The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 274 A Night to Remember 1 R18

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After our rigorous activity, Regaleon and I took another dip in the hot springs. The heat gave my sore muscles comfort. Both of us are sitting on the edge, with Regaleon hugging me from behind.

"It is beautiful out here." I said while looking at the night sky. The stars are not very visible because of the bright full moon, but the brighter ones can still be seen.

"Yes, it is." Regaleon said into my ear. His lips were slowly nibbling my earlobe.

"Hehe, that tickles." I said as a protest. "Hmm, it is peaceful out here. How I wish we can stay like this a little longer."

I missed having a simple and peaceful life, similar to what I have when I was still young. My mother and I only got each other back then and life was hard, but at least we were content with living everyday without any worry in the world.

"I know how you feel my love." Regaleon said. "I also wish for the same thing. But I am afraid we can\'t stay here for much longer."

"Yes, I know." I sighed.

The war is not over yet. We might have pushed Queen Patricia\'s group into a corner after the civil war in Jennovia started, but we cannot relax until they are defeated completely.

"Let us talk about that when we get back." Regaleon said with a mischievous smile. "Let\'s make this moment last longer."

"Hmm, sounds good." I agreed to his suggestion. I thought of a topic that might be more cheerful and lighthearted. "Um Leon, you plan of having children with me, right? How many would you want? Would you like a girl or a boy?"

I have been thinking about this since we have consummated. Regaleon did not use any protection while having intercourse with me, which means he plans on having children early in our marriage. I was happy to know that Regaleon is not adamant on having children, even though he came from a family that practices polygamy.

"Well if you conceive right away, then I would like to have many children with you as much as possible." Regaleon said with a smile. "It doesn\'t matter if it is a boy or a girl. I would just want our children to be strong and healthy. If we have a girl, then I would like her to look like you." He kissed my forehead after speaking.

I felt my heart squeeze with such love and affection from Regaleon. "Hehe, so you want many?" I asked. "Well I will try my best to give you as many as possible." I giggled. But I was not sure if I can bear so many.

"Its okay. You don\'t need to push yourself." Regaleon said. "Of course, you also need to think of your health. I would not want many children if your health will be compromised in the end. Let us just see what the almighty would give us."

"Hmm, okay." I agreed.

Thinking of the future with Regaleon made me happy. Having children born from our love and making a family make my heart flutter. My life with the man I love starts tonight. The tranquil of the night and with Regaleon by my side gave me peace. After everything that we have been through, we are happy to be together once again. Truly, this was a night to remember.

"What do you think our future would be after the war?" I asked in passing.

"Well, I am sure that both of us would become Emperor and Empress of an empire after this." Regaleon said.

"An empire?" I asked surprised. "You mean…" I trailed off.

Grandcrest was still a kingdom much bigger that Jennovia and Alvannia. If Grandcrest will become an empire, that just means that the other two countries will be under Grandcrest rule.

"I had talks with your father and brother in Alvannia. They are willing to serve under my rule, with the condition that Richard will be lord with the Alvannian territory." Regaleon explained.

"Father agreed to that?" I asked in amazement. I was surprised that father told me he would step down his throne and give it to Richard after he comes of age. And now he agreed on becoming a territory under Grandcrest.

"Yes. Surprisingly, he was okay with it." Regaleon replied with a smile. "As for Jennovia, I had exchanged messages with Duke Matias. He also sees a huge benefit with Jennovia becoming a territory of Grandcrest under my rule, also with the condition that Satiana will remain the lord of Jennovian territory."

I took all this information in. I was surprised with this news but was also happy to know that both Satiana and Richard that are my family, will rule the empire alongside with us.

"I am happy to know that there are plans laid out after this war ends." I said. "I never thought that I would be an empress of an empire." I giggled.

"You deserve the title my love." Regaleon said. "You have worked hard until now."

"And you as well, your majesty the emperor." I said with a smile. "You deserve the title the most. I know that you would be a great emperor that will rule with righteousness."

Regaleon and I both became silent after our long talk. I was watching the night sky when I felt Regaleon\'s hands starting to explore my body once again. His hands skillfully snaked around my body, caressing my still sensitive body from the activity we had just done.

"Hmmm…" I moaned, starting to feel Regaleon\'s passionate actions.

Regaleon\'s lips started to play with my earlobes, then found its way towards my neck. His lips left traces of heat along its way. One of his hands found its way to one of my mounds and started to massage it carefully. His other hand was caressing my thighs, leaving me hot and wanting. My body was starting to crave for him once again.

"L-Leon…hmmm…" I was starting to feel the passion of his actions.

"Yes, my love?" Regaleon replied to my call. His breath was hot over my neck.

"Ahhh… it feels good." I said, my voice exposed my desire.

"You body is so soft that I want to always touch you." Regaleon said, continuing his passionate actions. "These mounds have grown quite fine. And this part has started to become wet. Are you craving for me my love?"

I was embarrassed with Regaleon\'s words. It was true that my body now has grown into a woman, and now it truly craves his touch.

"Ahhh…" I can feel Regaleon\'s finger playing with the entrance of my flower garden.

"This part of you is starting to get wet, even though it is under water." Regaleon had a playful smile on his face. "Tell me my Lili, what do you want."

Regaleon continued to use his fingers to play with the entrance of my flower garden. I was left with the feeling of craving his fingers inside of me, but I was shy to say it out loud.

"Ahhh… Leon…" I said, my body was craving for his touch to go even deeper.

"Tell me Lili, what do you want me to do?" Regaleon asked once again." I wouldn\'t know unless you tell me."

"I… I want your fingers inside of me… Leon." I said with embarrassment.

"Good girl." Regaleon smiled triumphantly. "You are being honest."

Regaleon inserted his finger inside my flower garden. The feeling of a foreign object entering my lower region once again fulfilled my body\'s cravings. His finger started to massage my inner parts and it made my bod shiver in passion.

"Ahhh… it feels… so good." I moaned with pleasure.

Regaleon\'s lips continued its trail of kisses on my ears and neck, making my body more aroused. His other hand started to pinch my nipples, multiplying the passion my body was feeling.

"Hmmm… ahhhh. Leon… I…I am…" My voice was breaking because of what was coming.

"Yes, my Lili, come for me." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

"Ahhh... I\'m coming… Leon!" I screamed after reaching my climax.

My body convulsed in Regaleon\'s embrace. I was panting heavily, catching my breath. Regaleon was holding my body that is still sensitive.

"Good girl." Regaleon said, giving me a kiss on my cheek. "Now you can help me with this."

Regaleon took my hand and put it on his hard manhood. I was surprised at first and then knew that I also need to satisfy him.

My hands held his manhood firmly. Like what I learned, I started to move my hands up and down. His shaft was hard and thick, making me think how I was able to accommodate such size inside of me. I blushed just by thinking about it.

"Hmmm… oh Lili… it feels good." I heard Reggaeton moan behind me.

Regaleon\'s hot and thick meat stick was in between me and growing by every touch. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I knew he was feeling pleasure in my actions.

After some time playing with his hard manhood, I deliberately aimed the tip on the opening of my flower garden. I pulled my body up and then came down on his hard meat stick.

"Ahhh f*ck…" Regaleon cursed with the suddenness but I was sure he said that because of the intensity of the pleasure.

"Hmmm… ahhh…" I moaned while moving on top of him.

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