The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 290 Hands Off my Husband! 2

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Chapter 290 Hands Off my Husband! 2

Tenasia, the siren queen was standing on land with two legs. She looked like a normal human being with unparalleled beauty. What infuriated me was that she had her arms wiggling around Regaleon seductively. Anger rushed all over my body.

"Do you know how we reproduce?" Tenasia was caressing Regaleon\'s face with her filthy hands. "We also mate with male humans. If we birth female, then they can change back and forth to human and siren. But if we birth a male, we make them our food. This particular male has great body and looks. It has been a while since I have mated with a human, and this one fits my standards."

I can feel rage swirling all over my body. "Get your filthy hands off my husband!" I shouted in anger.

"Oh, so this fine young man is your husband." Tenasia grazed her nail on Regaleon\'s cheek. Her nail left a slight scratch and little blood oozed out from it.

Seeing the siren queen gave my husband a scrape angered me even more. Just seeing her touch Regaleon made my blood boil. The air around me started to become turbulent. My emotions are making my powers even much stronger than before. But unlike the last time where I lost control, I feel that I can use this power while maintaining consciousness.

\'If I can just control this much power while maintaining consciousness, then I am sure I can get Regaleon and the others back.\' I thought.

"I can see that you also have strong magic powers like that b*astard." Tenasia said. "But I suggest you put your powers back in place. That is, if you do not want your precious \'husband\' to get more wounds than this."

Tenasia\'s nails became loner and claw like. She had them at Regaleon\'s throat. She was using Regaleon as a hostage against me.

"How dare you?!" I screamed with fury.

"I would not want to inflict more wounds in this man\'s fine young body." Tenasia said mockingly and scratched Regaleon\'s neck. "I still want to mate with this man and bear a fine daughter after, so I suggest you do not do anything foolish, or my hand might just slip."

Seeing Tenasia\'s nails bore Regaleon more wounds made me burn with anger deep down. But seeing that my husband is in danger, I quickly extinguish my wind and fire magic. I cannot let her do more damage to Regaleon\'s body.

"Hahahahaha…" Tenasia laughed crazily with her triumph. "Sisters, maker her feel pain. But do not kill her. I want her to suffer slowly."

With the siren queen\'s words, the other sirens loomed around me. I clenched my fists hard feeling helpless with my situation. I braced myself for what was to come.

The sirens started their torment on me. Punches and scratches were made one after the other. My body fell to the ground with their beatings. I manage to take every single blow that they give to me while trying to block my face with my arms to shield my eyes.

"No, Alicia…!" I heard Snow yell.

I peeked a little at their location and they were also surrounded by other sirens. Snow was doing her best to defend Tricia that was behind her.

"Your majesty, please run away!" I hear Tricia yelled with her eyes were streaming with tears.

\'I cannot do that.\' I thought to myself. \'I cannot leave all of you and Regaleon here in danger.\'

After a few moments, the beating stopped. I can feel my body was bruised all over, I can feel the scratches from the sirens\' nails. I coughed off some blood right after the beating. Fortunately, I can still move because of my magic.

I trued to use my wind magic to make a thin protective layer all around my body. It served as a shock absorber from the hits and blows those sirens have done. It did not fully protect me from the beatings, but at least it softened their blows.

I heard footsteps coming near me. When I looked up, I saw Tenasia standing before me. She quickly grabbed my hair and pulled me up the ground.

"Ahh…" I grumbled with the pain while my hair was being pulled.

"Looking at your face, it is like a girl version of the b*stard." Tenasia said with a scoff. "It just wants me to make you suffer even more."

"What did the Almighty One ever do to you?" I asked. I was rather curious as to why she had such anger towards him. "It has been centuries ago, and he is already dead. Why do you still harbor such resentment?"

