The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 289 Hands Off my Husband! 1

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Chapter 289 Hands Off my Husband! 1

"Your tone is also similar to than b*astard." Tenasia screeched in anger. "Because of him we sirens lost our home in the seas. We, who were the hunter become the hunted. We did not have any other option but to hide inland where they cannot find us that easily."

My hypothesis is that this clearing was cloaked with an enchantment the sirens made. They will not let anyone come in without their permission. I think when they saw that our group consists mostly of men that they can enchant with their song, they have let us in willingly.

\'We were just cattle for the taking.\' I thought with gritted teeth.

"I will have my revenge on you, the descendant of that b*astard." Tenasia said with a wicked smile. "you are just one little girl. It is your bad luck to have come here. KILL HER!"


The sirens leaped from the water and was about to attack me from all directions. Their nails that looked like claws were all aimed towards me.

"ICE WALL!" I yelled and conjured ice using my magic.

I put up a thick ice wall around me to block the attacks coming my way and it was successful for the first part.

The sirens then used their shrilling voice. The thick ice I have conjured up cracked little by little.

\'I cannot stay here for long.\' I said to myself.

The sirens are afraid of one, and that is fire. As a member of the royal family of Atlantia, I can use different kind of magic attributes. I particularly have high aptitude in ice magic, and that is why I use it in most cases. But today what I need to use is fire magic.

Regaleon was the one with high aptitude in this element. How I wish that he were conscious right now. I am sure he would know what to do in this kind of situation.

\'Wake up Alicia.\' I scold myself. \'You are the only one that can do something right now. Snow and Tricia are doing their best fending off the other sirens that were threatening our group mates. For now, you are the only one that can help them.\'

I gathered my thoughts and calmed myself down. I was amassing my magic and started to use the fire attribute.

At first, I made fire at my palms and then I started to spread them in my surroundings. The ice at the bottom of my feet started to melt together with the ice wall that I made. By then I started a huge blaze that covered my surroundings.

"FIRE BLAZE!" I conjured the strongest fire magic that I could. Fortunately, it did the trick. The ice I created melted and so I must use wind magic to propel myself up.

"Kyaaahhh!!!" The sirens around me wailed in agony with the heat of the blaze I have created.

I was surprised by using different magic attributes all at once. This was the first time I have ever use wind and fire magic at the same time.

\'To think I can use wind magic to hover up in the air.\' I had a smile on my face.

I was flying just on top of the lake using wind magic. I was shaky at first, but I was able to get a hang of it, regulating the needed amount of wind to make me afloat and balance my body out.

"What are you waiting for, get her!" Tenasia screamed in rage.

The sirens that were on water looked up at me. They raised their hands and pointed right at me. Their nails that were freakily sharp got longer and then launched right at me like arrows.

\'They can do that?!\' I was taken by surprise and use my wind magic to move myself. I was now flying freely in the sky.

Unfortunately, some of the nails that flew towards me grazed me on different parts of my body. My night wear that was already torn earlier were now in tatters. The scratches on my body started to bleed a little, but at least it was not a wound that I need to worry about.

"KYAAAAAAHHH!!!" I hear once again the piercing scream. It came from the queen of the sirens herself.

The sound waves were directed on me. I used my wind magic to dodges the sire queen\'s attack. I was not hit head on, but the sound waves sent me flying out of balance. I crash landed hard by the lake side. My body rolled around the ground and the muddy covered my body.

When I was about to get back up, I was surprised that the sirens were lunging themselves right at me on land. I quickly moved back and use my fire magic to repel the sirens that were about to attack me.

"Fire balls." I shot the fire balls I made, and it hit the sirens that were about to attack me.

The sirens that I have hit dropped on the ground and their bodies wriggled. The other sirens that were able to dodge my fireballs were now on land. I saw their fish tails started to disfigure, and not long two legs emerged from what was once a fish tail.

"You can grow legs?!" I was shocked with this information.

I have not read this information in the ancient books that I have read. It is either that it was not written on the books that I have already read, or that this feature of the sirens was never known but any human back then. No wonder they were able to go inland and hide here in the southern woods. They can grow legs and feet and can blend with the humans being unnoticed.

The sirens were naked half body down, but they were not fazed by this. They started to run at me with their sharp nail like claws.

"This is no time to be in a daze." I snapped back to attention.

"Fire sword!" I conjured a sword using fore magic.

Using the fire sword, I parried the sirens attacks left and right, but I was clearly outnumbered. My only advantage is to get back up on air where the sirens cannot come near me.

"Wind cyclone!" I use wind magic around me and propelled myself back up into the air.

The sirens were using the attack from before and fired their nails towards me. I have anticipated such an attack and was able to deflect it with my wind magic.

"Wind barrier." I engulfed myself inside a barrier using strong winds.

All this magic that I am using was all new to me. The last time I had a battle was when I was escaping the Jennovia palace. We were up against soldiers of the queen that were out to kill me. But back then I was fighting alongside Jack and the others. Now, I am all alone and I can feel the pressure of this fight on me.

\'Is that why I was able to make this different kind of magic.\' I thought.

And to think I can use different kinds of magic attributes at the same time was new to me. Together with wind magic that was helping me fly, I can also use fire magic to attack.

"Raining fire balls." I doubled the fire balls that I was able to conjure.

The fire balls that I was able to conjure hovered around me. I moved gestured my hand towards the sirens that were on the ground and the fire balls rained down on them.



I heard the shrieks of the sirens that were hit by the fire balls I have made. They were surely in pain. When the smoke cleared, I saw the bodies of the sirens lying down on the ground. Some that were able to dodge the attack pulled the bodies of their brethren back to the water.

I felt triumphant with this win. My enemies were running back to retreat. I was at least confident that I can save everybody. Snow and Tricia were also doing fine guarding our group mates. I can see the sirens that were attacking them also retreated in fear.

I looked around to see what my next move would be. Seeing that the men were still in trance, all I could think of is that it was the doing of the siren queen.

\'If I want the men of our group to wake up, then what I need to do is to attack the siren queen and lift this spell.\' I thought.

When I looked around to see the center of the lake, the rock was vacant. The siren queen was not there. My hear was beating fast clearly because of agitation.

\'Where is she.\' I searched frantically. \'I need her to undo this spell.\'

But then what I saw shocked me the most tonight. Tenasia, the siren queen was standing on land with two legs. She looked like a normal human being with unparalleled beauty. What infuriated me was that she had her arms wiggling around Regaleon seductively. Anger rushed all over my body.

"Do you know how we reproduce?" Tenasia was caressing Regaleon\'s face with her filthy hands. "We also mate with male humans. If we birth female, then they can change back and forth to human and siren. But if we birth a male, we make them our food. This particular male has great body and looks. It has been a while since I have mated with a human, and this one fits my standards."

I can feel rage swirling all over my body. "Get your filthy hands off my husband!" I shouted in anger.

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