The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 271 Married Couple

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The ceremony was short but solemn. After the ceremony, there was a simple feast prepared at the chapel\'s garden. The men that came to rescue me were the ones in attendance.

"Congratulations to the king and queen of Grandcrest."

"We wish you all the best."

"May you have a great future to come."

"Hail to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest kingdom."

They greeted me and Regaleon with well wishes. Their smiles and enthusiasm made me happy.

"Thank you everyone." I replied to their cheers.

"Enough of the formalities." Regaleon said with an authoritative voice. His men stood in attention with his words. "Eat and drink to your hearts content. This night is for all of us to be merry."

Regaleon\'s men that was standing stiff heave a sigh of relief. They had huge smiles on their faces after hearing Regaleon\'s words and cheered.

"How did they decorate the garden this fast?" I asked in wonder. "We just walked here some time ago."

When the ceremony ended and we walked out of chapel, I was greeted with a decorated chapel garden with tables and chairs. The food and drinks were also served, and I was amazed because we just walked here not long ago, and the decorations were not yet in place.

"The men offered to do this." Regaleon replied. "They said they wanted to do something to show thanks to us."

"They did?" I asked in amazement. "That is so kind of them."

Regaleon led me to the table found on the center and he helped me get seated. He then seated on his after. The table in front of us had assorted dishes served that made my stomach grumble. After all the excitement of this day passed, I felt hungry.

"The men here are all Atlantians." Regaleon said with a knowing tone. "I took them under my wing and gave them a place to call home back in Grandcrest. They still see you as their princess, even though Atlantia is long gone."

I was a little dazed with Regaleon\'s words. I never thought that I could meet so many survivors from Atlantia. I felt touched that they still see me as their princess, even though it was my grandfather\'s fault why Atlantia, the place they called home, had sank to the bottom of the sea.

"Come, let\'s eat." Regaleon gave me a reassuring smile. "I am sure you are famished after the activities the whole day."

"Hmm." I agreed and smiled sweetly.

I looked at the people around us now. They are eating and drinking merrily. My mother and father were together once again. They may need to catch up on the years they have been parted but looking at them smiling made my heart flutter in joy.

William, who was my best friend was here as well in my joyous occasion. Even though his affection for me still lingers inside his heart, I wish for his happiness more than ever.

Tricia and Dimitri who had served Regaleon and I, and they are also people who are dear to me. I am happy that they are here to celebrate with us.

All in all, I was happy. I looked at Regaleon who was by my side and smiled. We have been apart for so long, and now that we are together once more. We made a vow never to be separated once again.

\'I am now Alicia Rosalyn Astley, wife of Regaleon Yosef Astley. I am now the Queen of Grandcrest.\' I thought to myself.

My heart fluttered just thinking that I am now legally wedded to my one and only love. I feel that I will burst in happiness.

"Try this, it is delicious." Regaleon offered me his spoon. Without any thoughts I took his spoon inside my mouth.

"Hmm, it is." I said with a smile and Regaleon replied with one as well.

"Here, eat this." Regaleon started to place different kinds of food in my plate.

I was just so happy that I wished this day will not end. The festivities continued around us.


After the feast, Regaleon asked me to take a walk in the vicinity. The sun has set, and a full moon has risen in the night sky.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You will see once we get there." Regaleon replied with a smile.

After some time walking, the scenery around changed. From the chapel, we walked a little to the south and tall trees were seen around us. Regaleon led me to walk along the path inside the forest. After looking closely on the surroundings, this area was close to the mountain ranges of Jennovia. This village was really by the borders of the two kingdoms.

After a while we walked through an open clearing. What I saw was a body of water in front of us. I was amazed to see that there was something like this hidden inside the forest.

"Where are we?" I asked in curiosity.

"As you know, the mountain you see just there is a volcano." Regaleon pointed out to the mountain that was seen clearly from where we are. "Because of that, there are hidden hot springs in the vicinity."

I nodded in reply, understanding what Regaleon was explaining.

"I am surprised that you found this place." I said in amazement. "After our trek, it looks liked this place is hidden."

We just walked thru the thick forest with tall trees. Who would have known there was a hot spring hidden here?

"Well, if you have an aerial view, this would be hard to miss." Regaleon winked at me.

That was when I remembered Regaleon telling me that we have traveled by air on the back of Tempest.

"Oh, I would like to see Tempest\'s other form." I said with excitement.

I knew of Snow\'s second form as a tiger. It was quite majestic. I would also want to see Tempest\'s other form as well.

"Speaking of, I haven\'t seen those two all day." I realized.

"Haha, you can see Tempest\'s other form another time." Regaleon said. "And for their where abouts, I am also not quite sure. The area is quite wide and those two loves to roam freely."

"Well I guess your right on that." I replied.

Snow has been copped up inside the Jennovian palace when we were there. After escaping, I am sure she longed to be free roaming around once again.

"Come, let\'s take a dip." Regaleon said.

"N-Now?!" I asked in surprise. "But I am not prepared."

We came here from the feast. The both of us are still wearing our formal attires. I am a bit reluctant to get the dress Regaleon bought for me wet. I plan to store this dress as a memento for this happy occasion.

"Of course, we are not going to get your dress wet." Regaleon replied as if he read my mind. "It is just the two of us here. No one will see us."

"T-Then you mean…" I trailed off my sentence.

"It is okay to get naked." Regaleon smirked teasingly.

I felt blood rush towards my head. Just by thinking that Regaleon and I would take a bath in the hot spring naked.

\'Get a grip Alicia.\' I scolded myself. \'You are already married to him. Having naked in front of your husband is normal.\'

I was a bit shy but thinking that Regaleon and I had done some kinky stuff before, getting naked and bathing together is normal.

Regaleon walked slowly behind me. His movements were slow yet tantalizing.

"Let me help you take off your dress." Regaleon whispered in my ear. His breath tickled my neck that the hair all over my body stood.

I felt Regaleon\'s hands on my shoulders. With just his touch, my body started to feel hot and wanting.

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