Regaleon and I are the only ones inside the room and so the interior was quiet. The grumbling of my stomach was faintly heard.

"Hehehe." Regaleon chuckled handsomely. I felt quite embarrassed but also irritated.

"you do not need to laugh at me." I scolded my husband and lightly slapped his shoulder with irritation. "I am quite hungry you know, so I cannot help it." I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks.

"I know, I know." Regaleon tried to stop his laughter. "I would not want to be at the receiving end of your irritation because of your hunger, so come here and let us eat."

Regaleon stood up and offered his hand to me. I took it and slowly got up from the bed. We walked over the small table took our respective seats.

At the table were steaming food. It was a regular menu with meat, vegetables, and soup. Just looking at the food made me even hungrier.

Regaleon and I offered a prayer of thanks and started eating. We both ate in silence at first, but after some time I heard noised coming from outside.

"Why do you think it is noisy outside?" I asked Regaleon just to start a conversation while eating.

"Oh, that…" Regaleon replied and took a bite of his food. "Our men are just busy doing the orders I have given."

"Orders?" I looked at him curiously and took a sip of my soup. "This late at night?"

\'Should you not let your men at least have a good night\'s rest?\' I thought to myself and giggled internally.

Regaleon is a good leader, but sometimes he can be a tyrant towards his men and his enemies.

"It is because some pest came inside the village not too long ago." Regaleon said and drank some water from his glass after.

"Pests you say?" I was curious more and more. "What kind of pests?"

"Pests that needs to be exterminated swiftly or else they would multiply cause a problem for the country." Regaleon said nonchalantly.

I tilted my head, still wondering what kind of pests Regaleon was talking about. He looked quite irritated after taking about those pests.

"Finish your food first, then I will tell you what happened." Regaleon said with a handsome smile. His pearly white teeth flashed beautifully.

I was caught of guard with his beautiful smile and so my curiosity died down.

"O-Okay." I continued eating in peace.

After eating, Regaleon had recounted everything that happened when I was asleep. I was shocked to know that bandits tried to raid this already worn down village.

It was lucky that our group was currently staying here right now. If not, I am afraid that the villagers would have experienced such horror. I have heard how these notorious bandits did their raids, murder and rape were among their crimes.

Regaleon was quick witted to devise a plan in such short time. And to think that all of this happened when I was asleep peacefully.

"And this all happened when I was asleep?" I asked dumbfounded. "I was not even woken up by the noise of the battle." I am a little worried that I was so deep into my sleep that I was not woken up with the faint noise coming from the battle ensuing a while ago.

"Well the location where the battles took place where a little far from here." Regaleon said as a matter of fact. I have an inkling that Regaleon really planned that the battle took place far from where I was.

"But still, some noise could have at least been heard from here." I said while pouting my lips. I felt quite irritated that I was not able to wake up when danger was so close.

My fatigue and tiredness caused me to sleep so deeply. Before, I was quick to wake up with even a faint of noise, but now I was not awoken and continued sleeping. I was already having second thoughts on telling Regaleon of my pregnancy. Staying here out in the open can be dangerous for me and the baby.

\'I still have time.\' I thought to myself.

This journey would only take three weeks at maximum to complete. If there are no other problems to hinder us, then I can tell Regaleon about my pregnancy after obtaining the two key fragments we set out to get.

"It is okay." Regaleon patted my head to appease me. "You looked quite exhausted and I planned to finish exterminating the pest before you woke up."

Come to think of it, I took a nap at about five in the afternoon and woke up half past eight in the evening. In just three and a half hours, Regaleon was able to defeat the bandit group that threatened this village. He was quite amazing to accomplish such a thing.

\'Well, I think this was easy compared to the battles and wars he has fought.\' I thought.

Regaleon was really such a great person. He was a good leader and tactician, and at another side he is a loving and wonderful husband. I was so proud to be his wife. Now that I am carrying the future heir of the empire, I should be more careful about my body.

\'This is something that I must do as his wife and a future mother.\' I thought, stroking my belly gently.

"It is safe outside, correct?" I asked.

"Yes." Regaleon nodded. "I have swept the area clean of any pests." He grinned and I giggled.

"Then can we take a walk outside?" I asked. "I need to burn some of the food we just ate."

I had eaten more than the ordinary servings I usually finish. I guess the saying that pregnant women are eating for two.

"Of course." Regaleon replied. "Come, let us go."

Regaleon and I walked hand in hand. We descended from the second floor of the inn and have gone outside. The area was quite noisy, with people buzzing around. The villagers were also around together with our men.

"Look, it is the young master."

"Yes, he is the one that helped us."

"Thank you, young master for saving us."

"Please accept our humble gift as thanks."

The villagers swarmed around us in an instant. They are offering food, drinks, and travel necessities. I was quite surprised with their warm feelings.

"This must be the young master\'s wife."

"They are quite the good looking couple."

"Young madam, please accept this as a humble thanks from us. It is not much, but it will keep you warm on the road."

An old lady wrapped me with such a beautiful scarf. The cloth was so smooth that I liked the feeling of it.

"Now, now, please do not swarm around our young master." Chris was quick to approach with a few of the men. They gently pushed away the villagers that were giving their thanks.

"I am happy to accept this as a token of your appreciation." I replied hastily to the old woman.

I felt that Regaleon and I were being ushered away towards a less crowded area.

"Sorry for that. Were you startled?" Regaleon asked in a worried tone.

"No, I am fine." I smiled as reply.

We walked around the village streets that was quiet. The stars were shining brightly in the night sky. While Regaleon and I were walking hand in hand, I saw Brad from a distance.

"Brad." I called out to him.

"Your majesties." Brad had a broad smile after seeing us. His smile reminded me of Jack\'s carefree smile. They were similar to one another.

"Did you get a good nap?" Brad asked with a joyful tone.

"Yes, and to think all of that happened when I was still asleep." I said. Brad and I both giggled.

After some chatting with Brad and laughing with his stories, he now changed into a more serious face and looked at Regaleon.

"Um, your majesty." Brand said with a respectful tone. "May I ask something?"

"Of course." Regaleon replied. Brad might have made a good impression on Regaleon in the fight against the bandits.

"Me and my men would like to serve as your escort in your journey." Brad said solemnly and bowed. "Of course, it is free of charge. Now that the notorious bandits have been annihilated, we have some free time on our hands."

Regaleon was silent for a few second and then replied. "I will be happy to accept your offer. Having a few additional hands is quite a welcome."

Brad looked up with a wide smile on his face. "Thank you, your majesty. Thank you very much. It is such an honor to serve you."

"Then I will be counting on you." Regaleon extended his hand for a handshake.

"Yes, of course." Brad took and they shook hands.

I was happy to see that Regaleon has gained another loyal person to be by his side.

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