The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 288 The Siren’s Call 2

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Chapter 288 The Siren’s Call 2

When my vision connected to Tempest once again, I saw the men of our group started moving towards the lake. I saw Regaleon stepped on the water and half of his body was submerged instantly. My heart was thumping hard knowing that my husband is in danger. By then I saw something in the water swimming. Not just one or two, but it was a group of sirens swarming around towards the men.

My mind just went blank. All that I could think of now is that I do not want the hands of those sirens anywhere near my husband.


After my words, fire rained down from the sky. The fog that was so think quickly dissipated when the fire came into contact on the ground. Tempest wings were on fire, it was beautiful and majestic to look at.

Tempest was careful not to get anyone from our group in danger. The fire dissipated after it cleared away the fog. It also helped get the sirens to scrambled from fear.

"As I thought, they do not like fire." I said in triumph.

Sirens are creatures that live in water, therefore they do not want fire that can evaporate water and burn.

"Kyaaahhhh!!!" The sirens in the lake shrieked loudly. I pained our ears hearing such an agonizing scream.

"Dammit, my eardrums will burst." Snow exclaimed.

But the shrieking stopped after some time. When we gathered our bearings, I thought this was the chance to attack. I need to get this opportunity to get the men out of their trance.

"Tempest, use your fire on the lake!" I ordered him. "Snow, get Tricia on your back and let\'s try to wake the others from this trance while Tempest deals with those sirens."

"On it." Snow replied. She shoved Tricia onto her back the next second.

"Aahh." Tricia shrieked lowly in surprise. She held onto Snow\'s fur as to not get thrown out.

"Hold on tight, we are going to rush forward." Snow said.

After Snow\'s words, both of us run towards the direction of the lake. After the fog cleared, we saw that the lake was not that far from where we were.

Once we arrived to where the men were, the first thing I did was to go to Regaleon\'s side. Half of his body was already submerged under water. He was still standing in a trance even though the siren has stopped singing.

"Leon… Leon… Can you here me?" I shook his body, eager to wake him up. "It is not safe here, please wake up." I tried my best to wake him up.

"Sir William, please wake up." I hear Tricia who was just near where we were. Snow was also doing her part to wake up the others.

"Sh*t! This is not doing anything." I hear Snow curse.

I am sure she is getting frustrated. We are near the enemy\'s territory, and it was not safe to stay here much longer. I too, was feeling frustrated. I shook Regaleon\'s body so hard to no avail. He was still in a trance, eyes voice of any consciousness.

"Come on Leon, WAKE UP!" My frustrations got the better of me.


I slapped Regaleon on his cheek so hard that the sound echoed around us. Tricia and Snow were both silent after seeing what I have done. I was so frustrated that tears began to go down my eyes.

"Regaleon please, wake up." I pleaded desperately. "I need you with me."

The tears have flowed down from my eyes. I was desperate to get my husband back.

"You can never wake him up." A very beautiful voice said. I was surprised to hear that it came from the center of the lake.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" A collection of voices shrieked so loudly that it was difficult to bear. I tried to block my ears with my hand.

The sound wave was focused on Tempest who was raining fire attacks from the sky. I looked in shock when I saw him being hit by the sound wave.

"Tempest!" I called to him loudly.

I saw his body coming down from the sky. His body fell into the dense trees and disappeared from my sight..

"Answer me, Tempest." I called out to him, but he was not answering.

"I never thought that there would be creatures with such powers other than us ancient ones." The beautiful voice said once more.

My eyes focused on where the voice came from. More than a dozen of sirens were bobbing their heads on the water\'s surface, but on the rock at the center of the lake was the siren I saw from Tempest\'s eyes. She had long blond hair shining under the pale moon light. She had a beautiful face and pale white skin that can enchant any men that gazed her. What frightened me, was her eyes that are amber in color and slit pupils. Her fish tail was gold like in color and was shimmering in the dark.

\'She must be the leader of the sirens.\' I thought.

The other sirens were swimming around her as if to guard her if any danger befalls. The song a while ago was definitely from her.

"So, there were girls in the group as well." The siren said. "Pity that I do not like the taste of girl\'s flesh."

There was a coldness that enveloped my whole body. I have been submerged under water for a little while now and my body was staring to shake from the cold. That was when I saw the fog starting to gather from the center of the lake once more.

"Sisters, kill those that are not in our menu for tonight." The siren said with a cold menacing tone.

The sirens on the water shrieked and swam full speed towards me. Their aim was me and not Regaleon at least, and so I swam at the other direction to not let my husband be in danger.

When I was at a safe distance, I froze the water in my vicinity and hopped out of the water. When the sirens were just a few feet away from me, I froze the water around me. Some of the sirens were caught of guard and was frozen with the water. The others reacted quickly and were able to retreat from my attack. Unfortunately, I cannot freeze the whole lake. I tried to tap in the power that I know that was in me, but the far that my powers got was just a few kilometers radius form my spot.

The sirens scrambled in surprise to what I have done. All of them looked afraid and kept distance away from me.

"This is… magic. Silver hair and eyes… you! Who are you?!" The siren with blonde hair shouted in anger. "You have the same features as that b*stard that have reduced us to this state!"

I was taken aback by the siren\'s words. "What do you mean? I do not know what you are talking about." I replied.

"Don\'t you dare deceive me!" The siren said in fury. Her beautiful face was distorted in anger and became hideous. "I Tenasia, the queen of the sirens has lived for more than century now. I remember the face of that b*stard that came into our land and wiped us, the rightful masters of this land into such a pitiful state. I remember his shining silver hair and eyes when he slaughtered our kind. I thought that his blood has died down after that foolish human war. To think that someone survived."

\'So, she is the queen of the sirens.\' I thought.

Hearing siren queen\'s word, I was now sure who she that \'b*stard\' she was pertaining to, it was the Almighty One. Like what I have heard, the Atlantian royal family were the descendants of the Almighty One. The royal family maintained the physical features of the Almighty One because of interbreeding and incest. The practice was made because they wanted the blood of the Almighty to remain pure inside the family and to make sure that the powerful magic of the royal family be maintained.

"I am not sure what you are talking about." I feign ignorance. "If you are talking about someone that lived a century ago, then of course I would not know. I am not as old as you." I said with a sarcastic tone.

One of the teachings that Regaleon had taught me in the art of fighting was to take the opponents anger to your advantage. Seeing that this siren queen is showing her anger because I have the same feature as the Almighty One, can become an advantage for me.

"Your tone is also similar to than b*astard." Tenasia screeched in anger. "Because of him we sirens lost our home in the seas. We, who were the hunter become the hunted. We did not have any other option but to hide inland where they cannot find us that easily."

My hypothesis is that this clearing was cloaked with an enchantment the sirens made. They will not let anyone come in without their permission. I think when they saw that our group consists mostly of men that they can enchant with their song, they have let us in willingly.

\'We were just cattle for the taking.\' I thought with gritted teeth.

"I will have my revenge on you, the descendant of that b*astard." Tenacia said with a wicked smile. "you are just one little girl. It is your bad luck to have come here. KILL HER!"


The sirens leaped from the water and was about to attack me from all directions.

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