The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 295 Something Unexpected 1

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Chapter 295 Something Unexpected 1

I open my eyes and saw that I was lying under the shade of trees. I look around and saw Regaleon by my side. Tricia and William were also there with me. Worry were etched on their faces.

"What happened?" I asked. I was still a little disoriented.

The last thing I remember was talking with everyone merrily. And all of a sudden, I felt dizzy and everything turn black afterwards.

"Did I faint?" I asked Regaleon. "How long was I out?"

"It was only a few moments." Regaleon\'s face looked graved, as if all color were drained form his face.

"What is wrong?" I asked curiously. "Please tell me."

Regaleon had tighten his lips even more and so I looked at William for answers.

"The medic within our group looked at your vitals." Williams answered. "It looks like you are poisoned your majesty. And it seems to be a poison he does not have any knowledge of. For now, he has given you an antidote that can slow the poisons effects, but it cannot detoxify the poison completely."

So that is why Regaleon has such a look on his face. This is a poison that the medic we have cannot detoxify. I am sure he is worried to death by me once again. I felt a slight pang in my heart looking at my husband\'s grief stricken look.

\'So, I am poisoned. But how?\' I was thinking how I was poisoned when I remembered that majority of my wounds have been inflicted by the sire queen, Tenasia. "Quick, let the medic take a look at Regaleon as well." I said in a hurried tone. I tried to stand up but Regaleon pushed me back down.

"Do not move so hastily." Regaleon scolded me. "The poison might circulate more if you move."

"But please let the medic check on you as well." I said with a worried tone.

Regaleon sighed and nodded. He then called for the medic and let him take a look. After the checkup, the medic also concluded that Regaleon was indeed poisoned as well, but with only a minimum dose.

"You are also poisoned your majesty, but thankfully in a very minimal dose." The medic stated. "The antidote that I have brought with me can help detoxify the poison on your body, your majesty."

"I will not take it." Regaleon said with a grumbled look. "Not if my wife won\'t have hers detoxified as well."

"Your majesty!" The medic was shocked by Regaleon\'s word.

"Leon!" I scolded at him. "You must not do this!"

All of us who hear Regaleon\'s words were shocked and surprised by the words he uttered.

"Please excuse me your majesty." William said with a grave look. What he did next shocked everyone in the group.

William punched Regaleon hard on the face. The sound of the punch was strong, indicating that William did not hold back his strength. He dropped on the ground holding the face that William had hit. I saw a trickle of blood come out on my husband\'s lips.

"This is no time for your majesty to be selfish!" William shouted to Regaleon. "I now how helpless you feel knowing that Alicia can die because of this poison. But please remember that she risked her life to save you, to save us. You are an important person for your country and nation, and Alicia knows this. Will you still give her a burden to worry about, knowing that she might die any time because of the poison?"

William\'s words resounded in the surroundings. All of us were in awe with how brave William was, to punch the monarch of the kingdom of Grandcrest. But his words held the truth. Regaleon was no ordinary man, he is the king of Grandcrest and the future emperor of this continent. He cannot place himself in peril just because of his wife who was in a life threatening situation.

"William is correct Leon." I said with a calm voice. "You are now a sovereign of Grandcrest and the future emperor of this continent. You cannot put yourself in danger just because of me. Your body is the most important thing for your people and your country."

The men around us also kneeled to implore him to take the antidote.

"Please your majesty." The men said in unison.

Regaleon stood up wiping the blood off his lips with the back of his hand. His grief stricken face from before now change into the usual face he has in front of his subordinates, the face a leader and king of Grandcrest would have.

"Thank you for waking me up William." Regaleon said. "But you have to take punishment in punching a king."

Regaleon then punched William in the face with equal force as well. William went down on the ground with the force.

"I accept this punishment humbly, your majesty." William said with a smile.

"Give me the antidote at once." Regaleon ordered the medic.

The medic smiled brightly and hurriedly searched his medicine back for the antidote when Chris arrived.

"Your majesty, a siren came and asked to have an audience with you." Chris arrived with a siren in tow. Her hands were bound with ropes.

The siren looked so young, she looked like a thirteen or fourteen year old child.

"Let her come." Regaleon said.

Chris brought the siren child near us, but he was still wary and held her by the shoulder just to make sure she would not do anything. The siren child glared at us with her green emerald eyes. Her hair was so red as if it were on fire.

"Are you the king and leader of this group?" She asked with cockiness.

"Watch your tone in front of the king." Chris tightened his grip on the sire child\'s shoulders.

"Do not hurt her." Regaleon said with a calm demeanor. "Yes, I am the king of Grandcrest. What business do you have with me?" He said with a friendly tone.

"Our queen, before she… disappeared…" The siren child trailed off. "She said that you gave your word and will not harm our kind. Is that true?" She asked with innocence.

"Yes, I gave your queen my word." Regaleon said.

"Will you really protect us and will not condemn us for being different?" The siren child asked, as if wanting to know if Regaleon was truthful enough to be given their queen\'s trust and the safety of their race.

"As a king, I will never break the word that I have given." Regaleon said. "I promise that your kind will be given a place in my kingdom and all of you will be safe."

Regaleon gas already made such a thing happened. He had given the Atlantians, the forsaken human race, a place to be called home on Grandcrest. Regaleon has given the siren queen a promise to save their kind, then he must have a good reason behind it.

"Then as my race\'s representative, I will give you my trust. The siren race will be in your debt." The siren child said. "I am also here to detoxify the queen\'s poison that had seeped inside you and your wife. As you know, old sirens have poisons in their long sharp nails and the queen\'s poison was the most poisonous of all. But do not worry because I have the antidote here with me."

Regaleon\'s eyes went wide hearing the siren child\'s words.

"Unbound her at once." He ordered. Chris took of the siren child\'s bounds.

"Then, excuse me." The siren child held a pearl and hovered it on my lips.

The pearl was like any other pearl that I have seen, but then a drop of liquid came out from it. The liquid had gone straight to my mouth. Drop after drop went in my mouth and I gulped it slowly.

"That should do it." The siren child said. "Next will be you, sir." She told Regaleon.

Like what she had done with me, she did it also to Regaleon. After that, I felt my body that was once heavy and ached become light and the pain disappeared.

"How are you feeling now?" Regaleon kneeled on one knee and felt my forehead with his palm while the other held my hand.

"I am doing fine." I replied with a smile. "It feels like I was not even poisoned in the first place." I giggled.

"This is no laughing matter." Regaleon said. "What if I send you back to the capital of Alvannia first? You can fully rest there first. We can go and retrieve the key fragment ourselves. It is just a few days from here and…" He trailed off.

"No!" I said firmly. "I know what you are going to say, but I am not going to the capital with the guise of recuperating. I am fine Leon." I sat down to let him see I am alright and doing much better.

"It is just… I do not want to see you get hurt." Regaleon said with a worried tone. "If I see you again like that, I do not know what to do."

I understand pretty well what Regaleon was feeling right now. He was afraid after seeing my life in danger.

"You know that I will worry as well if once I go back to the capital." I said. "I will also worry day and night on you while you are our retrieving the key fragments, and that I would think of going to find you by myself if I cannot handle it."

Regaleon sighed. We have talked about this before we left the village. He knew that I have the capability to slip out of my guards if I must go and find him.

"I understand." Regaleon said and kissed my forehead. "Just, don\'t be reckless again okay. It will be best to burn me at the beginning to wake me up if ever that happened again."

"Then I will burn you without any second thoughts." I said teasingly and we laughed together.

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