The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 282 Departure

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Chapter 282 Departure

These past few days, we have prepared for our departure. We bought everything that will be needed in the journey to find the fragments of the key to unlock the forbidden magic that was sleeping underneath the eastern sea.

As planned, we have divided into two groups. The other group was led by Dimitri while the other one was led by no other than Regaleon himself. Regaleon tried to persuade me these past few days to stay behind and wait for him, but I was firm with my decision in joining this journey.

It was now dawn, the sun has not yet risen and the surroundings are silent. This was the best time for our departure. The other group led by Dimitri departed the village two days earlier, knowing that their destination us much farther and dangerous than ours.

"Are you ready my wife?" Regaleon whispered to my ears from behind. I was startled because he was not there a minute ago.

"Y-Yes…" I was able to compose myself after being startled.

Regaleon wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. The heat of his body was welcoming, with the cold morning breeze blowing around.

"Can\'t I change your mind at the last minute?" Regaleon said with pleading eyes. I sighed knowing that we had this conversation every day before departure

["My wife, I am happy that you would like to come with me in this expedition. I also don\'t want to part with you, after being apart for these past two year." Regaleon said while looking into my eyes with seriousness. "But weighing my selfish reasons of being with you against your safety in this voyage that will surely have dangers, outweighs it drastically. I would always prioritize your safety above anything else."

Regaleon\'s blue eyes were pleading for me to go back to Grandcrest capital with my parents and wait for his safe return. I know that he means well, but I felt a pang in my heart knowing that I will be left behind while he goes risking his life to gather the key\'s fragments.

"Leon, as you have said I am your wife. It is my job to stand by your side, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrowful times. I will face danger, standing by your side." I looked at him with resolution. "My decision won\'t change, I will go with you what ever the dangers there are waiting. Even if you leave me behind you know that I will just slip pass the guards and follow wherever you are."

I showed resoluteness on my face. Regaleon sighed, knowing that my words are not mere threats. He knows I am capable of slipping pass his men and going to where he was.

"If you put it that way, then I will rather have you stay by my side." Regaleon gave a defeated smile and kissed my forehead sweetly.]

"You know my answer to that." I smiled.

Regaleon sighed and smiled back. "Yes, I know."

The men were busy preparing for our departure. They were putting bags on their respective horses. I too have a horse of my own in this journey. My things were packed by Tricia and loaded on to my horse by William. Those two have been working together taking care of me.

I remember Tricia crying just to take me with her. She knows the dangers of this journey, but she insisted on coming, telling me that she has been separated for me for a long time. She wants to serve me on this journey.

"Is it okay to take Tricia with us?" I asked Regaleon.

"She insisted on coming herself." Regaleon replied. "I also know how she have missed you in the past two years. She is a loyal servant and a good friend." I nodded with his remark.

"Mhmm. I treat her as a big sister." I added.

"It will be good to have someone take care of your needs in this journey. As you can see, all of us are men." Regaleon grinned. "Well, I will gladly serve you while you do private things if you would like."

Regaleon had a mischievous smile on his face. I started to imagine what he meant with \'private things\' and blushed with realizing what he meant.

"What do you think you are thinking?" I scolded him. "We are in this voyage to search for the key\'s fragments."

"Well, we can do something naughty along the way." Regaleon whispered into my ear, his breath felt hot that my body unknowingly tingled. He knew how my body reacted to his voice and touch and chuckled. "Do no worry my love. I have instructed William to also watch over your personal maid. I am here to protect you so he can watch over her in turn." I nodded, satisfied with this arrangement.

I looked at Tricia and William arranging my things on my horse. They were chatting rather merrily. They seem to have grown close when I was not around. I smiled, knowing that these two persons important to me were growing close to each other.

After some time, one of Regaleon\'s men that was left in charge by Dimitri walked towards us. If I recall correctly, his name was Chris. He was Dimitri\'s second in command, hence the vice-captain of the elite soldiers under Dimitri. Regaleon slowly released his embrace on my waist, and in turn took my hand and held on it tight.

"Your majesties, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia." Chris kneeled in front of us. "All preparations are done, and we are ready to depart."

"I understand." Regaleon has replied with his kingly persona. "Relay my words to the men. We will depart in five minutes."

"Yes, your majesty." Chris replied curtly and left to relay Regaleon\'s message.

"Remember to always stay beside me." Regaleon said to me. "I won\'t let any danger befall you in this voyage."

I giggled lightly, knowing how overprotective Regaleon was but I nodded in agreement no less.

"I will be clinging by your side until you become sick of me." I joked.

"You know I won\'t get sick of you." Regaleon smiled and kissed my forehead.

I would like to tell Regaleon that I can take care of myself and he does not need to be overprotective towards me. But a part of me wants to be spoiled by this side of him. I felt a sense of satisfaction with his actions.

Regaleon led me to my horse which I named Wind. She was a white stallion that we bought just a few days ago from the village. When I first rode her, we bonded immediately. She was as fast as the wind, hence the name.

William and Tricia saw us coming and bowed their heads in our presence.

"Your majesties, King Regaleon and Queen Alicia." Both replied in unison.

"At ease." Regaleon replied. "Come my wife."

Regaleon helped me up Wind. I was carefully saddled on her.

"William and Tricia will ride behind us." Regaleon ordered. "William, would like you to stay close if ever there are dangers."

"Of course, your majesty." William replied.

"Remember what I said, okay?" Regaleon asked me.

"Yes, my husband." I smiled to my overprotective husband. "I will be by your side, always."

Regaleon replied to my words with a smile. He then went to his own horse Midnight after seeing that I am saddles up my own horse wind.

Regaleon took the lead and I followed him closely. We passed by his men waiting for us.

"We will now depart." Regaleon said with a voice filled with pride of a leader. "We will go as planned. Remember, whatever dangers we encounter and challenges we will face, I expect all of you to come out triumphant and alive. No one will be left behind!" His words were heavy, but it shows that he is both a strict and compassionate leader.

"YES!" The men replied to the king\'s words full of vigor.

I myself, was moved with my husband\'s words. My heart was thumping hard, feeling the intensity of Regaleon\'s words.

\'I married such a charismatic person.\' I thought, full of pride with my husband.

Regaleon was a natural born leader. He has the loyalty and respect of his subordinates. I am excited to see what the future holds after this war ends and when the empire will soon be established.

Regaleon as the first emperor of this continent and I as his wife. I am sure to play my role as empress well and help him in reigning this empire.

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