The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 276 The Map 1

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I was bed ridden for at least a day after our wedding. I was not really sick, and my body recovered just after a half day\'s rest, but Regaleon let me rest the whole day in bed to fully recover my energy.

"You have neglected sword practice, and so your built-up stamina dwindled." Regaleon said when we were outside taking a walk.

It was true that I was not able to lift a sword when I was being held hostage by my aunt and cousin in Jennovia. I acted like a weak little girl so that I could gain their trust and spy on them. Those two years bared fruit and I was able to help Regaleon in this war.

"I am sorry." I said with my head bowed down. I admit that I neglected practicing the sword, and Regaleon as my sword master was lecturing me.

I felt Regaleon pat my head and so I looked up. He was smiling at me sweetly.

"You don\'t have to apologize. It is not your fault." Regaleon said. "Now that you are back, let\'s start with basic training once more., so that you can acquire at least your stamina back."

"Hmm." I agreed and smiled brightly at him.

I am happy to know that we can go back to the things we did before. Well, maybe not exactly like before because Regaleon is a king now and is busy managing the country and trying to win this war. But having this time alone with him makes me happy, nonetheless.

"What is the news about the war?" I asked. "Is there any news in Jennovia?"

Just a few days ago, Regaleon said that a civil war started in Jennovia. Satiana\'s faction that is headed by Duke Matias have sent a letter to the queen to step down from her throne and let Satiana take over. But Queen Patricia\'s faction opposed greatly and used physical force to get Duke Matias in line. Of course, Duke Matias did not sit well with the brute force the queen\'s faction used and countered with his own strength, an army he had secretly formed with the other nobles in Satiana\'s faction. Thus, a civil war broke in Jennovia.

"The war between Grandcrest and Jennovia came into a halt when the civil war broke in their side." Regaleon said. "We are experiencing a momentarily cease fire, which is one of the things Duke Matias and I agreed upon."

It is true that the soldiers that Queen Patricia is using are Jennovian citizens. Duke Matias would like to stop the war with Grandcrest at all cost to stop spilling of Jennovian soldier\'s blood in the battlefield. Their blood was the cost of the queen\'s selfish agenda and so Duke Matias wanted to dethrone Queen Patricia, knowing that their soldiers were fighting in vain.

"Then that means the war has ended?" I looked at Regaleon brightly.

"I also lent Duke Matias some of our soldiers to aid in his fight against the queen." Regaleon said. "The queen also had accumulated loyal soldiers. She has her own army that fights for her. Most of them are Atlantians with magic abilities." He said with a dissatisfied look.

"Those Atlantians were also deceived by my aunt." I said sadly.

"They are blinded by their loyalty to the queen." Regaleon said. "I know because we were able to capture two of them, siblings to be exact. One of them was about to kidnap you in the past."

When Regaleon mentioned the first attempted kidnapping when I was only fourteen years old, I remembered the past. As I remember that man also had a female sibling that I fought against two years ago.

"His name is Jeremy and his sister\'s name is Clara." Regaleon said.

"You mean you were able to capture them alive?" I looked at him in surprise.

I knew that these siblings were loyal to the queen. I was surprised that Regaleon was able to capture them alive. In my impression of them, they would rather die than to be imprisoned.

"Yes, we have them in our custody." Regaleon said. "We are trying to interrogate them, talk sense into them. I let Dimitri take over because they are fellow Atlantians. Maybe they will open up to him."

"Well, you are also part Atlantian you know." I teased at him.

Regaleon smiled back at me with affection. "You know, I never knew that my mother also had a fraction of royal blood in her and I mean Atlantian royal blood. My mother was from a branch family of the Atlantian royal family. I only knew this from Jack\'s father, George."

I nodded in understanding. "Yes, George has told me this as well."

"Don\'t worry, what we have is not incest." Regaleon said knowing that I would worry about our blood ties. "My mother\'s family have married out of the royal family that we are typically very far relatives."

"I know." I giggled knowing that Regaleon was trying to comfort me. I held his hand in mine, to show that our blood connections did not bother me. "You are also a candidate to become the chosen one, George said."

"Yes, he also told me that." Regaleon said while we were walking hand in hand. "But let us not dwell on who is the chosen one. Now that we have both pendants are in our possession, we can plan our next move."

I nodded in agreement. Now that the pendants are in our hands we might as well start searching for the parts of the key.

"Let us search for places where the parts of the key are hidden." I said with determination. "Now that Queen Patricia is focused on the civil war, we are free to go on a journey to find them."

"That is what I was planning as well. We really think the same." Regaleon smiled. "Let us go back and talk about this with the others. The pendants now are in your mother\'s care."

"Hmm okay." I agreed.

Regaleon and I walked hand in hand towards the house we rented on our stay here in the village. Inside were our friends and family waiting for us.

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