The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 294 After the Nightmare

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Chapter 294 After the Nightmare

I wake up feeling the sun light hit my closed eye lids. The sun light was seeping inside the opening from our tent.

\'It looks like the sun has risen.\' I thought while rubbing my still heavy eyelids.

After my husband defeated the siren queen at dawn, the other sirens escaped into the depths of the lake. The men would have tried to catch them, but Regaleon stopped them saying to let them be for a while. He said that they can handle the creatures later after our mission and this war in over.

After that, Regaleon healed our wounds with his light magic. This made him tired after using so much magic and needed rest. All of us rested after that battle.

I looked around and did not see Regaleon by my side. My heart pounded after remembering what just happened last night. I stood up frantically and ran outside our tent. What greeted me outside was a scene of the men doing seat ups.

"Fifty-three, fifty-four, fifty-five, fifty-six." The men were counting while doing their sit ups.

Looking at them so energetic in the morning made me sigh in relief. The nightmare last night is over, and this is a new day for us.

"Your majesty, you are awake." Tricia was by my side in an instant. "I have prepared breakfast a while ago. Would you like me to heat it up for you?" She asked.

"That will not be necessary Tricia, I am not yet hungry. A glass of water would suffice, I am a bit thirsty." I replied. After what happened last night, it looks like my appetite has not yet returned.

"I will get you a glass of water right away." Tricia hurriedly got me a glass of water and got back in an instant.

I gulped the water rapidly to quench my thirst. I felt really parched after waking up.

\'Is it because of using to much magic last night?\' I wondered. \'I also felt a bit weak after waking, maybe I should ask Tricia for something to eat.\'

I looked at the men working up some sweat and also saw Regaleon and William working out with them. I know Regaleon never misses a day to work out his body, the two of us always went out for early morning jogs and at night I see him practicing with his sword. But this was the first time I saw him working out with his men.

"By the way Tricia, why are they working out so much?" I asked out of curiosity. Judging by their body full of sweat, I am sure they have been working out for quite some time now. "Is it not fine to take a break from practice and work outs after the attack last night?"

"Well, this is his majesty\'s punishment for them." Tricia said hiding her amusement. "You know, punishment for falling into that siren queen\'s spell."

"But why is my husband with them as well?" I asked in confusion. If this was the men\'s punishment, then why is he included.

"His majesty said that he is not exempted in this punishment because he himself also fell for the siren queen\'s spell." Tricia proudly said. "I am at awe with his majesty, he knows how to take responsibility."

I looked at Regaleon who was also taking his punishment. I know that he felt responsible for being not there by my side in time of need. But of course, he knows I would never blame him. And so, this is punishment upon himself for being weak in that time.

"How long has it been since they started?" I asked.

"His majesty\'s punishment were a hundred squats and seat ups and fifty laps around the lake." Tricia replied. "They are done with the squats, and the seat ups are about to end. So, the remaining things for them to do is the fifty laps around the lake."

"That many?" I said with a surprised voice.

I felt pitiful to the men that received the punishment. It was not their fault to fall into the sire queen\'s spell, they were just vulnerable. But knowing my husband, he still needs to give appropriate punishment to his men to show his authority and to prevent for his men slacking off.

"He really is a strict leader." I murmured.

"But a very good leader, your majesty." Tricia added. "He has his men respect, knowing that he also has taken upon himself his own punishment."

I felt proud of my husband. He was really someone to look up to.

"It looks like it will be a while before they finish." I said with a smile. "Can you please prepare my breakfast, Tricia?" I asked with politeness.

"Certainly, your majesty." Tricia replied with a smile.


The men have just finished all of the drills Regaleon gave as punishment. All of them lay down on the grassy ground under the shades of the trees.

"Oh… my… god. That was intense."

"I… thought I was… going to die."

"I think… I can\'t lift even a finger."

I heard the men\'s complaints and it made me giggle.

