The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 29 Loyal servan

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"Princess Alicia." Tricia said while entering the study room. "Your afternoon tea waiting for you in the garden."

"Thank you Alicia. Please prepare another cup for William. I think he will be joining us." I said.

"I thought the young lord is busy governing the dukedom?" Leon said sarcastically. "It would be bad if we hold him from his duties."

"Oh no worries. I really had the afternoon off to visit Alicia." William said with a soft smile.

\'Why am I feeling tension here?\' I thought to myself.

We walk towards the garden. William was right beside me while Leon and Tricia are behind us a few feet away.

William and I are chatting and giggling happily. Tricia was looking at sir Leon who was having a sour look on his face.

"Um, sir Leon. Are you okay?" Tricia asked. She can feel the coldness emitting from Leon.

Leon turned to look at Tricia with a fake smile.

"I\'m fine. Why do you ask?" Leon said.

"Um, well... it\'s because my princess and the young lord are looking quite happy chatting with each other." Tricia said.

"Why would I be unhappy?" Leon\'s fake smile was plastered on his face.

"You also like the princess, don\'t you sir Leon?" Tricia was bold to ask.

Leon became silent. His fake smile turned into sweet and soft smile. Tricia doesn\'t need to hear Leon\'s answer. Just by looking at his expression she know that he has some feelings for her princess.

"My princess is still young and naive." Tricia explained. "She was like a prisoner here inside this big palace. She wasn\'t given the education that a princess needs. But she has a pure and innocent heart and that\'s what shines her more than her sisters."

"I know." Leon replied.

"If you really do like her then show your intentions purely to her." Tricia said seriously. "But if you hurt my lady in any way, I will personally be your enemy."

Leon looked at the girl beside him and smiled.

"Do not worry. I don\'t have any ill intention towards our princess." Leon reassured her. "But being pure and innocent won\'t do her any good. This world is full of evil people just waiting to devour the weak. I want her to be strong and know how to defend herself. I will shape her into a strong woman worthy if greatness in the future."

Tricia looked at Leon confusingly.

"You are a loyal servant to our princess. I like it." Leon whispered to himself. \'I am sure to remember your faithfulness to my future wife.\' He thought.

"Did you say something?" Tricia asked.

"Oh I said that it is good to know that princess Alicia has a loyal servant like you." Leon said.

"The general assigned me to my lady. When I met her she was just a frail little girl. I saw how she was unfavored by the king and bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters." Tricia said. "I can only do little things but what I can do for her I will surely do it."

"Then I am happy." Leon said. "At least Alicia has one faithful servant beside her aside from me." Leon smiled.

"Are you willing to court her?" Tricia asked. "You have a worthy rival in front of you." Tricia gestured to William\'s back.

"The young lord Williams is really a worthy opponent. But I am sure I will prevail in the end." Leon said knowingly.

Leon looked at the backs of Alicia and William. \'This is not yet the time to show my true self. I have to endure.\' He thought to himself. \'I will let you play the suitor game, for now.\'