The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 277 The Map 2

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After our morning walk, Regaleon and I came back to the house. I heard voices coming from inside. It looks like they are discussing about something.

"It looks like we have a guest." Regaleon said looking at the side.

I followed the direction where Regaleon was looking and saw a new horse that was surely not ours, tied up with the other horses that belongs to Regaleon\'s men.

Regaleon and I walked inside the house hand in hand. Once inside I saw mother and father seating side by side on the couch while William and Dimitri were standing by the sides. And there was someone seating on another chair a man, with his back facing us. He had pale crimson hair that I have surely seen before.

"George?" I called out at first, not sure if he really was Jack\'s father. And then the man turned around to greet me with a smile.

"I greet your majesties." George stood up and bowed before Regaleon and I.

"It is nice to see you again Geo." Regaleon greeted.

"It is good to see you again George." I also greeted with a smile.

"I am happy to see that your majesty is safe and sound with your family once again." George said. "I also would like to congratulate you on your marriage. I am happy to know that the two of you have now tied the knot after a long and tiresome journey."

"Thank you so much." I replied. "I am sorry that Jack was left behind in Jennovia." I said apologetically.

"You do not need to apologize my queen." George said. "That silly son of mine really decided to stay in Jennovia to help your cousin Princess Satiana. I am just happy that he had found something to focus on for the first time in his life, hahaha." He chuckled.

"I see." I giggled with him.

It was true that Jack had decided to be left behind in Jennovia for Satiana. He is worried for Satiana who was still young but will be embroiled in the power struggle for the throne. Satiana\'s crush on him might develop even further with their time together, knowing that Jack also is concerned about her.

"I am surprised that you have came earlier than I thought." Regaleon told George. "Come let\'s sit down and talk about the agenda."

"Of course." George took his sit once again, while Regaleon and I took a sit side by side on the other couch. "When I got your letter, I departed as soon as possible. Hence I came here much earlier than you presumed."

"I am happy that you did." Regaleon said. "As you know, we now have in our possession both halves of the pendant."

Regaleon looked at mother and nodded. As agreed upon earlier, my mother was the one who took care of both halves of the pendant for safe keeping. The pendants are the gifts to h0er and her twin sister Patricia from the mad king, and so it was just fitting that she took care of it.

Mother took out the pendants and placed it at the center table. Both seemed like ordinary jewels with a blue hue. If the two pendants are put together, they will form a circle. All the people around looked at the pendants suspiciously. These two had brought out unbelievable power to its wielders, that brought either salvation or destruction.

"They look like ordinary jewels to me." My father said and broke the silence.

To an ordinary person it would seem just any normal piece of jewelry, but for us Atlantians we can see the energy emanating out of those pendants. As of now, all the hair on my body stands seeing the pendants. Regaleon, Dimitri, George, mother, and I all have grim faces seeing those two pendants resting on the table side by side. I can say that they are also feeling what I am feeling right now, fear of the immense power radiating from those two pendants.

"In normal people\'s eyes, these two pendants seem like any ordinary jewel. But to us Atlantians, we can see and feel the immense power these two have." George said. "Especially now that these two are side by side. The pendant is like an ordinary magic stone if they are alone, but with these two in proximity with each other they are starting to synchronize." He explained

What he said was true. I have had the pendant with me since my mother\'s said death and it did not emit such terrifying power until now.

"Is it also like this before?" Regaleon asked. "When you used it to find the parts of the key to the forbidden magic?"

George shook his head. "What we are feeling right now is different. Back then it also gave off strong magic powers. But right now, it is like it is reacting to something."

"What does this mean?" Mother asked George with a worried tone.

"I have a hypothesis." George pinched his chin in thought, "Because the pendants have the Almighty\'s magic essence embedded inside, I think it is reacting with the chosen once power. As you know of the prophecy, the chosen one is like a reincarnation of the Almighty One himself."

My heart was thumping hard right now. I remember that George have shortened the list of the potential chosen ones with me, Regaleon and Gladiolus.

\'Does that mean that the chosen one is either Regaleon or me?\' I thought with nervousness.

I remember the burden that the chosen once would bear. He or she will either bring this continent to prosperity or end it with destruction. I do not know if I can carry such burden if ever I am the chosen one.

"The chosen one is surely in this room with us right now." George muttered and all eyes are on Regaleon and I.

The room was silent for a while. I was also processing this information.

"Let\'s talk about the map for now." Regaleon said while squeezing my hand to comfort me.

We looked at each other and Regaleon\'s gaze was telling me to not worry too much for now. He knew that I am still not ready if ever that burden of becoming the chosen one is placed in my shoulders. But if ever it was Regaleon, I am sure that he can overcome such burden.

"Our agenda today was to see the map and plan on what to do after." Regaleon said with an authoritative voice.

"Of course, your majesty." George complied.

George took both he pendants, one on each hand. He closed his eyes and started to mutter the ancient language that I have only seen in texts. The sound of the ancient language on his voice vibrated in the room. Both the pendants started to shine brightly as if they were throbbing hearts.

After the incantation with the ancient language, George joined the two pendants and a flash of blinding light came out. After some seconds, the light dimmed, and we saw the projections of the continent\'s map on the center table. The map had four red spots that should be the indicator where the parts of the key were hidden.

"Dimitri, get a map and put the locations of this red dots." Regaleon ordered.

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri was out of the room to get the map.

When this was happening, my head started to throb. It was like something was hammering inside of my head.

"Alicia, are you alright?" It was mother that realized something was wrong. "You look pale."

Together with the throbbing of my head there was a ringing in my ear that I could not decern where it came from. Regaleon was by my side looking at me with worry, but something was wrong with him as well. He also looked in pain., but before I could also worry about him, I blacked out.

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