The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 292 In for a Surprise 2

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Chapter 292 In for a Surprise 2

"Tempest, NOW!" Regaleon shouted.

After hearing Regaleon\'s word, Tempest emerged from the trees with fiery wings. He sent small fire balls towards the men that was under the siren\'s spell.




The men that were in a trance just a while ago was now screaming from the burning flames all over their bodies. I saw them rolling on the ground to extinguish the fire burning on their clothes.

"Did you all have nice dreams that you did not want to wake up?!" Regaleon scolded his men.

"Y-Your Majesty…" Chris was the first one to stand in attention. "Forgive us for being weak and fall to the enemy\'s spell!" He kneeled and asked for forgiveness and the others followed his gesture.

"Hmph, for now you need to redeem yourselves." Regaleon said with a cold tone. "All of you will take your just punishments after defeating the enemies here.

"YES!" The men replied in unison.

Now that Regaleon\'s men have come back to their right state of mind, we have a chance to win this battle.

The men took up their swords and started to attack the sirens that were surrounding us. They used both physical and magical attacks to subdue the sirens. Snow and Tempest were also showing their exemplary fighting abilities. Snow can now move freely without needing to defend our group mates on land, while Tempest was assisting us on air.

"My love, are you all right?" Regaleon quickly strode to where I was and kneeled on the ground. "My god, you are bruised and beaten all over!" He said with surprise.

"It is okay, I am fine." I said while trying to get up.

"No, you are not." Regaleon scolded. "This is all my fault. If I have not fallen into that damned siren\'s spell, this would not have happened." His face was distorted with regret and guilt.

"Leon…" I said with a firm voice and clasped his face with both hands. "…this is not your fault. Do not blame yourself for this. We never knew that such creatures exist or still existed to this day. And to think they were hiding here where we camped of all places."

I can see Regaleon still hesitating to believe that this was not his fault but sighed after.

"I understand what you are saying." Regaleon said. "But first, let us deal with these sirens."

Regaleon stood up while wrapping me in his arms and carried me. He effortlessly carried me to a safe place away from the fighting and put me down gently on the ground.

"Tempest!" Regaleon called.

Not long, Tempest was hovering over us, his huge wings were making strong winds around the vicinity.

"You called." Tempest landed firmly beside us.

"Take care of my wife for me." Regaleon ordered. "Do not let those fish monster anywhere near her, you understand?"

"Of course." Tempest nodded his head. "I understand.

Tempest carefully covered my body with his huge wing, I was safely tucked away inside.

"Be careful Leon." I called out to him before he left.

"I will." Regaleon kneeled in one knee and planted a kiss on my lips. "After all of this is over, I will make up for to you. That fish monster will pay for what she has done." He said while caressing my cheek. He stood up with his aura burning with rage.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

I held the sword on my hand tightly, I can feel the anger burning inside me.

"How dare that fish witch use my own hands to hurt my wife." I said with raging emotions. "She will pay for this. I will annihilate all of them here and now!"

The fire inside of me was burning, I let my body be engulfed in flames.

"Fire Armor." I said and the flames around me formed like an armor.

This was the magic I have learned when I was saving Alicia back in the Jennovian palace. At first the flames that was raging just enveloped my body. I was surprised at first as to why my flesh was not burned even though the flames enveloped my body, I only realized a little later that it was because of my light magic. My light magic helped enclosed my body in a protective cocoon that can resist my raging magic flames. After some practice, I was able to improve this technic and now I call it \'Fire Armor\'.

The fire armor helps me defend from any attacks and also it can burn anything that was a few feet radius around me. My defense and attack became higher when using this magic technic.

"Where is that fish witch at?" I asked.

Not long, I was connected in Tempest\'s eyes. He maybe standing on land, but his eye range is still vast. I was able to find the fish witch in no time.

In my link vision with Tempest, the fish witch was being carried by other sirens and was running back to the lake.

