The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 284 On the Road 2

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Chapter 284 On the Road 2

The journey has been smooth so far. Days have come by since we left the village on the border of Alvannia. Our first stop was at the far end of the country, near the shores of the eastern sea. Judging from our pace, it will take at least weeks until we arrive at our destination.

I have been improving at horse riding thankfully. I still get sore after long period of time, but rather than take a rest every time I feel tired, Regaleon would let me ride with him. I am always comfortably saddled in front of him. Because of this we at least quicken our pace of the journey.

"It looks like we won\'t get to the next village before the sun sets." Regaleon muttered.

I was currently riding with him and so I was able to hear him.

"Probably." I replied and looked at the sky.

The sky is starting to get an orange color which is an indicator that the sun was about to set.

"Chris, find a nice place to camp." Regaleon gave an order.

"Yes, your majesty." Chris bowed in reply.

Chris took three men and surveyed the area while the rest of us halted for a while. Our location right now is in the southern woods. The trees here are taller and thicker than in other parts of Alvannia. This forest is shared between the three countries. It is so vast that it still not yet fully explored even to this day.

Our group decided to enter the southern woods to make the travel time faster than using the national road commonly used in traveling. Villages are also located inside the southern woods, so it was not really a very dangerous place to travel in. But this was the first time we have camped out in the open since we entered the woods. We were always able to get in between villages before night falls.

"Is it dangerous to camp out here?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, it is. But it will be more dangerous to travel when the darkness fell." Regaleon replied. "Traveling in the southern woods by day light is safer than traveling at night. We do not know what is lurking outside once the sun has set." I nodded in understanding.

It will be safer to set up camp and guard the perimeter rather than continue traveling until the next village. There will be surely wild beasts that go out and hunt prey in the night.

"Your majesty." Chris came back with his two men. "We saw a clearing just up ahead. It is the best area to set up camp."

"Hmm." Regaleon nodded. "Then lead the way."

The group followed Chris over to the clearing. When we arrived, we saw a small lake just across the clearing. It was a picturesque scene that looked like a painting come to life.

"Let\'s set up camp here." Regaleon said pointing at a certain area. "It will be the best location to set up a perimeter. Chris, assign shifting of guards that will take up the perimeter."

"As you wish, your majesty." Chris bowed and picked a handful of his men.

Regaleon got down the horse and carried me down after. The men around started setting up tents. Regaleon took one bag off Midnight\'s back and started to look for a spot.

"Come and help me set up our tent." Regaleon said with his hand extended to mine.

"You know how to set up a tent?" I worded my suspicion to him.

"Of course." Regaleon smiled proudly. "I need to learn surviving skills since when I was young. I am not that kind of a sheltered prince you know." He chuckled and I giggled with him.

Regaleon\'s childhood was not the happiest. He grew up with always having his guard up from threats from his other brothers. He needed to grow up quickly and learn how to survive.

Regaleon started to spread the tent on the ground. I looked in wonder and was also curious.

"I do not know how to do this." I said in embarrassment.

"I know." Regaleon replied with a smile. "That is why I am here to teach you."

After that Regaleon started teaching me the basic things needed in pitching a tent. I was excited to learn a new thing. It was like back then when he was still Leon my personal knight. The two years we spent in the countryside, he became my tutor in every aspect and thought me everything I know. I am just still in awe that this amazing man is now my husband.

"There, that should do it." Regaleon said.

I looked at the modest sized tent in front of us. It can atleast cater two people at most. I was just a little surprised that his tent was this small.

"Why are your eyebrows crunched?" Regaleon said with a teasing tone.

"Well I just didn\'t expect that you would have such a… well small tent." I scrutinized. "Well you are a king of the biggest nation in this continent. And on top of that the future emperor. I just did not expect... well this." I gestured towards the tent.

"Hahaha, so that is what you though." Regaleon laughed heartedly. "Well even with its small size, it is quite durable and sturdy. It can keep the cold and wet weather out. And also, I specifically picked this tent for a more intimate reason."

I quickly looked at him when he said the \'intimate\' word. \'So, he had such thoughts on his mind.\' I can feel my cheeks heating up with the thought.

"That is why I picked this specific spot, don\'t you agree?" Regaleon said grabbing my waist and pulling my body close to him abruptly.

I was taken by surprise by the sudden action that I lost balance and fell in his embrace. My heart was pounding rapidly while I can feel the heat of his body radiating onto mine.

"T-There are people looking." I quietly scolded him, feeling shy.

"Do not worry, they won\'t look." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

The place where we pitched up our tent had a relative distance from the others. This just made my suspicions of what he was thinking to be true. And I thought we will not do it tonight because we will be camping out.

Since we started traveling, there was no night that we did not make love. Every time that night falls and we were alone in the room, we would always connect our bodies intimately and make love to our hearts content. It looks like we will not take a break even tonight. And I am amazed that every morning, Regaleon was always full of energy, while me on the other hand felt always sleepy.

"Are we still doing it tonight?" I asked shyly. "I thought because we are outdoors, we won\'t… you know."

"Have you forgotten that our first night was outdoors as well." Regaleon said teasingly. "I remember how your skin glowed under the moonlight."

Regaleon\'s hands started to caress may arms. The sensation that it left in my body was unexplainable. I felt my body itching and the heat of his touch stayed on my skin.

"L-Leon…" I said in a hushed tone. "There are still people outside."

"I know." Regaleon whispered. "Let us continue this tonight. I will go to Chris and give him further instructions. You can go inside the tent and rest for a while until food has been prepared." He said with a playful tone.

Regaleon planted a kiss on my forehead and let me go reluctantly. He then walked towards where Chris was and started conversing.

Meanwhile, the others also finished pitching up their tents. I saw William and Tricia together picking up dried branches and twigs to start a fire. Seeing them chatting and laughing made my heart feel at ease. Out of nowhere, I felt Snow\'s fur tickle my legs.

"Where have you been?" I asked and picked her up and started to pat her.

"Here and there I guess." Snow replied.

Snow can now verbally communicate. She can now talk out loud and talk to people she wants to. She only talks to a handful of people that she trusts.

"Have you been getting along with Tempest?" I asked.

Tempest was a familiar to Regaleon as Snow is to mine. I know they have met when Snow lived in the Grandcrest palace, but I never bothered to ask if they really do get along.

"We go hunt together." Snow said nonchalantly. "I guess we are friends at that sense."

"That\'s good." I walked towards where William and Tricia were while carrying Snow in my arms.

"Are you hungry?" I asked Snow. "I guess Tricia will start cooking after the fire has been set up."

Snow was curled up in a ball in my arms shivering. I was a little worried because it was so unlike her usual habit.

"Snow, are you okay?" I asked worriedly.

"This place, I don\'t like it." Snow said and snuggled in my arms.

Snow evolved into a strong familiar alongside me. I never saw anything that fazed her, even when danger was all around us, she stood up proud and fighting. But now I wonder why she was frightened and shivering

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