The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 280 Next Steps to Take 1

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"Lili, what\'s the matter?" I heard Regaleon\'s voice. "My love, please wake up."

I can hear Regaleon calling out to me with a worried tone. My eyelids still felt heavy, but I still tried to open my eyes. The first thing I saw was Regaleon\'s face, looking at me worriedly.

"L-Leon?" I asked in curiosity as to why he was looking at me worriedly.

"Are you okay, my love?" Regaleon asked. His huge palm cupped my cheek I can feel the heat radiating from his touch.

"Hmm… yes, I think so." I said doubtful. I tried to remember what happened before waking up, but all was hazy. "W-What happened?" I asked curiously.

I saw Regaleon sighed in relief. "You were crying in your sleep that I was worried you are having a nightmare." He gave me a reassuring smile that all was fine.

"A nightmare?" I asked. "I think I was dreaming, but I can\'t seem to remember what it was."

I knew I had a dream, but even if I tried to recall what I dreamt about, nothing was coming to me.

"Its okay if you cannot remember. I am just relieved you are fine." Regaleon said. "Do you remember what happened?"

I tried to remember what happened before waking up, and the first thing that came into mind was the projected map and the dots that represent where the key fragments were hidden.

"I remember the map." I replied. "I remember that we saw four red dots and that were the places that the key fragments are hidden."

"Yes." Regaleon nodded. "Anything else?"

I was curious as to why Regaleon was asking me what I remember. But then I realized that it was dark outside, it was nighttime. The projection of the map took place this morning. And so, I had a memory gap from that time until now. And then I remembered the excruciating pain in my head.

"I-I remember blacking out because of the pain in my head." I said while recalling the events. "I also so you in pain!"

I was surprised remembering the events this morning and the memory brought back my worried thoughts about Regaleon. I scrambled up in bed and quickly touched his face to check if he was okay.

"Do not worry about me." Regaleon took one of my hands and kissed the palm. "I am alright. I also felt the same pain that you have to the brink of losing consciousness as well, but George cancelled the magic from the pendants in time before I passed out."

"That is a relief." I sighed in relief. I do not know what to do if something bad happens to Regaleon.

"Tell me, did you hear a voice before passing out?" Regaleon asked.

"A voice?" I looked at him in confusion and shook my head. "Nothing that I can remember." I replied.

But I had a feeling that there was something that happened that I cannot seem to remember what. This feeling was itching inside of me, but I cannot seem to do anything about it.

"Why are you asking me? Is there something that happened when I was unconscious?" I asked with curiosity.

And then Regaleon told me everything that happened when I was lying unconscious. He relayed what the voice had said to him. He also told me about George\'s hypothesis on who the voice came from and what the message meant. I also learned that the two pendants that were once embedded with the Almighty Ones power was now drained, making them ordinary pieces of jewelry.

I was listening intently on Regaleon\'s words. The voice could have been the Almighty Ones words might be the most possible and the meaning behind the message can be two things.

"So that means that it is either both of us together, consists of being the chosen one or…" I trailed of in thought. "…our child is the possible chosen one."

Regaleon nodded in agreement to my words. "Those two are the only possible interpretation of the message." He said.

I was deep in thought with these two choices. Sharing the burden of becoming the chosen one with Regaleon made my heart feel lighter. I am sure that with us both sharing the same burden, we can prevent the destruction that is in the prophecy and in turn, bring this continent to prosperity.

But thinking of the second choice was bothering me the most.

"Our child…" I thought and stared at my stomach. I cannot imagine my child having to carry such a heavy burden on his shoulder. "I-I do not want our child to carry such a burden Leon."

I looked at Regaleon with worry etch on my face. Regaleon cupped my face in his palms and gently caressed them.

"I understand your worries my love." Regaleon said gently. "It is still not yet certain if our child will be the chosen one. But if ever he or she is, then we will be here to guide him in the right path."

Regaleon pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead to further comfort me. He is correct, who ever the chosen one is, Regaleon and I will be the ones to shape the fate of this continent. With my husband by my side, I am sure we can do anything.

"Are you feeling much better now?" Regaleon pulled away and looked at me. I nodded, letting him know that I have already calmed down.

"Would you like to rest further?" Regaleon asked. "It is quite late in the night."

I shook my head. "I think I have slept so much during the day that I think I cannot go to sleep that easily again." I replied.

"Then would you mind cuddling while talking?" Regaleon asked.

My face went red thinking of our wedding night. I heard Regaleon chuckling at my expression.

"Haha, do not worry. I won\'t do anything tonight, even though I want to." Regaleon said with a mischievous look. "You just woke up from that ordeal earlier. I wouldn\'t want your body to get tired."

Regaleon tucked me into bed once again and laid down beside me. He wrapped his arms around me, letting me snuggle into his broad chest. I can feel his heart beating steadily, its sound gave me comfort and relief.

"Earlier, the other and I have talked about our next step." Regaleon said after some time. "Searching for the key fragments will be our next best option."

"Hmm." I gave a curt response. "Have you taken note of the location before the map disappeared?" I asked.

Regaleon nodded. "Yes. We have planned our movements according to the fragments position."

Remembering the projected map, the positions of the fragments are far from one another. There are four fragments in total and their positions are far apart, not to mention that the continent is vast and wide. Having to go from one point to another might take us a lot of time.

"The locations are far apart from one another." Regaleon said. "And so, we have decided to break into two groups."

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