The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 28 Bad things come back

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I was doing my afternoon studies with Leon when William came to visit.

"Good afternoon Alicia." William greeted. "Good afternoon sir Leon."

"Good afternoon young lord William." Leon greeted.

"Good afternoon Will." I smiled. "How have you been?"

"I have been busy this last few days." William said. "I\'m sorry that I wasn\'t able to visit you when you were sick."

I looked at William and he really was looking tired. He has eye bags under his eyes.

"Oh do not worry. I am already fine." I said.

"That is good to hear." William smiled.

"But you look so tired. Did something happened for you to be so busy?" I asked.

William was still a young lord. He shoudn\'t be this busy working for their dukedom. It is still his father\'s responsibility.

William sighed deeply. "You remember James right?"

I nodded. "Yes. He is Elizabeth\'s suitor right. The one we met the last time."

I remember the cocky young lord that slapped me. I shivered with the thought.

Leon side glanced me. He might have seen me shiver so I smiled to assure him I was fine. He nodded to tell me he understood.

"His father was caught using public funds of his dukedom for his own personal gains." William said.

I was shocked with the news. "Do you mean he was corrupt?"

"Yes. Evidence was brought in the king\'s office a few days ago. And after that their dukedom was confiscated from them." William explained.

"Oh my." I said. "That is so unfortunate."

"Yes it is. Duke Carlson is still under investigation. His family has been evicted from their mansion. Now James and his siblings are living in his maternal grandparents home." William explained.

"So who is the one in charge of their dukedom? How are the people fairing up?" I asked.

"Without a duke governing is far worse than a corrupt duke." Leon said.

"You are correct their sir Leon." William agreed. "Because our dukedom and the Carlson\'s dukedom are practically neighbors, the king has bestowed upon us governing their dukedom for the time being."

"Bad things come back to the people who do such things." Leon said weakly.

We had a bit of silence. There is a saying that good things comes back to people that does good and bad things come back to the ones that does bad. It is the rule of life.

"So that is why you are so busy?" I asked breaking the silence. "Well at least I feel at ease knowing you are the one taking care of the people of the dukedom." I smiled.

William was looking at me with affectionate eyes.

"Thanks Alicia. You made me happy." William said.

"Happy? And why is that?" I asked confused.

"I\'m happy that you think of me as a good ruler." William smiled.

"But I feel you are a good ruler." I said.

"Ahem." Leon coughed. We abruptly looked at him.

"I guess it\'s time for afternoon tea princess Alicia." Leon said.

"Oh I\'m sorry. Did I disturb your afternoon studies?" William asked.

Leon looked at William like he was saying \'You just realized now?\'.

"Princess Alicia." Tricia said while entering the study room. "Your afternoon tea waiting for you in the garden."

"Thank you Alicia. Please prepare another cup for William. I think he will be joining us." I said.

"I thought the young lord is busy governing the dukedom?" Leon said sarcastically. "It would be bad if we hold him from his duties."

"Oh no worries. I really had the afternoon off to visit Alicia." William said with a soft smile.

\'Why am I feeling tension here?\' I thought to myself.