The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 303 The Bandits Annihilation 1

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Chapter 303 The Bandits Annihilation 1

(Regaleon\'s POV)

\u003cA few hours before the bandits\' attack\u003e

I called on Brad who was leading the team of mercenaries to guard this village. It was best to make counter measures on the bandits that planned to attack tonight. My men and the mercenaries were banded together to form a plan.

"What did you say, your majesty?" Brad was surprised with information. "So those bandits are outside the village just waiting for nightfall to attack?!"

"It is what I have said." I said with a calm demeanor. "The bandit group that are notorious of the crimes of thievery, rape and murder are outside of this village, just waiting to attack."

Brad was clearly furious in learning of this news. "Those f*cking b*astrds did not learn their lesson in our past confrontations."

Brad had recounted to us the many times they have confronted with these notorious bandits. They were able to dwindle the bandits\' numbers and always emerge victorious in their confrontation, but the bandits always escape. Those that get caught could be tortured for information, but by the time the mercenaries go to the said hide out, the bandits would be gone and have moved on to a different location.

"They are quite troublesome indeed." I said with slight irritation. "And that is why I am here to propose a cooperation with you. It would be best that we wipe them all tonight, to prevent them from harming anyone in the future."

My men and the mercenaries all nodded in agreement.

"I am happy that you will lend a hand to us your majesty." Brand kneeled in one knee while the other mercenaries followed his actions. "We are honored to fight alongside you."

"Rise, all of you." I said with a solemn voice. "I am also honored to have you fight by my side."

The mercenaries had wide smiled on their faces. I heard of them murmur something about me.

"Can you believe it? We are going to fight along side the famous \'Black Devil\' himself."

"Yes. This is really an honor to us lowly mercenaries."

"Have you heard about his black dragon army? It is said that it is the greatest in the continent. It had won countless battles, specially the one in the civil war in Grandcrest years ago."

"It is said that all of the soldiers in the black dragon army are elites."

"His majesty is really a god of war."

I heard the praise me and it made me quite embarrassed.

"I am not that great." I said with a straight face. But deep down, I was quite embarrassed with their praise.

"Hush now." Brad scolded his men. "Are you not embarrassed that the one that you are talking about can hear you."

"Sorry sir." The mercenaries said. "Sorry your majesty."

"It is fine." I said with a wave of my hand. "Let us talk about the problem at hand."

"Yes, your majesty." Brad replied. "Would you like us to make a surprise attack on those bandits now? I am sure they do not know that we are informed of their presence outside the village."

Brad\'s suggestion of a sneak attack would be the most suggested tactic anyone would think about in this king of situation. But I did not agree to this tactic at all. And that is because in such an open and wide space, there will be bandits that can escape.

"I disagree on that." I politely refused to Brad\'s suggestion. "A surprise attack is a good plan, but there will be always someone that can escape from our clutches in such a wide and open space. I would like to finish all of them in one go. I would like to obliterate them all tonight." I can feel the irritation building up inside of me.

The men flinched while I give off a menacing aura. I could not hide the irritation I was feeling just by thinking that my wife will be in harms what if they attack.

"If so your majesty, do you have a plan in mind?" Brad looked at me with curious eyes.

"I would like to lure them all inside the village. Make them think that the village is defenseless, and they have the upper hand in the fight with the mercenaries that guards this village." I said. "I am sure that they have seen you and your men guarding the entrance. They might be planning how to deal with you right now."

I told the men of my plan. We have to lure them all inside the village, let them feel that they are superior in strength and nothing will get in their way. By the time they enter, we will seal all the exits so that they will not have any chance of escape.

Of course, there will be a battle between them and us that will ensue, so we need to tell the villagers before hand to stay in their homes and lock the doors. They must not go out at any cost, because these bandits are sure to take hostages. They are said to be heartless and can kill innocents without second thoughts.

\'These kinds of men should not be permitted to live.\' I thought. Anger started to boil inside of me just by thinking of the past crimes these bandits have done.

"Then all is settled then." Chris said while we polish our plan. "It would be great though if we can ambush them in a specific location. The village maybe small but it is still best to lure them in one location and ambush them there."

Chris had a point. The village is still wide for our group of men to guard. If we are able to lure them in one specific location, then luring them into a trap and ambushing them will be more efficient. It also lessens casualties to people and surroundings, and we can attain victory in a small amount of time.

"Excuse me, your majesty." The villager leader interrupted. "There is someone outside that would like to have a word with you. They said that they can lend a hand against the bandits."

"Let them in." I was curious who this person would be.

Not long two people came inside our meeting area, it was a young man and woman. The woman had a small bulge in her stomach and clearly pregnant in her early months.

"W-We would like to help." The young woman said with frightened eyes. "M-My husband David… he is a member of the bandits that is stalking us outside."

"What?!" Brad was about to pull out his sword and the other men was about to do the same, but I raised a hand to stop them.

"Let them speak." I ordered. The men had let go of their swords with some hesitation. Their eyes the young man that was standing with the pregnant woman.

"I-I want to leave the bandit group when I saw what bad things they have done." David said. His expression was a mixture if fear and regret. "I have thought many times to leave, b-but I was afraid because the boss… he could kill anyone. And I was afraid that if I defect, they will not let me leave the group alive."

"Then why did you join in the first place, huh?" Brad said, seething his anger.

"It was because of me." The young woman stepped forward. "W-We are a young couple and as you can see this village is poor. My husband, he had dreamed of us leaving this village and making our way to the capital to have a more bountiful life for our family and with our baby on its way. But to do that, we should at least have some money to start."

"I-I thought that I can make fast money if I join the bandits. And if I have accumulated a good amount then I can leave the group and start a new life with my wife and child in the capital." David said meekly. "B-But what the bandits have done in each of their raids, I cannot stomach it. I will give back everything that I acquired if that means I can get out of the group and come back to my wife safely." I saw that the young couple\'s words are clearly genuine.

\'This man just wanted to give his family a good life.\' I thought. \'But he chose the wrong path to take.\'

"If you can help us, then I will clear you of your crime in associating yourself with these bandits." I said. "That is, if you did not do any crimes besides thievery." I looked at him with a piercing gaze.

David flinched when he saw me looking at him, his body shaking. "I promise you I did not do anything other than stealing. I cannot stomach the sight of blood of even lay my hands on any woman other than my wife."

"That is true." His wife chimed in. "Please believe us. Please believe my husband. He did not do anything other than stealing."

"Then I will take your word." I said with a chilling voice. "But remember, if I knew that your husband is lying, then I can only punish him. And the punishment on lying to a monarch, is death."

The young couple was clearly shivering but they were firm with their statement. And after that we have made a concreate plan on how to deal with these bandits.

\'I will surely annihilate these bandits from this continent.\' Was the thought I had in mind. My anger in me only heightened my desire to obliterate them.

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