The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 273 Honeymoon Under the Moonlight 2 R18

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Note: This chapter has mature contents. Read at your own discretion.

"Now, I can make love with you, my wife." Regaleon whispered.

Regaleon gently parted my legs and lowered his body slowly. After that I felt his manhood entered my private part.

"Ahhhh…." I felt pain upon his entry.

The pain I felt was something every woman undergoes after losing their virginity. It felt like my private part was pierced with something sharp. Regaleon was breathing heavily on top of me. He also had a pained expression on his face.

"Does it hurt so much?" Regaleon asked with a worried tone. "I will try to do it slowly until you are used to me. It hasn\'t gone all the way in yet."

\'It hasn\'t gone all the way in yet?\' The thought shocked me.

I have seen Regaleon\'s manhood last night and it was clearly big. I have also thought to myself how such a thing can fit inside of me.

"Haaa… I will move slowly, my love." Regaleon said while panting heavily. I nodded, letting him know I am prepared.

Regaleon pushed his length further inside my flower garden. Because of the foreplay a while ago, my private area was still dripping wet, helping his hard and thick manhood enter easily. I felt his length enter my insides and hit something that made my body shudder.

"Ahhh…" I moaned after feeling the top of his manhood hit something inside of me.

"Haaa…haaaa. It\'s inside." Regaleon was panting heavily. "Are you okay, Lili? He held my cheeks with his big palms.

"I-It hurts…" I said with tears in my eyes. "But I am okay. Now we are connected at last, my love." I smiled at him.

Regaleon used his thumb to wipe away the tears. His lips landed on my forehead down to my eyes, licking the tears that were falling. His actions made my body feel hot, and my inner muscled clenched his shaft.

"Hmmm… if you do that, then I can\'t hold myself back, Lili." Regaleon had a painful expression on his face. "I will move now, so be prepared." I nodded.

Regaleon then started to move. I can feel his manhood come one and then go in slowly at first. The pain was still there, but after some time the pain was receding, and pleasure started to replace them.

"Ohhhh Lili… you feel so good." Regaleon said with a lustful voice. His eyes were locked on mine, and it contained fire that needed to be quenched.

Regaleon sat up and held my legs. His thrusts started to intensify, and his action became faster.

"Ahhh… hmmm… ahhh…" My moans started to get louder. The pain by now has faded and the pleasure I was feeling was now building up inside. "L-Leon… haaaa…. it feels… so good."

"Yes, my love. Feel good for me." Regaleon said with his hoarse voice.

Both of our bodies felt hot and we started to sweat with our actions. Regaleon\'s hand found my mounds and started to massage them. The feeling just added to my ongoing pleasure.

"Ahhh...ahhhh." I moaned loudly when Regaleon pinched both of my nipples. The sensation made my insides squeezed his bulging manhood inside of me.

"Ahhh Lili…" Regaleon moaned. "F*ck, you feel so good."

Regaleon\'s movements started to get wilder. He was pounding his manhood deep into my flower garden. He was hitting the most inner walls of my private area.

"L-Leon…. hmmm" I called his name with such wanting. "I-I can\'t take it anymore…. ahhh… I… am coming." I said in between moans.

"Yes, come for me my love." Regaleon said with such sexy voice.

Regaleon\'s thrusts maintained its ferocity, pounding me deeply inside. The sensation was intense that I felt my body will break anytime. By then I felt the build up inside my body and a huge wave was coming.

"Yes, my love. Let us come together." Regaleon said.

It was like his words were a switch, my body started to convulse under him. The pleasure came in wave and my body was feeling ecstasy like never before.

"Ahhhh…." I moaned with such pleasure.

"Ahhh…. haaaa…haaaa." Regaleon moaned right after me.

I felt hot liquid gush inside of me. The sensation I felt was so intense that after my body convulsed, my body felt like jelly.

Regaleon also had his body leaned on me, but he supported his weight with his arms on the ground. We were both panting hard, catching our breath. Out bodies are still connected down there, I can feel the heat of his chest on mine.

\'This was… our first time.\' I thought to myself.

I felt much closer to him like never before. Our bodies and hearts are now connected as one.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon whispered in my ear.

"Surprisingly… I feel fine." I said truthfully.

Like I thought, my first time would hurt. This was also taught to me in my bridal lessons. I felt the pain on insertion, but surprisingly it did not last long.

\'And I thought I would hurt until morning?\' I thought.

"That\'s good." Regaleon said and looked at me with a smile. "Because I want to embrace you until dawn." He had a mischievous smile on his face.

