The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 270 A Very Special Day

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Mother led me into a small room to prepare. I was already wearing my simple wedding dress. My hair only needs some re-touch and my face needs some blush.

"Please sit here your highness." Tricia said.

I take my sit in front of a mirror and saw my reflection. My eyes looked puffy because of crying, but at least it was not swollen. Tricia started to apply some make up on me.

While sitting and letting Tricia do her job, I saw my mother and father\'s reflection in the mirror. I saw them close to one another, with my father\'s arms around my mother\'s waist. The sight made my heart feel warm.

"When did you arrive father?" I asked. My father\'s gaze that was focused on my mother shifted towards me.

"I got your fiancé message five days ago by carrier pigeon." Father said. "I rode in haste on the same day, taking just a small team of guards with me."

I giggled thinking that my father just up and left after getting the message that my mother was alive and well with me.

"I am sure the Richard is in his wits end with your sudden departure father." I teased.

"Ahem… well I am confident that your brother can do a good job while I am away." Father said while blushing with embarrassment. "He had been working with me for some time now. I can see how hard working he is and dependable. I am planning to step down after he comes of age."

I was surprised with father\'s words. I never realized that my father would step down as king because he was still in his prime. If my memory serves me correct, Richard will come of age two years from now. Is my father\'s decision based on my mother miraculously being alive?

"I am happy to see that you two are close to each other." I teased them.

After hearing my words mother had a surprised look and quickly stepped away from my father.

"T-That… that\'s because his majesty always sticks around me." Mother said with a blush.

"I feel sad that you call me that way." Father pouted and quickly came to my mother\'s side. "My life was meaningless when I thought you were dead. So please don\'t push me away like that."

"I-I am not pushing you away." Mother said with a high tone." It is just… your daughter is here watching us." My mother was blushing even redder.

"That is okay, right Alicia?" Father asked permission from me.

"Of course, you have my permission father." I smiled. "It is just that, I think you still need to woe mother even more. You have many things to ask forgiveness and many years to catch up." I giggled.

"That is correct." My mother said with a furious face. "You still have to gain my forgiveness after everything that has happened." Mother said with a humph and crossed her arms.

"Yes, yes of course my Leticia." Father said with a sad face. "I will do everything to gain your forgiveness."

I giggled looking at my parents. Father looked like a dejected puppy vying for mother\'s favor. Mother on the other hand was resisting father\'s advances but I am sure that it only needs a little time until she gives in my father\'s advances.

"It is done your highness." Tricia said with a confident smile.

That was when I realized that Tricia was done re-touching my hair and make-up for me. I looked in the mirror and I was looking at my own reflection. I had light make-up on, and my hair was styled normally. I looked like a normal bride.

"Oh my. Our baby looks beautiful." Mother started to shed some tears.

"Yes, she is beautiful like you." Father added.

Both of my parents walked towards me. I got up from my seat and looked at them.

"We wish you happiness my baby girl." Mother said with tears.

"I still have some bad feelings towards your groom… but I know he will love you and make you his most special person." Father said. "I wish the two of you, happiness."

"Mother, father… thank you." I hugged them both.

"We love you Alicia." Mother and father said."Here is the last touch." She put on the veil on top of me.


I walked towards the end of the aisle feeling nervous and saw William walk towards me.

"Will…" I called out to him with a smile. William gave a smile back.

"You look beautiful Alicia." William said to me. "Here, for you."

William gave me a bouquet of blue roses, the symbol of Grandcrest\'s royal family.

"His majesty had these specifically sent here from Grandcrest." William said with a low voice.

"Thank you." I took the bouquet from him.

There was a short silence between us after. It felt awkward, knowing of William\'s affection towards me.

"Will…" I was about to call him when he cut my sentence.

"Alicia." William said and looked straight into my eyes. "I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart." He gave me a generous smile. I was taken aback by his words.

"I know how his majesty loves and cherishes you. I am happy to know that it was him that you will marry." William said. "I trust that he will love and protect you."

"But Will…" I was about to say sorry, but he stopped my lips with his fingers.

"Alicia, my feelings for you will never change." William said with a sad smile. "I will always be here by your side, as your best friend and protector."

I nodded knowing what he meant. "Thank you Will."

I gave him a hug, knowing full well about his feelings for me. I wished from the bottom of my heart that he will meet a girl that he will love in the future that will love him back.

"You better get going." William said. "Your groom his waiting by the altar."

I nodded and gave him a smile, trying to prevent tears from falling. I held the bouquet of blue roses tightly and walked towards the end of the aisle. My father was waiting there for me.

"I am happy that I can walk you to the altar like this." Father said. He linked my arms onto his.

"Thank you, father, for being here." I said with gratitude.

I never imagined before that my father would love me back. Many things have happened since my fourteenth birthday. I met the love of my life, I learned that I was of Atlantian blood and had magic powers; I also learned that my father also loved me and that my mother was still alive. And now I am going to marry the love of my life.

I was now standing at the end of the aisle with my father. When I looked in front of me, I saw Regaleon wearing a formal black coat and pants with a white inner shirt. He had his hair brushed up. My heart was thumping rapidly seeing how handsome he was in front of the altar waiting for me.

Father and I started to walk down the aisle. The floor was littered with blue petals from the roses and I was able to smell their fragrance along the way. My eyes on the other hand were glues unto one person only. Regaleon had my eyes locked on his, it did not waver until I reached the altar.

"I entrust my daughter to you." Father said when he took my hands and offered it to Regaleon. "Take care of her. Love her and keep her safe." He said to Regaleon with a hint of threatening,

"I promise you I will keep your daughter safe." Regaleon replied. "I will love her and ONLY her in my whole life." He emphasized.

Their exchange of words made my heart flutter. Regaleon took my hand on his and held them tightly. He looked at the priest on the altar and nodded for him to begin.

The priest started to preside. The wedding right was short, and we proceeded with our vows shortly.

"I, Regaleon Yosef Astley king of Grandcrest, take Alicia Rosalyn von Heist the third princess of Alvannia, as my legal wife and become the queen of Grandcrest. I will rule all of Grandcrest with you as my queen. I promise to love and cherish you forever. I promise to keep you safe and protect you from harm. I promise to take only you as my wife. I will never let you go, whatever happens. I will always stay by your side as your husband, in sickness and in health. Even after death, my soul shall search for you and I will love you until the next lifetime."

Regaleon placed the gold ring into my ring finger and it fits perfectly. I smiled thinking that the ring was a perfect fit, as if

"I, Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist the third princess of Alvannia, take Regaleon Yosef Astley the king of Alvannia as my legal husband. I will rule by your side as queen of Grandcrest and help in ways possible. I promise to love and cherish you always. I also promise to help you in times of need and protect you from danger. I will also stay by your side as your wife, in sickness and in health. And even in death, I will wait for you and love you until the next lifetime."

I put the gold ring on his ring finger. Now our vows have been given and our ring binds us to one another.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The priest blessed us. "You may now kiss the bride."

Regaleon pulled up my veil and we looked into each other\'s eyes. Regaleon uses his thumb to vying my cheeks.

"You are so beautiful my love." Regaleon whispered. "Now we are husband and wife. I will never let you go. I will never let us be apart again."

I smiled hearing his words. "Yes Leon, we will never be apart again."

Regaleon inched his face towards mine and our lips met. I closed my eyes and felt his soft lips against mine. By then I heard the cheers and applause of the people around us.

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