The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 278 Both Being Chosen? 1

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

After the map was made visible using George\'s knowledge, they were able to pinpoint the location of the four parts of the key. With this, they can go on a journey to find and retrieve these parts so that it will not get into the hands of bad people, mainly Queen Patricia.

As all the people in the room were in awe looking at the projected map when Alicia\'s mother who first looked at our way with a worried expression.

"Alicia, are you alright?" It was mother in law that realized something was wrong with my wife. "You look pale."

All the people around paid attention to Alicia and I did the same. I looked beside me and saw that she was clearly in pain and discomfort. I was about to ask her what was wrong when I felt that my head was in pain. It was a pain that I have never had before. It was as if there was like a sharp nail drilling a hole in my head. I held my head, and my eyesight started to get blurry.

"Alicia!" Mother and father in law shouted in surprise. That was when I saw Alicia faint.

I was able to catch her before she fell, but I can feel that my consciousness was also started to waver. There was a ringing in my ear that I cannot decipher what was causing it.

I tried to fight and maintain my consciousness when the ringing in my ears started to disappear. And then I heard a voice in my head.

\'Both of you will decide the future of this continent what will it become.\' The strange voice said in my head.

When I can feel my consciousness started to fade, I heard the people scrambling around Alicia and I. Surprisingly, the pain in my head just stopped. I felt back to normal as if nothing happened.

"Your majesty, are you alright?" Dimitri that was by my side asked with a worried tone.

"I-I think so." I was a bit doubtful at first, but truly I was feeling fine after that bout of headache. "What just happened? Alicia, how is she?!"

I was worried about my wife that I saw fainted just a while ago. She was unconscious, wrapped in my arms.

"Quickly, call a doctor." I ordered in haste.

I quickly got up and carried her to our bedroom. I laid her down gently on bed and looked at her worriedly. My heart was pounding fast inside of my chest. I gently brushed her smooth face with my hands, hoping that she was all right.

Not long a doctor came and looked at her condition. Fortunately, the doctor said Alicia was not in any sort of danger and just fainted because of the pain from the headache. He prescribed some medicine and told us that she will be okay with some rest. The doctor left and all of us were puzzled with what just happened.

"George, I suspect you have some idea what have happened?" I asked George who has been looking at me and Alicia since the incident.

"I think I have a hypothesis, but it is still not certain." George replied.

"The let us talk downstairs later." I said. "I also need to tell you something."


I stayed by my wife\'s side until night fell. Alicia had her rosy color back and she was breathing steadily. I was relieved that she looked fine. Remembering her pale face just a while ago made me so worried.

"I just got you back, so please don\'t leave me." I whispered in her ear and planted a kiss on her forehead. "I do not know what I will do if I lose you once more."

My heart felt a pinch just by thinking of losing her again. I think I cannot take another one if ever that happens, I might lose my will to live on.

"No, I think I will be someone that lives and breathes outside, but in the inside I would be dead. I will just be a shell of a man if ever I lose you again." I whispered to her as if pleading not to leave me.

*Knock knock*

"Your majesty." Mother in law peeked at our door that was slightly opened.

"Please come inside mother in law." I said.

Mother in law came quietly and walked towards me. She patted my shoulder, giving me her comfort.

"I am sure you still have some business you need to discuss with George." Mother in law said. "Do not worry, I will stay here with my daughter to look after her in your stead." She gave me a reassuring smile.

"Thank you, mother in law." I replied with a smile.

I stood up from my wife\'s beside and kissed the back of her hand. "I will leave for a while my live. I will come back later."

I gave mother in law a nod and she replied with a node as well. I walked out and saw William guarding our door from the outside. I did not even feel his presence because I was fixed on Alicia. Still, I am thankful that we have such trustworthy friends with us.

"Watch over her for me." I patted William\'s shoulder.

"Of course, your majesty." William replied curtly.

I continued walking downstairs towards the living room area and saw George looking at an old book deeply reading.

"George." I called out to him.

"Your majesty…" George was caught of guard when he heard me and was about to stand up and bow.

"No need to do that." I gestured with my hand for him to stay seated. I also took my seat across to him. "Tell me, what happened?" I asked, looking at him seriously.

I do not want what happened just now to be repeated. I do not want to see Alicia in pain once again like before. My heart squeezed in pain just by remembering what have happened.

"Do you remember what I said before activating the pendant your majesty?" George asked.

["I have a hypothesis." George pinched his chin in thought, "Because the pendants have the Almighty\'s magic essence embedded inside, I think it is reacting with the chosen once power. As you know of the prophecy, the chosen one is like a reincarnation of the Almighty One himself."

"The chosen one is surely in this room with us right now." George muttered]

"You have said that the pendants were acting weird because the chosen one was inside the room." I remembered. "Then what happened to us was because of this?"

George nodded in confirmation. "The reaction with the lingering essence of the Almighty One\'s power might be the case why both of you had that kind of reaction. These pendants have now served its purpose. Now, they are just ordinary jewels. The Almighty Ones power that was embedded inside these pendants have vanished." He put the pendants on top of the table in between us.

"What?!" I was surprised and looked at the pendants on the table. "What does this mean?"

Truthfully, I cannot feel the power that I have felt these pendants possess. Just this morning I felt the tremendous amount of magic inside these two pendants being placed beside each other, but now they do not emit such auras. They looked just like ordinary pendants now.

"This also baffles me your majesty." George said in deep thought. "The Almighty One\'s magic embedded in theses pendants are gone. And both you and the Queen Alicia had the same reaction after I activated the map."

"Earlier, when my head was also in pain, there was also ringing in my ear." I said. "When the ringing faded away, I heard a voice."

I looked at George, wanting to know what he would think of the words that voice gave me, and from who that voice came from.

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