"Oh no you don\'t." I said with a threatening tone. "I will not let you escape!"

I moved myself into a half crouch position and braced myself. I used my flames as force to thrust my body forward. My body moved at fast speed like never before. If I do not have my flame armor around my body, then I am sure I would have sustained some injuries with such speed and propelling force. I burst towards the fish witch and her companions in no time.

\'Too fast.\' I exclaimed when I passed by the fish witch without slowing down. \'I am not yet used to this technic yet.\'

I used my hands on the opposite direction and let out flames to slow my speed down. It was successful and I continued to where the fish witch and her companions were.

"My queen, watch out!" A siren with her shouted.

"We will defend you my queen, please escape towards the water." Another one said.

The sirens with the fish witch positioned themselves and shouted very loudly.

"KYAAAAHHHH!!!" Their voices were deafening to the ears. I made a fire helmet on my head to block the noise, but the sound waves hit me head on.

The sound waves did not hurt me, but I was pushed away from my target. This made me angry knowing that the fish witch can get away once she gets to the lake. The lake is an isolated body of water, but seeing that this lake was deep, I can only conclude that there might be waterways underground that these sirens use.

"I will not let you escape!" I shouted in anger. "Fire dragon!"

Flames with a head of a dragon emerged from my hands. It grew bigger and flew towards the sirens that were defending the now running fish witch.

"Uwaaahhh!" I heard their screams, but it ended just as they began.

When the flames from my fire dragon dissipated, what was left from those sirens were burned bones.

"SISTERS… AHHHHHH!!!" The fish witch screamed in agony. "How dare you?!"

The fish witch\'s hair was moving as they have life. They become pointed and became needles that flew towards me.

"What is this?" I was shocked. The pin like hair strands hit my fire armor and drilled its way towards my body.

I made my fire armor burn more and the pin like hair strands went up in smoke.

\'Those hair strands were tough.\' I thought. If I was not able to burn them, I am afraid that it would have drilled thru my armor. "These sirens are really not normal enemies. They cannot be taken lightly."

To think that these creatures ventured this continent centuries ago, normal humans will not stand a chance against them.

"Well I am not a normal human." I said. "And she had a sin that is punishable by death." And that sin was hurting my beloved wife.

My anger towards here was burning even more just by remembering how beaten up Alicia\'s body was. I will surely take her life tonight.

"KYAAAAHHH!!!" The fish witch used her deafening voice towards me.

The fish witch voice was much stronger than those sirens back then. I dodged her attack and used my flames to push me forward.

"I will not let you escape!" I said and thrusted my sword right at her.

The fish witch parried my sword with her long sharp nails. She used her other hand to slash towards me, but I was fast to dodge.

I made close combat with my sword every now and then, but the fish witch was trying to escape every single time. Of course, I did not let her, with every step she took to retreat I used my fire magic to thrust myself towards her.

"Fire dragon." I used my fire dragon once again against her, but she wrapped her whole body with her long hair. After my attack, she was left unscathed.

\'Her defense is strong.\' I thought.

The fish witch used her hair all over her body like clothes. She had made an armor to protect herself from the raging flames my fire armor is emitting.

\'She is a tough one to beat.\' I thought. \'But not impossible.\'

I maintained our close distance and used my sword to parry her attacks and in turn attack her. This has been going on for some time. Her attacks were getting fiercer and my fire armor was starting to dwindle.

"What is wrong human? Is your magic getting low?" The fish witch said confidently.

Her attacks were getting fiercer and fiercer seeing that my fire armor was in its last breath.

"Pity, I would have mated with you if you have just been subservant. Your handsome genes would have bore me a beautiful and powerful daughter." The fish witch said with a grin. "You will die first and then I will let your young wife follow you to the underworld." She had a triumphant smile.

My fire armor was nullified, and both of our movements ceased. The fish witch had her triumphant smile on her face, but blood trickled in between her lips.

"Who did you say will go to the underworld." I said with fury.

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