The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 272 Honeymoon Under the Moonlight 1 R18

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"Let me help you take off your dress." Regaleon whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck that the hair all over my body stood.

I felt Regaleon\'s hands on my shoulders. With just his touch, my body started to feel hot and wanting. Not long, his fingers started to do the work of unbuttoning my clothes. We are alone in the middle of nowhere, and I can only hear the nature\'s sounds. My heart was thumping loudly that I am afraid Regaleon can hear it as well.

"Your skin is quite flushed." Regaleon said behind my ear.

His breath made me shiver. Not long, I can feel his hands caress my bare back.

"Ahh…" A moan escaped from my lips, but I covered my mouth with my hands to hold it in.

The dress that I was wearing just now came down from my body. I stepped cautiously as to not get dirty the dress I wore. Regaleon took my dress on the floor and neatly folded it and set aside.

"Beautiful…" Regaleon said while looking at me. I was standing before him with wearing only my undergarments. "Why don\'t you help me out of my clothes as well."

I gulped unintentionally with his words. Just thinking of me undressing my husband, lewd things started to appear on my mind. I shook my head to dispel the thoughts.

\'I need to focus.\' I told myself. \'As a wife, I have to serve my husband and let him feel satisfied.\'

This was included in my bridal training back in Jennovia. A wife\'s night duty to her husband is to satisfy his desire. The deed was done not only to make an heir but also to give pleasure to both parties as well. I have tried to pleasure Regaleon just last night and it was a success. He even gave back the pleasure to me as well.

I took a step closer to him and started to peel of his clothes. First, I helped him take off his coat. Next, I tucked out his inner white shirt and started to unbutton it. One after the other I unbutton them, and his broad chest started to peek out. After unbuttoning all of them, I took off his shirt and neatly placed it with the other closed.

Regaleon\'s naked upper body was now presented in front of me. His chest and abs looked hard and sturdy. His biceps were sculpted perfectly. I am sure that his body was well toned because of physical activities. Up close I can see light scars that one could not see in just one gaze.

\'These scars look new.\' I thought myself.

I heard that Reggaeton fought in the naval battle in the Dues Canal. He must have gotten injured while fighting in that battle. My heart clenched knowing that my man had gotten hurt. Apart from the scars from his childhood, he still got new ones even now he was king. I lightly touched the scars on his chest.

"Those were just light injuries." Regaleon said with a mild tone. "You don\'t need to worry."

I might have made a face full of worry for Regaleon to say such a thing to me. I looked up at him with tearful eyes.

"I don\'t want to see you get hurt any longer." I said with a pleading tone.

"Don\'t worry my love." Regaleon said. "After this war, we will long lasting peace." He had such a comforting tone.

\'Yes. After this war, the whole continent will be at peace once more.\' I thought.

I kissed one scar and then the other, until I trailed kisses on his body.

"Hmmm…" I heard Regaleon moan with my kisses.

This gave me the courage to be bolder. My hands lightly touched his rock firm abs and trailed its way towards his waist. I trailed my touch on the hem of his pants and slowly unbuttoned it. His pants fell down the ground after.

My lips were still raining light kisses on his chest while my hands trailed on his happy place. By then I felt his manhood standing in attention under his undergarments. Slowly, I touched his manhood up and down.

"Ahhh…Lili." Regaleon moaned in pleasure.

By then I felt Regaleon\'s hands trail over my undergarments and quickly took them off. He then took off his undergarment by himself. By then I was surprised that my feet were lifted off the ground in an instant.

"Ahhh…" I shrieked in surprise.

Regaleon carried the naked me and we plunged into the hot spring. Our whole body were submerged under water. I quickly surfaced and took a breath. I saw Regaleon surface, looking at me with such passion.

"What do you think you are you doing?!" I splashed water on his face feeling quite irritated with his sudden action.

"Sorry…" Regaleon apologized. "It was because I saw your body shivering, so I thought you were cold and quickly put you in the hot spring."

I was taken back by Regaleon\'s explanation. It is true that my body was starting to shiver, but it was not because of the cold. I looked away feeling quite embarrassed.

"I-It was not because its cold." I said shyly. "My body was shivering because… it was… yearning for you."

There was a moment of silence after. Regaleon looked at me, processing my words. And after than there was a playful grin on his face.

"Then let\'s pick up where we left off." Regaleon said with a playful tone.

"W-What… ahhh." I was about to ask what he means but Regaleon took me in his arms abruptly.

I can feel his hard manhood by my stomach that it made me blush. Regaleon devoured my lips hungrily in no time.

"Hmmm…" I cannot help but moan with his deep and passionate kiss. It felt like his previous kisses were restrained and now his restraints were gone.

Regaleon\'s hands started to explore my body under the water. His touch made my body shiver in anticipation. When our lips parted, we were both panting heavily to catch our breath.

"You are so beautiful my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

Regaleon\'s lips started to trail kisses from my ear down my neck. The trail he made felt hot and my body craved for more.

"Ahhh…L-Leon…" I moaned with pleasure.

Regaleon\'s hand under the water started to massage my breast while the other started to caress my inner thighs. His lips were trailing kisses on my neck and upper chest. My private area was starting to yearn for his touch. I felt an itching sensation inside me that wanted him so badly.

"L-Leon…hmmm…" My body was wholly under his mercy. It was craving for him the more he touched me.

By then, I felt Regaleon\'s finger slip inside my private part.

"Ahhh…" I moaned with the sudden entry, and my body shuddered making waves over the water. "Leon…" I called his name longingly.

Regaleon\'s finger started to massage my inner parts. I felt the longing inside of me being satisfied by his touch. In and out, his finger made action. By then my body was starting to get used to the sensation, when I felt another finger enter.

"Ahhh…" I moaned in ecstasy.

Regaleon was playing with my nipple and started to pinch it more forcefully. This added more to my body\'s sensitivity.

"Ahhh…. L-Leon…" I called out his name. "I… I am coming." I said, feeling the ecstasy at its peak.

"Come for me, my Lili." Regaleon whispered in my ear.

By then the sensation that is becoming familiar to me came. I was at my climax.

"Ahhhh…." I moaned feeling the pleasure all over my body. My body convulsed with ecstasy. Making waves on the water\'s surface.

Regaleon held my body closely in his embrace. I was panting heavily after climaxing.

"Did that feel good?" Regaleon asked and I just nodded as a reply.

My body was sensitive just after climaxing and it felt like I had no strength. By then, Regaleon helped me go towards the edge of the hot spring and up on the grassy ground. It did not feel uncomfortable lying on the ground, in fact the grass served as a cushion.

Regaleon had is body hovering above me. He gazed at me with such love and passion. His hand started to caress my cheek.

"My beautiful Lili." Regaleon said with such affection. "I have waited for this day for such a long time. I never thought that keeping a promise would feel like such a burden. It was okay when we were apart, but when I saw you again, I cannot keep my hands from you."

I remember his promise to me when we got engaged. That he will not make love to me until we are officially married.

\'Is that why he made a surprise marriage?\' I thought. \'Is it because he can\'t hold himself any longer after our reunion?\'

The thought made my heart race. Just knowing that this man who is both handsome and powerful, yearned for me body and soul, made me fall in love with him even more. I looked at Regaleon\'s face who was on top of me. His hair was wet and dripping, and it just made him look even more hot and handsome.

"Now, I can make love with you, my wife." Regaleon whispered.

Regaleon gently parted my legs and lowered his body slowly. After that I felt his manhood entered my private part.

"Ahhhh…." I felt pain upon his entry.

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