The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 301 Notorious Bandits 1

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Chapter 301 Notorious Bandits 1

(Third Person POV)

The sun has just set, and the night has just fallen in the woods near the village. Outside the village\'s entrance, the bandits were using the darkness under the trees to shroud their presence.

"Boss, there are someone guarding the village\'s entrance." One of the bandits reported.

The boss of this notorious group was a big muscular guy. His skin was of a darker shade and on his left eye he was wearing an eye patch. He has lots of scars visible on his exposed skin as well.

"Guarding the entrance, you say?" The boss asked skeptically. "Maybe they are just some of the villages men. They won\'t pose a threat to us." He waved his hand to dismiss his subordinate.

"B-But boss, these men do not look like the scrawny men from the village." The subordinate said. "They are quite well built, and they are carrying weapons such as swords and bows."

The boss looked at his subordinate with doubting eyes, but he cannot just push away this news.

"I understand." The boss said. "I will go there and check."

The boss of the bandits walked towards the direction of the entrance to the village. When he was getting near, he became very cautious as to not make unnecessary noise.

Tonight, was a new moon, this is the best to conceal one\'s presence. The bandits were confident that this village was easy to raid, but the news that mercenaries have been rented to safeguard other villages, they were cautious. Because of this news, they were not able to raid the rich villages that surely have hired these mercenaries.

The boss crouched just along the trees near the village\'s entrance.

"Tsk, so it is true." The boss said with a hushed voice. "They are mercenaries."

"What are we going to do boss?" The subordinate replied in a hush tone.

The bandits had a hard time raiding village upon village because of the mercenary guards stationed. They took casualties after clashing with the group for countless times. That is why they picked this poor village, because they new they did not have the money to hire mercenaries to protect them. The bandits thought that they can live by the few spoils they could find until they find some new recruits into their group.

\'Who would have thought that these villagers could have the money to hire these mercenaries to protect them.\' The boss thought with irritation.

"Let us go back to the others for now." The boss said. "You keep watch here. Lay low and do not let them notice you. Report to me anything you find suspicious." He ordered one of his subordinates.

"Yes." The subordinate replied.

The boss and the other subordinate got back to the group of bandits.

"What is it boss, any problem with the village?" One of the bandits asked.

"Yeah boss. We can just raid them right now." The other bandits said cockily.

The boss looked at his group of bandits. The numbers have dwindled, but still they are at least a few dozen strong. The guards he saw on the entrance were only two men.

\'But what if there are still some more inside the village?\' The boss thought.

But he shook his head. This village was known to be poor. They cannot hire more mercenaries to keep watch every single night.

"There are mercenaries keeping watch at the front entrance." The boss said. "I saw two of them, maybe there are more inside."

"This village was able to hire mercenaries?" A bandit was shocked.

"How could they? They are dirt poor." Another one replied.

"We picked this village to evade the mercenaries, but here they are." One of the bandits said.

"Yeah, we knew this village would be poor to raid but we did not have a choice because of the mercenary group that has been blocking our way." Another one said. "I was looking forward on tasting their women at least."

"Yeah, that is right." One of the bandits said. "Those f*cking mercenaries are disrupting our line of work."

"Hey boss, you said there are only two of them guarding." Said one. "Even though they have others inside the village, they will not be that great of a number, right? We are at least a few dozen here. We can take them on."

The boss heeded his men\'s words. It is true that these mercenary group was an obstacle for them. They have clashed with them for a number of times now. He knew how skilled these mercenaries are in fighting. But they also have an advantage in numbers now.

"We can get revenge for our fallen comrades." A bandit said.

"Yeah, let us take revenge on these mercenaries at least." The other one agreed.

"I agree to that." The boss replied. "But let us still be cautious. Let as make a plan that will surely get us victory."

The boss was also furious towards this mercenary group that have been disrupting their so called \'business\'.

\'The Crimsons Mercenaries.\' The boss thought. \'They were dubbed bandits for a cause not too long ago. Hah, pathetic.\'

"Let us start to take revenge on our fallen comrades." The boss said proudly. There was a sinister loon on his face.

"I have a plan." One bandit raised his hand. He was rather meek looking to be a bandit. It was like he was the odd ball from these group of bandits. "I know someone inside. We can ask him about information regarding the mercenaries staying inside the village."

"That is a great idea, David." Another bandit said. "We can ask him where these mercenaries are lodging, and we can slit their throats while they sleep."

"Can you contact that person right now?" The boss asked. "Whatever happens, we need to do this tonight. Let us use the element of surprise."

"Y-Yes, I have a way to contact her boss." David replied meekly.

"Then call her right now." The boss said with a grin on his face.


Time went by and David came back with a young woman.

"Ho, ho, ho, what do we have here?" A bandit said.

"She looks pretty." One bandit said. "Is she your lover?"

"Haha, what a shock. You have a beautiful lover tucked away in this remote village." Another one said.

"Why don\'t we play with her after we are done with our job." The other one said.

The notorious looking bandits were starting to hover around the young man. David used his body as a shield to stop the other bandits\' advances.

"P-Please stop this." David said. "She is pregnant."

"Oho, you little rascal you." A bandit teased him.

"Stop it." The boss interjected. "This is not the time to entertain your lusts. This woman is David\'s so just lay off. There are other women in the village for the taking once we are thru."

"Wooohooo." The bandits shouted. "Boss really is the best."

"Now, little missy. What can you tell us about the mercenaries inside your village?" The boss looked at the young woman quite intimidatingly.

The young man cowered in fear and held onto David\'s sleeves. "I-I know they are at least five in total."

"Five you say." The boss said. "Well that is quite a few."

"T-The village elder only had the right amount to h-hire five." The young woman said. "A-And the village is not that big. Five strong and sturdy mercenaries would suffice, t-they say."

"Hmmm like I thought." The boss said. "How about where are they staying, you know?"

"Y-Yes." The young woman replied. "T-The inn at the f-far end of the village."

"Hmm, that seems to understandable." The boss said. \'Having the others stay at the other end of the village while two are stationed near the entrance. That makes sense.\' He thought.

The boss at least knew that the mercenaries have good sense of defense at least. They have stationed men at both entrances. They may be small in number, but this was a good way to form a defensive stance. If ever the mercenaries caught site of them, they can seal the village\'s entrances and their chance to raid this village would be zero.

"Do you have any other information about the mercenaries?" The boss asked the young woman.

The young woman was still intimidated with the bandit boss\' appearance and was still visibly frightened.

"It is okay, you can tell them." David encouraged.

"I-I heard them talking at the pub I was working at." The young woman said. "They said that at eight sharp, they would change shifts in the front entrance. B-but the one that would change with the person guarding now said he might be late for a few minutes b-because he had an upset stomach."

"Hahahaha, what are the odds!" The boss laughed out loud. "It looks like, lady luck is smiling on us."

The other bandits were visibly happy as well. They now have a chance to get in with only one guarding the front entrance. If they were quick, the alarm will not be set off and the doors will not be closed before they enter.

"If we silently kill the one guard then we can enter." The other bandit said.

"We will split in too two group." The boss said. "One group will go in the front entrance and be on guard there. The other group will follow me and pay the other mercenaries a visit." He had a sinister grin on his face.

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