"Stop complaining!" Chris, the acting captain said. "You are proud men under his majesty, King Regaleon. You have to take all of your punishments with pride and dignity and also self-reflect."

"Are these punishments that heavy for you?" Regaleon walked towards where the men were.

My husband had been taking the drill punishment with his men. He did not falter and took the drills form start to end, even though he was royalty and a king.

"Your majesty!" The men stood in attention in their king\'s presence. Regaleon continued to give his sermon to the men.

Looking at them, they are all now topless. They were sweating profusely from their intense work out, coupled with their panting. Looking at their bare upper bodies, they were well toned and in top shape. It just shows how they are diligent in how they work out their bodies.

"Oh my, this is a little embarrassing to see." Tricia said while cover her eyes, but her fingers were parted, and she was still able to take a peek. Her line of sight landed on a man that I know all too well, William.

William also took the punishment drills as expected. He also had a nicely toned body that any woman will be at awe with. I giggled seeing how Tricia stole glances from her slightly covered eyes.

But my eyes were only glued to one man, and that was my husband Regaleon. Since we were married, I have been accustomed to his body. In the day, I can feel his chest muscles and well-built abs when riding with him. And in the night, I can see with my naked eyes the full glory of his whole body. His body has embraced me nightly since the day we were married.

"Come Tricia, I am sure the men will need towels to dry themselves and water to quench their thirst." I ushered her to stop peaking at the half naked William.

I see Tricia wave her hand and when I looked at who she was waving at, I see William waving back with a friendly smile. I giggled with their simple gesture to each other.

"You can give William his water and towel." I whispered to Tricia. She in turn blushed red in embarrassment.

After Regaleon\'s sermon to his men was over, Tricia and I quickly brought them water to drink and towels to dry off.

"Thank you, your majesty."

Thank you, Tricia."

The men all thanked me for this small gesture.

"No need to thank me." I said with a smile. "All of you worked hard, and so I also want to thank you all."

"Her majesty is really an angel sent by the heavens."

"She also worries for us."

"Her majesty the queen was our savior last night, so we must repay her." Chris said to his subordinates.

"Yes sir!" The men replied in unison.

I giggled looking at the men laughing together. It was like last night did not happened. I was just happy that no one was badly hurt last night.

"I am feeling a little jealous looking at my wife giggling with other men." Regaleon surprised me from behind. His arms snaked around my waist and pulled my whole body into his embrace. "Where is my water and towel?" He whispered into my ear that made me ticklish.

"Of course, it\'s here with me." I felt happy feeling his body heat around me.

I gave him his water and he gulped it instantly. I used the towel I was holding and wiped away the sweat and water on his body carefully.

"You have been hard on yourself and your men." I said while wiping his body. "It was not your fault that you feel into the siren queen\'s spell. I do not blame you."

Regaleon stopped drinking and cupped my chin so that our line of sight would connect. He towered over me and so I need to look up to meet his gaze.

"Even though you say that, you know I cannot forgive myself for hurting you." Regaleon took my hands and lightly planted a kiss on my fingers. "Just thinking that I was about to hurt you made me mad at myself. I cannot ever forgive myself if something bad happened to you by my hands."

I looked solemnly at my husband\'s face. He had a pained expression on his face that I cannot take to heart. I used my hands to fix his messy slightly wet hair affectionately.

"Do not worry too much. You did not hurt me last night." I said. "I know you would never hurt me if you are in your right mind. And of course, I will never let you hurt me. I know that you will act this way one you regained consciousness."

"You know me too well, my love." Regaleon said and smiled. "I promise that this will never happened again." I nodded in agreement and smiled.

"And if it does happen again, I will surely save you once again." I promised back.

Regaleon and I laughed together after that. Everything has gone smoothly after the punishment drill ended. All of us are talking ang laughing together.

But the mood changed when I felt dizzy and lost balance.

"Lili, what\'s wrong?" Regaleon asked with a worried expression. "Are you not feeling well?"

My vision became blurry and the last thing I saw was Regaleon\'s worried face before blacking out.

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