The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 297 Continuing on our Journey 1

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Chapter 297 Continuing on our Journey 1

"His highness has come back!" Someone from the camp yelled. I put on a happy smile hearing that my husband has arrived after hunting for food inside the woods.

I quickly stood up to meet my husband, eager to see his face. It was a little curious because I have been feeling at ease just by looking at him.

\'Is it because of the pregnancy?\' I thought to myself.

I have never been that clingy with Regaleon before, but now I always like to be by his side and looking at his handsome face.

"Be careful your majesty." William said while helping me up from my seat. "Please remember that you are in a delicate period now."

"Thank you Will." I smiled brightly at him. I felt at ease that William was by my side to help me remember to be careful.

\'Should I need to tell Tricia as well?\' I thought.

Tricia was like an older sister to me. I am sure that she would understand my decision to keep my pregnancy from Regaleon for a while. But the problem is, she is someone overprotective of me. I knew by experience how she takes care of me like her own family.

\'The problem is if Tricia knew, then she cannot help but be more overprotective of me.\' I thought. \'And Regaleon might take a hint from her action that I am pregnant.\'

I sighed, deciding it would be best if the news of my pregnancy would be between William, Anatalia, and me.

I walked slowly towards where Regaleon and the other men dismounted from their horses with William escorting me, to greet their return.

"Welcome back." I greeted them with a smile.

"Your majesty." The men bowed to greet me.

"My wife." Regaleon quickly strode towards me. "You did not need to greet us while you are still recuperating." He brushed his fingers on my cheek.

"It is okay." I replied with a smile. "I am feeling fine right now."

"Really?" Regaleon looked at me with worried eyes. "You still look a little pale." He added.

"I-I am just a little dizzy, that\'s all." I lied. In fact, looking at their spoils from the hunt.

I saw dead hares tied at the rear of their horses. I was able to see at least to dead deer as well. They were fresh and still dripping blood. I am not that easily grossed at the sight of blood, but for some reason just a whiff from the smell made me dizzy.

"I think it is better if you lie done inside the tent for a while." Regaleon said with a worried tone. "Chris, you take charge from here."

"Of course, your majesty." Chris bowed to receive Regaleon\'s orders.

I was surprised when I felt my feet leave the ground abruptly.

"Eeekk." I yelped in surprise. "L-Leon…" I was about to tell him that I can walk by myself.

"It will be best if I carry you." Regaleon said.

My husband carried me on his arms effortlessly across the campsite. I felt embarrassed that I tucked my face and hid on his broad shoulder.

"Tricia." Regaleon called. "One dinner is ready, please deliver ours in our tent."

"As you wish, your majesty." Tricia replied.

Not long, I felt that Regaleon opened our tent and next laid me down gently on to our beddings.

"Are you really doing fine?" Regaleon once again asked me. I sighed having need to answer him once more.

"I told you I am fine my love." I said clasping his cheeks and squeezing them. "How many times should I tell you until you believe me." I giggled.

"I\'m sorry." Regaleon smiled in relief. "It is just that you are a little pale." His fingers brushed my cheeks lovingly.

\'There is a reason why I am looking pale and that was because of the dizziness I am experiencing.\' Looking at his worried gaze, I felt guilty not letting him know what my real situation is right now.

\'What if I just tell him the truth?\' I thought, but I remembered just this morning that he wants me to go back to the capital because of his worries. \'No, I cannot yet. If he knew, I will be going back to the capital early the next morning.\'

"Do not worry. Maybe its just because I am a little hungry." I reasoned out. "I was not able to eat any heavy meals since lunch because of the poison in me." It was true that I am feeling quite hungry right about now.

"Let is just wait for dinner. I am sure you are famished." Regaleon said. "But you cannot eat something heavy as the medic suggested. Pity, you won\'t have a chance to taste the deer I hunted."

"You were able to get a deer in your hunt?" I asked him with excited and proud eyes. "Quick, tell me how your hunt was."

"Well, the woods had rich abundance of game for hunting. But we opted to go with hunting deer and hares." Regaleon said. "It has been a while since I have gone out to hunt game, but I was confident that my archery skills were still sharp."

Regaleon recounted how his hunt has gone. Hunting was one of the great hobbies of nobilities in all kingdoms. When hunting season started, the royal family will always hold a tournament were men from aristocracy compete on getting the most hunt. I believe that this tradition is present in all three countries.

I listened to Regaleon\'s story diligently. I was happy to see him talking and making expressions that was fit for his age. It was a pity that he needed to be mature in his early twenties just because of the struggle for the throne with his half-brothers, and now because of this war. Seeing him happily recounting his hunt made me see that he is still a young man who should be enjoying his youth.

\'Both of us needed to mature because of circumstances.\' I thought to myself.

Not long, I heard footstep outside of our tent.

"Excuse me your majesties." It was Tricia\'s voice. "I am here to serve your dinner."

"Yes, please." Regaleon said.

Tricia slowly opened the tent opening and came carefully laid the tray with food on the ground. The food was steaming hot. Unconsciously, my stomach grumbled. A clear indication of my hunger. I slowly bowed my head in embarrassment.

\'Well it is not my fault.\' I thought to myself. \'I am now eating for two.\'

Regaleon chuckled. "Thank you, Tricia, you may go. I will take it from here."

"Of course, your majesty." Tricia bowed and left.

Regaleon took the tray from the ground and carefully laid it in between us. I smelled the mushroom soup that Tricia had cooked and saw some grilled meat that looks mouthwatering.

"Here, let me feed you." Regaleon said while getting the bowl of mushroom soup. I was about to protest but he looked at me as if scolding me with his eyes. And so, I sighed in defeat and let him spoon feed me.

Regaleon took a spoon full of hot mushroom soup and blew gently. I saw the steam slowly being distorted while going upwards.

"Here." Regaleon carefully fed the spoon and I opened my mouth to take it.

"Hmm, delicious." I said with a genuine smile on my face.

"That is good that you like it." Regaleon said with a warm smile. "Eat slowly, there is more where that came from."

Regaleon patiently spoon fed while he also ate. Having this warm and peaceful time with him made me feel warm inside.

"What time would we depart tomorrow?" I asked while we are eating.

"It will be good to depart at dawn, before the sun rises." Regaleon replied. "We have spent one day idly. We need to make up for it."

The location of one of the key fragments was just days away from where we are and the other one would take weeks. If we go in haste, then we will be on schedule.

\'I am sure you will be okay, little one.\' I told to my little bun. \'Poison did not harm you, so for sure this journey won\'t be hard on you as well.\'

The child inside me was my and Regaleon\'s child. I am confident that he or she is strong. Of course, I promise to be extra careful along the way.

"Is it okay to take Anatalia with us?" I asked.

"The siren child?" Regaleon looked at me questioningly.

"Well she had told me that she knows the ways here in the southern woods. So, I think that she will be of huge help along the way." I explained.

My other reason for wanting Anatalia to come with us on this journey was because she is also studies medicine. It is good to have someone that knows how to take care of pregnant women such as myself.

Regaleon was deep in thought and then opened his mouth. "I guess that will be a good idea. I think she is someone that is trustworthy."

My mood brightened, hearing that Anatalia can come with us. I had grown really fond of that siren child within just a day meeting her.

Regaleon and I continued to eat in peace and talk of our journey ahead.

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