The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 275 A Night to Remember 2 R18

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Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

Regaleon\'s hot and thick meat stick was in between me and growing by every touch. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I knew he was feeling pleasure in my actions.

After some time playing with his hard manhood, I deliberately aimed the tip on the opening of my flower garden. I pulled my body up and then came down on his hard meat stick.

"Ahhh f*ck…" Regaleon cursed with the suddenness but I was sure he said that because of the intensity of the pleasure.

"Hmmm… ahhh…" I moaned while moving on top of him.

I breathed out after taking in Regaleon\'s manhood inside of me. The sensation inside my private area was full of him.

"I will leave everything to you, my love." Regaleon whispered behind my ear and grinned. "I will be completely submissive to you."

I felt embarrassed with Regaleon\'s words. He wants me to take the lead, and he will follow what I want. I have never thought of taking the lead in making love, the bridal lessons only thought how to be submissive and pleasure your husband and not the other way around.

Regaleon noticed my uncertainty and gave light kisses on my nape. "You can tell me what you want to do for starters." He whispered softly.

"T-Then kiss me behind my ears." I said with embarrassment.

I liked it when he kissed me from behind. It gives my body shivers of delight, and it feels so good.

"As you wish, my wife." Regaleon smirked.

Regaleon\'s lips landed behind my ears firmly. I felt the heat coming from his lips, the sensation traveled all throughout my body.

"Ahhhmmm…" I moaned with the tingling sensation. His lips felt nice on my bare skin.

Regaleon started to lick my nape that sent shivers all over my body. The sensation was becoming more intense that my body yearned for him even more. I started to grind my body on him.

"Hmmm, you like what I am doing?" Regaleon said. "What else do you want me to do?" He asked gently."

"M-My breast…" I said. "Hold them…ahhh…" I said in between moans.

"As you wish." Regaleon replied once again.

Regaleon\'s hand found my mounds and started to knead them gently at first. I felt good with his every touch. He was kissing me from behind while playing with my breast. My body was getting even hotter, adding to the heat of the hot spring around us.

"Ahhhmmm… haaahh…" I was riding him on top that I can feel him even deeper.

"Hmmm… ughhh…" Regaleon was also feeling good inside of me. The thrusted his manhood faster inside of me while caressing me from behind.

" Hmmm…ahhh…L-Leon…" I was brimming with ecstasy deep inside of me. "Aaahhh… more… go deeper…" I ordered.

When Regaleon heard my words, he encircled his arms around my waist and rammed himself even harder. His action brought my body pleasure that I cannot put into words. His manhood that was grinding in and out of me was pleasure my inside so much that I could not bear any longer.

"Ahhh…Leon… I can\'t… ahhh…" I cannot finish my sentence with the pleasure that I was feeling.

"Unngghh… haaahh… yes Lili… come with me." Regaleon said with a lustful voice.

Regaleon kept his pace while thrusting inside of me. I was at my wits end, my body was reaching its climax.

"Leon… ahhhhh…" I screamed with ecstasy. My body trembled with my climax.

"Lili… ugghhmm… ahhhh." Regaleon came as well.

We were both catching our breaths after such an intense and passionate love making. I felt my body out of energy. Regaleon did not release me from his embrace even after we were done, and even pulled me even closer. I can feel the heat of his broad chest on my back.

"That was awesome." Regaleon planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Hehe, yes." I agreed. But I was so exhausted that I cannot barely keep my eyes open.

"You can sleep if you want." Regaleon said with a gentle and soothing voice. "I will take care of you."

"Hmm." Is all I can respond when sleep took over me.


I felt the something warm enveloping me. I opened my heavy eyelids and saw the sun\'s rays seeping thru the spaces in between the curtains. I was still a little gorgy when I realized that I was back inside my room in the house Regaleon rented.

The dark curtains cannot fully stop the brightness outside. Judging from the brightness, it must be late in the morning. I tried to move a little, but my body ached, and I felt sore down there. Under the sheets, I can feel arms wrapped around me, hence the warm feeling I felt from once I woke up.

"Are you awake?" I heard Regaleon\'s sleepy voice behind me.

I turned my body slowly and saw his sleepy face beside me. My heart was beating fast, seeing Regaleon\'s handsome sleeping face. He opened his eyes slowly, giving me a sweet smile.

"To wake up everyday seeing your beautiful face is a bliss." Regaleon said smoothly.

I felt my cheeks heat up with his cheeky words. But who was I to blame him? Because I also felt the same, I can wake up everyday with his handsome face beside me. This was simple happiness that I am lucky to have.

"Good morning my love." Regaleon planted a soft kiss on my forehead. My heart felt a tingling sensation with his sweet gesture. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"W-Well to be honest, my body feels kind of sore." I said with embarrassment. I covered half of my face with the blanket, feeling shy. That was when I realized that I was naked under the sheets.

"Hahaha…" Regaleon chuckled. "That is to be expected, with our rigorous activity last night. Do not worry, you can rest the whole day today. I will tell them to bring our meals here."

Regaleon stood up, displaying his glorious naked body. I was still surprised that I covered my eyes when I saw him. I can hear him chuckling.

"My wife is still shy." Regaleon said with a smile. I can feel him standing at my bedside and slowly peeling my hands off my eyes. "I will be right back. Just stay here and rest okay." He kissed the back of my hand.

Regaleon was wearing his robe and walked outside the room. When he closed the door, I squealed and trashed on bed with delight.

\'I can\'t believe I am now Regaleon\'s wife.\' I thought. Happiness was swelling all over my body.

Yesterday was full of surprises. Regaleon and I are now legally married, and we consummated our marriage last night. Everything felt like a dream because just a few weeks ago I was still a hostage in Jennovia. Regaleon travelled to the capital of Jennovia just to save me and now we are legally wedded spouse.

\'I will work hard as Regaleon\'s wife and the future empress of this continent once the war ended.\' I thought.

The next thing we need to do right now is to find the pieces of the key to the forbidden magic. Now that we have the two sides of the pendant, we can search for them.

\'We have to find it, so that it won\'t get into the hands of bad people.\' I felt determined.

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