The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 291 In for a Surprise 1

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Chapter 291 In for a Surprise 1

I know that Regaleon was being controlled by the siren queen. My mind knew but my heart hurts seeing that he was going to hurt me because of the siren queen\'s command.

"That will not do… hahaha." Tenasia laughed coldly. "He is under my control and will never wake up again. Tell me, how does it feel when the man you love will be the one to kill you himself?"

I felt pain and loss deep inside of me. It would be better for the siren queen to kill me herself rather than Regaleon does. It was not only me that will be in so much pain, I am sure the Regaleon will be as well.

\'I need to escape and buy time.\' I thought.

I used fire magic in my palms and held on to the wrist that Tenasia was holding my hair tightly. My palms started to blaze, and she let go of her grip on me. A black palm mark was left on her wrist from my attack. I tumbled down the ground but before I could escape, a kick flown my way and hit my stomach hard. I felt paralyzing pain on my stomach. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and coughed tremendously.


"You b*tch!" Tenasia yelled in anger. "Kill her!" I heard her command.

I was crunched in pain on the ground when I felt someone loom on top of me. I saw Regaleon standing over me, holding the sword up high and ready to strike. My eyes went wide in shock

Regaleon swung his sword downwards towards me, I quickly rolled to my side to evade his attack. I saw the dent that the sword made to the ground, it was a powerful blow and I looked at it in disbelief.

\'Regaleon would never do this. He would never hurt me.\' I said to myself on and on like a mantra. \'He is just under the control of the siren queen, he is not himself.\'

Regaleon pulled the sword he was holding from the ground and walked slowly towards me. He was still coming towards me with killing intent.

"How does it feel that the man you love is trying to kill you?" Tenasia said with a devious smiled on her face. "I felt that way the time that b*stard discarded me. After banishing my race, the humans started to hunt our kind. We did not have any choice but to hide. Those humans who were once our food and prey gained abilities and hunted us one by one. How ironic, that the hunters were not the hunted."

I can hear the pain and regret the siren queen has, her words have a mix of sadness, hate, anger and regret.

Regaleon was swinging his sword at me and I was dodging from his attacks by reflex. What I realized was his attacks were weak and slow, rather than his normal attacks that were fast and powerful.

\'Just maybe…\' I thought.

At my last dodge from his blade, I saw his hand trembling as if he were trying to stop his body from doing such actions. When I looked into his eyes, what I saw was the clear dark blue eyes that I love rather than the murky soulless eyes form just a while ago.

\'Run…\' I see Regaleon\'s mouth move without letting out any sounds.

\'It is him… my husband is there.\' I thought with relief and happiness.

Regaleon had regained his consciousness but unfortunately, he cannot control his body just yet. He was still aiming for me with his sword.

I was looking around thinking of what my options are. I cannot run away knowing that Regaleon has regained consciousness over his body. I can only buy him more time until he can regain control over his body once more.

\'I know you can do this.\' I worded to him silently while dodging back and forth from his slow attacks.

The siren queen was watching us with amused eyes. She was happy to see that the Almighty One\'s descendant was experiencing hardship that she too had faces in the past.

"With this, I can say that I have fulfilled my revenge." Tenasia said with an amused tone. "The hate that was harboring over the centuries will be met with exact vengeance upon his descendants, hahahaha." She laughed with a wicked tone.

Regaleon\'s last blow towards me made a slight scratch on my arm. He was so close that I can hear his breathing.

"Burn me." Regaleon whispered to me.

"But…" I replied with a surprised tone.

"Just do it." Regaleon said with conviction in his eyes.

I am not sure what he was thinking, but at least I know he can handle a degree of burns. He had fire magic attribute and he has been practicing his fire magic since he was young. Over the years, he has built up some kind of fire resistance on his body. I am still not confident I will not burn him, but at least I have confidence in his judgement.

"Fire blaze." I performed my magic spell.

The magic I conjured was directed towards Regaleon\'s body. His whole body was set ablaze, I see his clothes being burned slowly.

"Ahhhhh…!!!" Regaleon screamed in pain. Hearing his cry broke my heart that I stopped my magic in an instant.

Regaleon\'s body plopped down after receiving my magic attack. Seeing him drop down brought tears in my eyes.

"Leon!" I screamed in agony.

Regaleon\'s body was lying face down on the ground. He was not moving at all.

"That was surprising.\' Tenasia said. She walked towards where Regaleon\' body was lying. "Well really it is not a surprise at all, knowing that betraying someone is in your blood. Maybe your willingness to survive override your feelings of love for this man. I pity him."

I cannot fathom the siren queen\'s word. I could not have done such actions if not Regaleon made me do it to him.

"You are in no position to talk to me about love." I said with seethed anger. "Your love towards the Almighty One is nothing but an obsession. No wonder he never reciprocated your feelings towards him. I am sure he knew that your feelings for him was never truly love."

Tenasia\'s face distorted in anger with my words. "How dare you lecture me about my feelings. You know nothing!" She said in fury. "You will die by my hands tonight!"

The siren queen\'s hands were aimed towards me. Her nails grew long and sharp, ready to fly towards me any second now. The other sirens were surrounding me, just waiting for their queen\'s orders.

I stood up to gather my bearing, I am not going to go down without a fight. I am sure that Regaleon is still alive and I need to get to him and escape whatever it takes.

"Die, descendant of the Almighty One!" Tensia was ready to launch her attack when something unthinkable happened. A sword has been impaled on her torso from the back.

"I think you will be the one that is going to die here siren queen." Regaleon emerged from behind Tenasia.

"H-How did you… impossible. But you were under my spell." Tenasia looked behind towards Regaleon with shock. Blood spurted out from her mouth.

"I became conscious the time some fire burning on the ground grazed me." Regaleon explained.

Come to think of it, some of my fire attacks that hit the ground did not died down completely. Some are still burning around us in patches on the ground.

"One I was fully conscious, I realized that I cannot fully control my body because of your spell." Regaleon continued. "But when the fire grazed my legs, I was able to take control of that part of my body. That was when I knew that fire could take back my control over my body."

"This cannot be." Tenasia said with disbelief. "This… has never happened before."

Maybe in the past, all the humans that were put under the sirens spell never once woke up and so they never knew that their spell had a flaw. Fire can awaken a human male that was under the spell of a siren\'s song.

"No, no, no, no…!" Tensia cannot believe it. "This cannot happen, NOOOOO!"

The loud sound of her voice hurt my ears. She was able to get away from Regaleon\'s hold and is still trying to turn the tide on us for the last time.

"Tempest, NOW!" Regaleon shouted.

After hearing Regaleon\'s word, Tempest emerged from the trees with fiery wings. He sent small fire balls towards the men that was under the siren\'s spell.




The men that were in a trance just a while ago was now screaming from the burning flames all over their bodies. I saw them rolling on the ground to extinguish the fire burning on their clothes.

"Did you all have nice dreams that you did not want to wake up?!" Regaleon scolded his men.

"Y-Your Majesty…" Chris was the first one to stand in attention. "Forgive us for being weak and falling for the enemy\'s spell!" He kneeled and asked for forgiveness and the others followed his gesture.

"Hmph, for now you need to redeem yourselves." Regaleon said with a cold tone. "All of you will take your punishments after defeating the enemies here.

"YES!" The men replied in unison.

Now that Regaleon\'s men have come back to their right state of mind, we have a chance to win this battle.

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