My eyes went wide in surprise. "U-Until dawn? But…. Ahhhh… Leon." I squealed.

Regaleon started to lick my earlobe and then bit it slightly that made me squeal. His manhood that had slipped out of me a while ago, started to grow big and hard once more.

\'He is hard again?!\' I was surprised.

Regaleon started to rain kisses on my neck, which was one of my sensitive spots. My body started to feel hot once again.

"Hmmm… haaaa…" I was moaning with pleasure once again.

"You love being kissed and licked here…" Regaleon said while licking my neck. "You are quite sensitive in this sport huh?"

Regaleon was starting to explore my body. His lips were now trailing down my chest unto my soft mounds.

"Ahhhh…." I moaned loudly when his mouth bit my hard nipple and his hand was pinching the other.

"And these parts as well." Regaleon said. "You like me doing this?"

I felt embarrassed while Regaleon was telling me of my sensitive spots.

"Y-You don\'t have to say that loud… ahhh." I said while Regaleon gently sucked my breasts. He gave a teasing smile with my reaction.

Regaleon gently lifted one of my arms and started to lick his way to my armpits, which made me more embarrassed.

"No Leon… not there." I said with embarrassment, but he continued his way.

Regaleon turned me over, and I was now lying face down on the soft lawn. He licked the back of my neck, down to my back. The sensation was intense that my body shuddered under his body.

"Ahhhh…" I moaned with the sensation.

"You are also sensitive here?" Regaleon said. I can feel him smile on my back. "You are starting to get wet again, my love."

I can feel Regaleon\'s hand started to make its way to my inner thighs, caressing my body along the way. And then his fingers found the opening to my flower garden. Like he said, my private area is starting to leak fluids once again.

Regaleon started to play with my lower lips, making me moan with pleasure. I was panting with pleasure; my inside was itching for comfort. His fingers found the entrance to my flower garden and had gone in with one go.

"Ahhhh…." I moaned with the feeling.

Regaleon\'s fingers started to massage my insides, his actions were gentle. My body started to move according to his fingers, rocking itself wanting more.

"L-Leon… hmmm." I moaned, wanting more.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon sweetly whispered into my ear.

"I-I want you." I said. "Please…" I cannot stand it anymore. I want him inside of me.

"Your wish is my command." Regaleon said with a chuckle.

Regaleon propped my butt up in a comfortable angle and then took me from behind.

"Ahhhh…" I can feel his hard manhood come inside my private parts more easily than before.

His length was now inside me and I felt relief. Regaleon started to move as before, slowly at first and then pick up the pace.

"Ahhhh Lili…" Regaleon moaned with pleasure. I as well can feel him deep inside me, more than before.

Regaleon\'s thrust was picking up un pace, and I was feeling ecstasy feeling his hard manhood deep inside of me. I felt his arms on my waist and then he pulled me up.

"Ahhh…" I was surprised with the sudden change of position.

I was now sitting on top of him, my back on his chest. Regaleon\'s hands grabbed my mounds and started to squeeze them. His fingers pinched my nipples hard that made my body and insides flinch.

"Ahhh…haaaa…hmmm…haaaa." I was panting and moaning hard. My body was staring to build up once more.

"Ahhhh…. Lili…don\'t squeeze me to hard…" Regaleon said with a pained voice. "I can\'t stand it if you do that."

"B-But…hmmm… it\'s your fault…haaaa." I said in response. If he was not pushing my buttons that hard, then my insides will not squeeze his manhood.

But Regaleon did not listen and still attacked my sensitive spots. I can feel his long shaft thrusting in and out of my lower entrance that was so wet with lust.

"Ahhh…L-Leon…" I moaned with pleasure. "I-I think I am coming again."

"Then come, my love." Regaleon said behind ear. "Just release it." I can feel his hot breath tickling my neck.

I cannot contain the pleasure inside my body anymore and I climaxed once more. My body shivered in Regaleon\'s embrace.

"Hmmmm…." Regaleon moaned as well. I can feel hot fluid gushing down my thighs.

We were both panting once again. Regaleon was still embracing me from behind. I felt his arms tighten around me and his lips kiss me on my cheek.

"My Lili, you feel so good." Regaleon said with passion. "I love you. I love you so much."

"I love you too." I replied to him.

I can feel the love he has for me. My heart and body were satisfied by him, and now I am all his. I looked at the night sky above. The moon was full and illuminated our surroundings, it was reflected on the water\'s surface quite beautifully. Looking around I thought the location was quite romantic. I was happy to think that Regaleon picked this place where our first night would be.

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