The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 299 Some Peaceful Time 1

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Chapter 299 Some Peaceful Time 1

"Lately, there is a bandit group on the rise. They were notorious is robbing and stealing, not only those wealthy travelers but also these isolated villages." Brad said.

"That is horrible." I said with astonished voice.

"Not only that, it is said that they kidnap small children from the said villages and also rapes their women." Brad said with an angry expression. "These low lives should not be allowed to live."

I agreed with Brad\'s words. I am happy that Jack\'s Crimson Mercenaries are helping these people in need only asking for a low price in return. At least this village can be kept safe while they are around.

\'These bandits need to be caught.\' I thought.

These parts of the woods are still under Alvannian territory. I am thinking of sending Richard a letter to address this issue. I am sure that he can do something to make sure that our citizens can be safe and have these bad people caught.

"I am sure that the Crimson Mercenaries could this place safe." Regaleon said in passing. "All we can do is tell your grandfather and father back in the capital about the issue here. We cannot go out of our way to help this people now." He said while looking at me intently.

I am sure that Regaleon was saying these words because he knew how kind I was and thought I would like to help this people. He was not wrong there, because seeing that this village looks so poor at least I would like to help their livelihoods a bit.

\'But in my current condition, I cannot do anything beyond writing a letter of recommendation to Grandpa Robert and Richard.\' I thought to myself. \'I am not alone in this body anymore and I need to be mindful of every action I take.\'

"You are right Leon." I agreed. "I am thinking of sending a letter to grandpa and Richard to inform them of the happenings here in southern woods."

"That is good to hear." Regaleon smiled and patted my head. I felt happy like a child being praised. It is a little embarrassing, but I really liked it.

"Hearing that your majesty will send a personal letter to the crown prince and the esteemed general is a good thing." Brad said with a genuine smile. "It is the best if the kingdom would do something about these notorious bandits out here."

Chris came out of the inn to inform us that our rooms for the night are ready. The group was happy to hear that we can have a good rest in soft beds and a roof over our heads for tonight.

"Then I will not waste your time even longer, your majesties." Brand bowed. "Please have a good night\'s rest. If ever you need something, I am stationed at the front entrance of the village tonight."

"Thank you. Brad." I said with sincerity.

"You are a close friend of our leader." Brad said. "We are always open if you have any request that our mercenary group can provide."

"I will keep that in mind." I replied.

"Come my wife." Regaleon pulled me by my waist gently. "I am sure you are tired. Let us rest."

"Okay." I replied to him. "See you around Brad." He waved goodbye.

Regaleon ushered me towards our designated room. As Chris has said, this was the most spacious and good room the inn could offer. The room was simple looking and quite neat. At least we can rest with a peace of mind.

"How about you lie down for a while." Regaleon said while pulling me towards the bed. "You look quite tired. Did you not sleep well last night?" He asked.

"Yes, I think so." I replied.

The truth is I started to realize that I have been very sleepy since I knew I was pregnant. Fatigue overtook me by the day even though I slept peacefully the night before.

"Then why don\'t you take a nap for a while." Regaleon said. "It is still early for dinner. I will wake you up when it is time to eat."

Regaleon kneeled on the floor and pulled my shoes off gently. My feet were quite sore with all day riding, and Regaleon saw my feet that did not looked to good. He gently massaged them, making them feel much better.

"Thank you, Leon." I said shyly. His little gestures such as this makes my heart flutter.

"It is the least I can do." Regaleon said while massaging my feet. "You should be back in the capital where it is more comfortable."

I cupped my husbands face and looked at him in the eye. He was really a sight to behold. His dark blue eyes shimmered like sapphire. His nose bridge was just the right angle with his face. His lips were just the right thickness. Overall, he is such a handsome young man. Who would have thought that this fine young man is the one they called the \'Black Devil\' of the battlefield and the amorous king of Grandcrest?

\'This handsome young man before me is my husband.\' I thought while looking at his handsome features. \'If our child is a boy, I would like him to take after his father\'s features.\' A tiny smile crept on my lips.

"How about this?" I said to Regaleon. "After we get these two key fragments, I will go back to the capital willingly."

My initial plan was to see everything until the end. To the end, meaning until we get back the forbidden magic from the depths of the eastern sea. The plan was to get the key fragments and the forbidden magic so that we can safely guard them from the clutches of my aunt and cousin.

But now that I know I am pregnant, I can only just finish this mission and getting back to safety. I am sure that if I tell Regaleon for him to stay with me because of my pregnancy, he will surely comply. He has Dimitri and his elite group to retrieve the forbidden magic that as lying dormant underneath the depths of the eastern sea. As a king, he also cannot let his seat vacant for quite a long time. I can ask him to go back to the capital of Grandcrest rather than Alvannia.

"Really?" Regaleon said with astonishment but happy face. "You will go back to the capital willingly?"

"But with one condition." I said. "I would like to come back with you if that is okay? We can go back to the capital of Grandcrest. I am sure that you have left your seat vacant for quite some time now." I lowered my head feeling a little guilt. I know that I am being selfish, but I want him to be by my side all the time while I am pregnant.

"You want me go back to Grandcrest with you?" Regaleon asked.

"Well, I was thinking that you can let Dimitri handle the mission on retrieving the forbidden magic underneath the eastern sea." I suggested. "I am sure he is quite capable of the task."

My heart was beating fast, nervous on what will be Regaleon\'s actions to my suggestion. I know that I was the one the insisted that I come in this mission with them.

\'What if he scolds me?\' I wondered. \'What if he thinks that I quickly change my mind on a whim?\'

I am note sure I can take it if Regaleon gets angry. And the fact that I am still hiding my pregnancy. I am having second thoughts of telling him right now that I am pregnant.

I waited patiently for Regaleon\'s reply. I looked at him eagerly, anticipating and getting nervous at the same time.

"I would love to go back to the capital of Grandcrest with you." Regaleon said with a happy expression. I never thought he would be happy with my decision. I was ready to be scolded for changing my decisions so easily.

"You are not angry?" I asked with curiosity.

"Why would I be?" Regaleon said. "If you have not decided that you would go on this mission, I was planning on us to go back to the capital of Grandcrest and officially proclaim our marriage and you being my queen. If we go back, then I will be more at ease of your safety. How will I not be happy about this?"

"I thought you would scold me for changing my mind and not sticking with my prior decision." I confessed. "And I thought you have planned to go on this mission to personally see thru its success."

"Of course, I will not scold you. It is okay to change your mind if you think it is for the best." Regaleon patted my hand comfortingly. "And I only decided to go on this mission because you insisted to come. Well, I also thought that splitting in two groups would make it much faster. But I can leave it all to Dimitri. I am confident of his abilities and in leading his elite men." I was happy hearing Regaleon\'s words.

When we finished talking, Regaleon cupped my chin and pulled me into a kiss. His kiss was soft and light, not too strong to invoke our bodies desires.

"You look tired so I will leave it at that." Regaleon smiled teasingly.

To think I was hoping that his kiss would go even deeper made me blush in embarrassment. Regaleon have seen thru my thoughts and chuckled.

"Lie down and sleep well my love." Regaleon kiss me in my forehead and helped me get tucked in. "I will wake you up once the food has arrived.

My body felt the comfort of the matters and the blanket. And in not time, sleep have enveloped me.

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