"You ask me why I loath the very memory of him?" Tenasia\'s beautiful face distorted in anger. "After all that I did for him, after I gave my heart to him, it was not me that he chose to be his queen. That b*stard chose a human b*tch to stand by his side as queen to rule this continent and forsakes my kind and forced into hiding."

\'So, the siren queen loved the Almighty One?\' I thought.

But looking at the siren queen\'s rage, it looks like that love was not reciprocated. She said that she did things for him but did not get the love she had been given. So, what really did happen to them I wondered.

"So, the Almighty One did not return your feelings and now you are still resentful for it." I mocked her. "Isn\'t that a little too harsh, just because your one sided love did not come to fruition."


Tensia slapped me hard on my cheek. I can feel the tingling pain lingering on my skin. I spit out the blood that was in my mouth, it tasted like iron.

"That son of a b*tch, he knew how I felt about him and used it into his advantage. I betrayed the other ancient creatures for him, and what did I get in return? I did get his love in return and he chose a human b*tch to love and be his queen. That b*tch, I should have torn her to pieces if he just did not get in the way. He should have killed me when he had the chance, but what he did was banish me and my kind. At least now I have a chance to exact vengeance on his descendant."

Hearing her story made me think what kind of man the Almighty One was. Hearing that the siren queen joined forces with him to help get rid of the ancient creatures that plagued this continent over a century ago, and for him to be on this kind relationship made me think he was playboy of some sort. But looking at Tensia, it looked like it was a delusional one sided love on her part. I would not want to go into conclusions just based on Tenasia\'s remark.

"What do I have to do with your resentment with the Almighty One? I am just but one of his descendants." I tried to buy more time, as I can feel Tempest magic getting closer. "All of that happened centuries ago, what good does it make to get revenge on me?" I asked.

Well I do not really understand myself, but your scent…" Tenasia combed my hair with her fingers and sniffed it. "I can smell him in you. I also seen his descendants up close, but I have never had smelled this scent in them."

My eyes went wide with her words. I cannot comprehend what she said.

\'Is it because I am the chosen one?\' I thought to myself. Like George had said, the chosen one might either be me or Regaleon.

"Well no matter, I will still feel satisfaction seeing you suffer even more." Tensia has a chilling smile on her face. "I have thought a better way for you to suffer. Do you want to know what else can I do with the men that have fallen into my spell?"

My heart pounded in fright knowing that Regaleon was still under the siren queen\'s spell. I do not want any danger to befall my beloved husband.

"You, come here." Tenasia ordered and I saw Regaleon move with her commands. "Pick up that sword and kill your wife."

Seeing Regaleon move with Tenasia\'s orders, my heart felt it was being squeezed tight. Just seeing my love pick up the sword lying on the ground and walking towards me made my whole body shiver. I can feel dread with every step he took.

"No, my love don\'t do this." I said when he was just a few feet away from me. "Please wake up!" I shouted.

I know that Regaleon was being controlled by the siren queen. My mind knew but my heart hurts seeing that he was going to hurt me because of the siren queen\'s command.

"That will not do… hahaha." Tenasia laughed coldly. "He is under my control and will never wake up again. Tell me, how does it feel when the man you love will be the one to kill you himself?"

I felt pain and loss deep inside of me. It would be better for the siren queen to kill me herself rather than Regaleon does. It was not only me that will be in so much pain, I am sure the Regaleon will be as well.

\'I need to escape and buy some time until Tempest comes.\' I thought.

I used fire magic in my palms and held on to the wrist that Tenasia was holding my hair tightly. My palms started to blaze, and she let go of her grip on me. A black palm mark was left on her wrist from my attack. I tumbled down the ground but before I could escape, a kick flown my way and hit my stomach hard. I felt paralyzing pain on my stomach. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and coughed tremendously.


"You b*tch!" Tenasia yelled in anger. "Kill her!" I heard her command.

I was crunched in pain on the ground when I felt someone loom on top of me. I saw Regaleon standing over me, holding the sword up high and ready to strike. My eyes went wide in shock.

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