The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 304 The Bandits Annihilation 2

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Chapter 304 The Bandits Annihilation 2

(Regaleon\'s POV)

The young couple had gone out after we have talked to them. They were adamant in cooperating with us and agreed to be the so called informant and go to the bandits\' side to give them false information, in short our bait to lure them into a trap.

"I hope they do not spill the beans." Brad who was by my side said.

"The young husband seeks redemption from his wrong ways. Who are we not to give them a second chance?" I said with a neutral tone.

"Well… you are the king and future emperor. If there is anyone who has the right to punish the guilty, it is you your majesty." Brad said scratching his head.

Brad\'s words are true, I am the ruling monarch of Grandcrest and also the future emperor once these war ends. But I am not someone that heartless to cut someone who is seeking redemption.

"I am still a fair judge. And this place is still outside my jurisdiction." I smiled at Brad. "Punishing criminals inside Alvannian territory is still under the Alvannian King\'s power. I will leave the judging to my brother-in-law."

My father-in-law is still king in name, but he has passed his work onto his son not long ago. They are just waiting for Richard to come of age until his father steps down from his seat and give it to his son. Even after I become emperor of this continent, this territory is still under the watchful eyes of my brother-in-law. I am confident that he would be a great and wise ruler, one that General Robert taught him to be.

"But are you not thinking of annihilating the bandit group tonight?" Brad said questioningly.

"Those that surrender will be given a chance to live and pay for their crimes." It was Chris that replied. "Those who intend to fight back will be killed." He said with a straight face.

"I will leave the bandits that surrenders my brother-in-law\'s hands." I added. "The crime took place here in Alvannia, so they will be on trial here as well. I am sure they will be given their just punishments."

"I see…" Brad said nodding his head in understanding. "Well then I will be on my way to the inn and start preparing for the trap. See you later your majesty." I nodded as he excused himself.

I was doing the last preparations before departing when Chris called my attention.

"Your majesty." Chris called. "The village leaders would like to have a word with you."

"Let him in." I replied.

The village leader was a middle aged man with medium built. He looked at me with nervousness in his eyes.

"I greet his majesty the king of Grandcrest." The village leader bowed before me.

To prepare for the upcoming raid of the bandits, I have told the village leader of my true identity. At first, he was doubtful as to why would the king of Grandcrest come to such a worn down village such as this, but when I showed him proof of my identity, a medallion with the royal seal of Grandcrest, he believed in the end. He was clearly not accustomed to being in the presence of royalty, hence he looked nervous all the time.

"What can I do for you?" I asked him.

"W-Well your majesty, the boss of these bandit group, I think there is a possibility he would go pay a visit to me in my office." The village leader said.

I looked at him with confusion. "Why would you say that he would pay you a visit."

My mind was running for the possibilities. It was either he knew the bandit\'s boss personally, or maybe he had been on cahoots with him. I looked at him with a piercing gaze.

"I-It is not what you think your majesty." The village leader waved his hand, frantically denying. "What I mean is that… he had raided this village a few times before for food and supplied. He knows that the store house is near my office. A-And…" The village leader was hesitant with the next reason.

"And���?" I asked becoming impatient with his hesitation.

"A-And, he came to have a liking to my daughter." The village leader said.

"Your daughter?" I asked.

"Y-Yes your majesty." The village leader said. "Even if we came from a humble life, my daughter was gifted with beauty. The bandit\'s boss had taken a liking to her since she was still young. And now that she grown into a lovely young lady, I am afraid he would…" He was not able to finish his sentence, but with just a few words I understood what he meant.

"I understand." I said. "You may go. Thank you for the information."

"Y-Yes, of course your majesty." The village leader bowed once again and left.

With the information given by the village leader, this just means that the bandit group could be split into two. One would deal with the mercenaries guarding this village, that is where we have set a trap. The other one will go with the bandit boss to the village leader\'s office.

"Chris." I called out to him.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied instantly.

"It looks like we would need our group to split into two." I said. "Inform Brad of this. You and I together with some of our men will be in the village leader\'s office building and wait for the bandit boss to arrive."

"As you wish." Chris replied and executed my order swiftly.


I was inside the village leader\'s office, waiting for the bandit boss to arrive. And like what the village leaders have said earlier, indeed the bandit boss has gone to visit the office.

I heard the footsteps of someone going up the stairs. My back is facing the door, concealing my identity.

"Well, well, well. You gave us such a hard time village leader." The boss said with a proud demeanor. "I never thought you had the money to hire those mercenaries. Maybe you have sold a lot of your valuable just to pay them."

I heard the arrogant voice of the bandit boss. Just hearing it made me irritated.

"Do you know what that Crimson Mercenary b*stard had done to my group?" The boss\' voice started to get high pitched. "They have killed few of my good men. They have disrupted my business dealing with other villages. And to think you as well have done the same and hire them."

This person is spouting nonsense. His words made the Crimson Bandits the villains blocking his path.

"Heh, you will pay the price for what you did. My men have probably dealt with the mercenaries by now, and that means this village is ours for the taking. I will spare your life for old times\' sake, but with a price. I want your daughter in bed with me this night." The boss said. "I remember your little girl was quite a beauty when she was still young. By now she must have grown to a beautiful lady. Be thankful that I was the one to choose her. If it was my subordinates, then I cannot guarantee she will be left unscathed."

\'How dare he spout words about molesting a woman?! He should be erased from this world this very instant.\' His words are starting to infuriate me. I clenched my fists hard trying not to pounce on this b*stard. I must endure until my men are done dealing with the bandits outside.

"Will you say nothing!" The boss yelled. "I will cut you down where you sit you mother f*cker!" He swore.

\'It looks like all is done.\' I thought to myself after I saw what was happening outside using Tempest eyes. My men had become victorious and round up the bandits in no time.

I turned around ever so slowly. The man before me should be the bandits\' boss. He was a big built man with an eye patch covering his left eye. He looked like a veteran fighter. But seeing him in person infuriated me to the bone.

"W-Who are you?" The boss said clearly frightened with my deathly aura. "Y-You are not the village elder. Who are you and where is the village elder!" He demanded.

"The village elder you say." I said with a voice so chilling. "I have let him go home early."

"W-What?!" The boss was confused. He did not know who I was but by his looks, he knew I was not someone to be taken lightly. "Are you one of those mercenary b*stard?"

I looked at him not intending to reply to his question. He was nothing but scum in my eyes.

"Me? Well, you have no right to know my name." I said giving him a chilling smile. "But to you at least I can say that… I am the one that will end your pathetic life."

I stood up from my chair and walked slowly towards him. Seeing his face made my hatred of him burn more. This man had done many crimes that I cannot even fathom. He is a scum that should be wiped out.

"I am not afraid of you!" The boss held his battle axed firm and stood in a battle stance.

I pulled out my sword from its sheath and pointed it at the bandit boss. I emitted my killing intent towards him.


The door opened behind the bandit boss. My men had taken care of the ones that the boss came with inside the building.

"B-Boss… save me." One that was still breathing said and held onto the boss\' shoe.

"W-What happened?!" The boss asked in surprise.

"It looks like your subordinates are dealt with accordingly." I said with a menacing tone. "It is your turn to pay for your crimes."

I charged onto the bandit boss waving my sword towards him.

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