The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 281 Next Steps to Take 2

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Chapter 281 Next Steps to Take 2

Remembering the projected map, the positions of the fragments are far from one another. There are four fragments in total and their positions are far apart, not to mention that the continent is vast and wide. Having to go from one point to another might take us a lot of time.

"The locations are far apart from one another." Regaleon said. "And so, we have decided to break into two groups."

Having to break into two groups seems quite feasible with such a vast area of land to cover.

"We will talk more tomorrow with the others." Regaleon said. "For now, you need to rest. I also need some shut eye." He smiled at me.

Looking at Regaleon\'s face, he seemed quite tired. He must have been worried sick about me the whole time I was unconscious, and he had to also plan the next move.

"I am sorry." I said. "You are so busy, and I have to burden you more."

"What are you saying?" Regaleon asked. "I am your husband. It is just right that I worry about you my wife."

"Hmm." I nodded in understanding. "I will surely help you more in the future."

This was a promise to myself. I am now Regaleon\'s wife and the queen of Grandcrest. I must work hard for my husband and my country.

"I am sure you will do well." Regaleon gave me encouragement. "You are a strong and independent woman. I am sure that you can do well, like what you did in Jennovia. I am complete in awe with you…" He trailed off until he was silent.

I can hear Regaleon breathing evenly. When I looked up, I saw his eyes closed. He has drifted away into sleep.

\'It looks like he was really tired all day long.\' I thought to myself.

As a king, he has a huge burden in his shoulders. I would not want to add to his burden more than this. I promised to help him as his queen, and that is what I will be doing.

I looked at his peaceful sleeping face and smiled. He looked so handsome while sleeping. I planted a kiss on his cheek and let him sleep. I enjoyed the warmth of Regaleon\'s embrace. I felt happiness in such small gesture. I remained that way until sleep has taken me once more.


The morning after the incident the other day, all of us assembled once again for a briefing. Our topic was how to split into two groups and search for the fragments of the key.

There was a map of the continent on the table before us. The red dots that I remember in the projected map from the pendants yesterday were crossed out in this map.

"So, the plan is to split into two groups." Regaleon started. "One of the groups will journey to the western region while the other in the eastern region."

Two of the marks were found at the western side of the continent while the other two are in the eastern part. The distance from west to east is farther and so it is better to separate them by twos.

"The marks on this map are just specifies the location of the fragments. Once you are there, you still need to search for them." Regaleon explained. "I have split the men accordingly. One group will consist of me, my wife, Sir William, and a handful of my men. The other group will be led by Dimitri. It consists of a handful of my men, together with Mr. George here."

Regaleon introduced George to his men. These groupings were made with the manpower and expertise of each individual in mind.

"The time frame for this expedition more or less will take up to two to three months." Regaleon said. "I have included in this time frame the factors such as the journey, the searching of the fragment itself, and other obstacle along the way."

Regaleon looked at Dimitri and signaled him to take over the briefing.

"As his majesty said, we are expected to finish this mission by the said time frame or less." Dimitri said. "As you know, Jennovia is currently with an internal conflict in their borders. But as you can see, we have one fragment in their lands. The ones in my group should be more vigilant, knowing that there might be conflicts in our mission."

Looking at the map, there is one mark inside the Jennovia territory, two in Grandcrest and one in Alvannia. Because of this, Dimitri\'s group will be the one to take on the danger inside Jennovian territory to get the fragment in that area, and the other one in the western art of Grandcrest. That just leaves our group with the much easier fragments to get. The one in Alvannia, and the one in the eastern part of Grandcrest.

"My group will have the much easier task with the other two fragments in a friendly territory." Regaleon added. "We will be departing in two days. Before departing, we need to stock up on necessities and make sure our horses are fully rested. I expect that the number of people to leave here will also be the numbers that comes back after the mission is accomplished." Regaleon\'s voice was a firm command.

Regaleon has always been a compassionate but strict leader. He cares for his subordinates but still maintains his role as a strict commander. Because of that, he has earned his men\'s trust. I can see in their eyes the dedication they have for their commander and king.

"Understood your majesty." The men gave their salute to their king and commander.

We know that in every mission there are always unseen danger. But Regaleon has full trust in his men that they will survive this journey.

"This meeting adjourned. Do the things you need to do before the missions starts in two days." Regaleon ordered.

The men bowed their heads and go on their ways to prepare. I was by Regaleon\'s side the entire time of the mission briefing. Seeing Regaleon as the king he is, made me so proud of him.

\'I cannot believe that this great man\'s wife.\' I felt pride swelling inside of me.

Regaleon looked at me with gentle eyes. "Are you sure you really want to go on this journey as well?" He asked me. "You can stay by your parents\' side and wait for our return. Even though the locations of the fragments on the eastern side is our territory, there will always be unforeseen dangers out there."

I shook my head. "I want to come as well." I said with all my resolve. "I also want to partake on this journey with you."

\'And also, I do not want to part with you.\' This selfish reason I only kept for myself.

Regaleon and I have been separated for two years and just thinking that we will be separated for another two to three months, I think I cannot take it.

"If my wife insists then all I can do is to abide." Regaleon said while pulling a strand of my hair in his fingers and smelling it. "But in this journey, you better be always by my side. If not, be sure that Sir William is there to protect you. These are my conditions."

Regaleon\'s eyes bore over me. He was serious with saying such conditions. I know that he wants me to be always safe, that is why he made such conditions in this journey.

"Hmm, I understand." I nodded on agreement. "I will always stay by your side, my dear husband."

\'I will never part with you ever again.\' This was my silent promise and wish.

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