The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 269 Surprise of a Lifetime

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Regaleon took my hand and led me to the place he was telling me about. We walked along town towards the edge of the village. The scenery started to change along the way, we can see more greenery and colorful flowers. The rural houses started to dwindle until we came on a building that looked old yet still maintained its natural beauty. The building looked like a chapel.

"Is this the village\'s chapel?" I asked once we got near.

"Yes." Regaleon said with a smile. "The building is old. But it still maintains its charm."

I looked at the chapel which is small compared to those large churches in big cities and capitals. The walls of the building are decorated with beautiful vined flowers, creeping its wat up. The garden outside the chapel also gives a subtle elegance and makes the place more serene.

"Let\'s go inside." Regaleon said while holding my hand.

"Is it okay to go in?" I asked in worry. "Is it not rude to just go in without permission?"

It is not a church day today and the chapel was closed to the public, hence I worried if it was okay to see the interior.

"Do not worry. Trust me." Regaleon winked at me.

Regaleon led me to the doors of the chapel and let go of my hand to place them on the doors.

"I hope you will like this surprise of mine." Regaleon smiled.

"Surprise?" I asked in wonder. \'So, visiting here is one of his plans.\' I thought.

My heart started to thump, wondering what kind of surprise was waiting for me inside. Then, Regaleon opened the doors. At first the interiors were dim, but my eyes started to adjust and saw what was inside.

The interior of the chapel was like other churches, rows of chairs lines up towards the altar, smoked glass with different colors were used on windows, and the altar was in front. What was different was the decoration. Blue roses that were the symbol of the Grandcrest royal family and only grows in the Grandcrest palace grounds, are all lined up along the aisle. White cloths and ribbons are also decorated along the way towards the altar. Looking at the interior, it looks like it was designed for a wedding ceremony.

\'A wedding…\' I gasped by the thought.

I looked at myself that was wearing a white dress. My hair was styled by Regaleon not long ago and he let me wear the accessories we bought in the market. My heart was thumping hard and fast with the realization. I looked at Regaleon with wide eyes. That was then when Regaleon suddenly knelt on one knee before me.

"L-Leon…" I gasped by his sudden action. I had the grasp of the situation that is happening now.

"My Lili…" Regaleon looked up at me and held my hand. "We were away from one another for two years. Those years have made me think that I can never live without you. I never want to be apart from you again. Here and now, I want to give you my vow of undying love."

I held my mouth with the surprise of the event that was unfolding in front of me. Tears started to gather around the rim of my eyes. Regaleon\'s words hit my heart hard, knowing that I also felt the same way as him all these years we were apart.

Regaleon took out a small box from his pocket and opened it in front of me. Inside was pair of rings made of gold.

"Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist, will you marry me here and now?" Regaleon asked me with his face full of love and longing.

Regaleon\'s words gave me the surprise of a lifetime. I have never thought that right here and now, I can marry him, Regaleon who is the love of my life. The tears that were at the rims of my eyes started to flow. My heart clenched with the feelings I am feeling right now.

"Of course." I said in between sobs. "Regaleon Yosef Astley, I am happy to marry you right here, right now."

Regaleon face beamed brightly after my reply. He smiled wide, his eyes full of joy. He kissed the back of my hand that he was holding.

"Thank you, my love." Regaleon stood up. "You made me the happiest man in the entire world." He pulled me by my waist and kissed me.

Regaleon\'s sudden kiss surprised me at first but I let myself go with the passion. By then I heard applause around me.

*clap clap clap*

I was surprised with the sudden noise and pushed Regaleon abruptly, but he held me firmly in his arms. I looked around and saw the people dear to me came walking towards me. William, Tricia, Dimitri, and mother were here. But what surprised me was father was here as well.

"You… are all here." I said with surprise.

"But of course." My father said. "We won\'t miss your most important day, would we?"

Regaleon gently let go of me when my mother and father came near us.

"Oh mother." Tears that stopped falling a while ago started to flow out once again.

"Oh, my baby." Mother pulled me into her embrace. "I am happy to see you walk down the aisle on your most important day."

"Father, how did you get here?" I asked in wonder. "How about your work in the capital?"

"When I got the message from your fiancé, I rushed here at once. When I knew that you were safe and that your mother was alive, I cannot help myself but to go here in person." Father said. "I left your brother Richard in charge. I am sure he will do well with your Grandpa Robert there to assist him."

"Oh, father. Elizabeth… she…" I cannot help but remember what happened in Jennovia on our escape.

"Hush now my child." Father pulled me into his arms and comforted me. "It is not your fault. Let us talk about this some other time. This time should be your happiest day." He wiped away my tears.

"Here now, you should be beautiful in this important day." Mother took her handkerchief out and wiped my cheeks. "Come and let us get you ready."

"Hmm." I nodded in agreement. I looked around Regaleon for confirmation.

"See you later my bride." Regaleon gave me a peck on my cheek. "I also need to get ready."

"Yes, of course." I gave him a smile.

By that time, Regaleon and I were both led into separate rooms to prepare.T

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