The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 279 Both Being Chosen 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

Truthfully, I cannot feel the power that I have felt these pendants possess. Just this morning I felt the tremendous amount of magic inside these two pendants being placed beside each other, but now they do not emit such auras. They looked just like ordinary pendants now.

"This also baffles me your majesty." George said in deep thought. "The Almighty One\'s magic embedded in theses pendants are gone. And both you and the Queen Alicia had the same reaction after I activated the map."

"Earlier, when my head was also in pain, there was also ringing in my ear." I said. "When the ringing faded away, I heard a voice."

I looked at George, wanting to know what he would think of the words that voice gave me, and from who that voice came from.

"You heard a voice your majesty?" George has his attention on me. "W-What did it say."

"It said that \'Both of you will decide the future of this continent what will it become.\'." I said. "What do you think this means and who do you think that voice came from?" I asked.

George was astonished at first and then come to a deep thought. After some minutes passed, he looked at me with a serious expression.

"Your majesty, what I am about to say are purely my thoughts. I also am not quite sure, and I am just telling my hypothesis on the facts that I have just witnessed." George said.

"Go on." I gave George permission to share his hypothesis to me.

"I am guessing that the voice that you have heard is from the Almighty One himself." George said, gauging my reaction.

"The Almighty One you say?" I repeated. "You think it was a prophecy from him?" I asked.

"Rather than a prophecy, I think it was the last words the Almighty One embedded in these pendants." George said. "I believe that the pendant was programmed to give such message when it encounters the chosen one."

I nodded in understanding in George\'s explanation. But what I was curious about is why Alicia and I have the same reaction to the Almighty One\'s magic. I did not know if Alicia also heard that voice because she was still awake.

"Then why both me and my wife had the same reaction?" I asked. "I had the impression that my wife is the chosen one. With the magic power that she was exhibiting two years ago, and when she was escaping from the Jennovian palace."

George nodded knowing that he also had the same thought. "I was also leaning on Queen Alicia to be the chosen one because of her enormous magic powers but seeing today maybe it is not what is seems to be."

"What do you mean?" I asked with utmost curiosity.

"There are two possibilities your majesty." George said. "It is either the two of you together are the chosen one or…" He was deep in thought once again.

"What…" I asked impatiently.

"Or… your child might be the one who will become the chosen one, your majesty." George said.

"Our child…?" I was dumbfounded with what George had said.

I have never even thought of such the possibilities. Even the things about the Almighty One and Chosen one were just fairy tales in the past. Knowing that the chosen one could be both me and Alicia combined, or our future child made me more afraid than before. The prophecy of being the bringer of salvation or devastation to the whole continent was terrifying that I would not want Alicia or our future child to bare.

"The words that you heard from the voice is also ambiguous your majesty." George said. "For now, we can presume that you and the queen together are chosen for the role."

"I see." I nodded in understanding.

Thinking that I can share the burden with Alicia gave me comfort. I can help share this burden together with my wife. I know that Alicia has been worrying about the prophecy and the burden that comes along with it. If the two of us together would decide the outcome of the continent, then I am sure that we can prevent this continent\'s destruction.


(Alicia\'s POV)

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a place that felt void. Everything around me was dark, but curiously I can see myself clearly.

"Am I dreaming?" I said.

My voice in this place echoed and disappeared, it really felt like a dream. I walked around out of curiosity. I realized that I was barefoot and the ground that I was standing was filled with water reaching my ankles.

I looked around, thinking how I can wake up from this dream. The last thing I remember was seating with the others and looking at the map that was projected. Then I felt my head throb in pain and there was ringing in my ears. I remember seeing Regaleon\'s face looking at me worriedly before I fainted.

"How is he?" I asked myself.

The last thing I saw before losing consciousness was Regaleon\'s face twisting in pain as well. I began to worry more and wanted to wake up from this dream.

When I was desperately trying to wake up, I heard a voice of a child giggling.

"Hello?" I called out. "Is someone there?"

*Giggle giggle*

The giggling continued. It felt like the voice was coming nearer and nearer.

"Hello." A voice of a child was just behind me.

"Ahh…" I shrieked weakly and jumped back in fright.

When I looked back, I saw a little boy giggling.

"Sorry, I didn\'t mean to scare you. Hehe." The little boy said.

"I-Its okay." I replied.

I looked at the little boy curiously. He had black hair and silver eyes.

"Umm hello." I replied after gauging the little boy. "My name is Alicia. May I know your name?" I asked.

The little boy playfully skipped towards me. He looked so cute that I giggled.

"I don\'t have a name yet." The little boy said. The little boy acted cute with his finger touching his cheeks in deep thought. "In the past I had a name, but I don\'t recall."

"Oh okay." I giggled. "Then do you know where we are? How can I get out of here?"

The boy looked at me with curious eyes. "This place is like a void of some sort. I have been here for as long as I remember." The little boy smiled.

My heart felt pain knowing that this little boy was trapped in this dark place.

"Then why don\'t we find the way out of here?" I said. I offered my hand to him.

The little boy smiled and took my hand. His hand felt warm to touch and my heart thumped strangely. The little boy and I walked around the void hand in hand. His hand felt strangely familiar, as if his hand were perfectly fit in mine.

As time passed by, I felt happiness with this little boy. Every minute I spend with him felt bliss. And then there was a strange light from out of nowhere. I felt that the light is the way out of here.

"Can you see that?" I said to the little boy. "I feel that is the way out."

The little boy smiled and nodded. We both walked towards the light. When we got nearer, the light looked like a crack in this big void of a place. My heart was beating in excitement. I was sure the this was the way out.

"Come with me, let us get out of here together okay." I said to the little boy. But the little boy shook his head.

"It is not yet my time to get out of here." The little boy sadly smiled. "This way was made only for you to enter."

"N-No…" I said in disbelief. "I won\'t leave you here by yourself. Come with me."

I gripped the little boy\'s hand, not wanting to let go. But the boy pried his hands out of my grip effortlessly and shook his head.

"You have to go back now. Someone is calling for you." The little boy said.

"Lili, what\'s the matter?" I heard Regaleon\'s voice. "My love, please wake up."

"Leon…" I looked at the white light where the voice was coming from.

"Don\'t worry. We will meet each other soon enough." The little boy said. "You and that man just have to work hard for that to happen the soonest." The boy smiled.

I looked at little boy curiously, not sure what he means. By then I felt him push me towards the white light. I tried to reach for him, but he just smiled at me and waved goodbye.

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