The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 268 Shopping

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Regaleon and I reached the town after just a few minutes. Just like Regaleon said, the town is bustling with merchants and customers because of market day.

"Let\'s leave Midnight here." Regaleon said after spotting a public stable.

Regaleon got down first and helped me after. We left Midnight at the public stables and started to look around the town square.

The town square is filled with traveling merchant that made makeshift stalls good for the day. There are many items and goods that are displayed such as fabrics, cheap jewelry, food, and the likes. People all around are busy with their own businesses.

"Let\'s look over there." I pointed out one store that sells trinkets.

The stall was relatively small, only displaying small trinkets such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and hair ornaments.

"Good day sir and madam." The stall owner welcomed. "Do you fancy any of my items? My items are crafted with the up to date trends of young ladies."

I smiled at the stall owner and started to look at the items in front of me. I saw a beautiful looking hair clip. It was designed with two lily flowers that are platinum colored with blue gems at the center. I picked it up admiring the craftmanship.

"Do you like it?" Regaleon who was just beside me asked.

"Yes." I nodded looking at him with a smile.

The hair ornament was simple but elegant. I feel that it is suitable for me.

"We will buy this." Regaleon said and gave a few pieces of silver coins to the stall owner.

"Thank you, dear customer." The stall owner said with a business smile. "Let me get your change."

"No need." Regaleon said with an air of confidence. "Please keep the change."

"Oh my gosh, this is too much." The stall owner was taken aback but beamed with a huge smile after. "Thank you very much, dear customer. Please, get other items that you like."

"Then I will get this to pair with the hair clip." Regaleon took a pair of blue drop earrings and a silver necklace with a small heart shape sapphire pendant.

"I will wrap them up right away, dear customer." The stall owner said happily.

"You don\'t need to buy these many." I said to Regaleon.

"This is a must." Regaleon looked at me with eyes full of doting. "I want to spoil you now that we are together again." He smiled affectionately.

I felt touched with Regaleon\'s words. I did not really need to be bought gifts, but the feeling of getting spoiled is something I look forward to.

After buying from that stall we continued going around town square and looked at different stalls. We bought street food along the way. All in all, the trip to town was fun.

"Why don\'t we look inside here?" Regaleon said in passing. "You will need some clothes."

I looked at the store he was pointing to and saw a clothing store. It is true that I did not bring anything with me when I escaped Jennovia. The little clothes I took were all destroyed when my magic powers gone out of control. Even the magic crystal that Anna gave me was destroyed.

"Hmm." I nodded in reply to Regaleon.

Regaleon opened the door to the clothing store and a bell rang to inform of our presence.

"Good afternoon." A young lady in her mid-twenties came to greet us. "What can I do for you?" She asked.

"My wife would like to try on some of your clothes." Regaleon said nonchalantly. "If you have some readymade everyday clothes, then it will do."

"W-Wife…" I whispered and looked at him. I can feel that my face is burning with the word he uttered.

Regaleon teasingly smiled at me and made a \'shhh\' gesture with his finger. I did not have any choice but to go through with his playful act.

\'But calling me wife…\' I felt so happy inside that my heart was beating fast.

If someone look at us in perspective, they will think that we were young newly wedded couple. Just by thinking this made me internally scream in joy.

"Oh yes of course." The lady said with a smile. "If you can come right this way young madam, there are ready made clothes to pick out."

The young lady took my hand and dragged me towards the back section. I looked around to see Regaleon looking at the beautiful clothes on display at the front of the store.


"Let me pack this up for you." The young lady said and walked out of the dressing room.

I took a break after fitting at least a dozen of clothes. I was exhausted and sat down for a while when the door opened once again. The full length mirror in front of me was facing the door, and so I saw the reflection of Regaleon coming inside. He was carrying a white lacy dress that I saw on display outside.

"Leon." I called out, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

"Why don\'t you try this on?" Regaleon put the beautiful white dress over me. "I am sure you will look lovely in it."

I looked at my reflection with the white dress in front of me. Regaleon was behind me holding the dress with a wide smile on his face.

"O-Okay…" I said and took the white dress from him.

"Call me once you have finished putting it on." Regaleon said and left the dressing room.

I looked at my reflection holding the dress in front of me. I ran my hands on the soft lacy fabric and smiled. I quickly tried it on.

The white dress was simple and elegant on me. The skirt was just below my knees, layered with ruffled laces on the hem. The long sleeves were made of see thru laces with rose patterns. The waist had a single white lace that it so be tied in a ribbon on the back.

"Leon…" I called out to him and just after a second, Regaleon came inside the dressing room. "I-I need you to close the buttons at the back and tie the lace." I said a little embarrassed.

Regaleon smiled knowing that I was getting shy, knowing that my bare back was in his full view. He gently buttoned up the dress and I felt his fingers graze my skin in the process. The skin he touched felt hot and my skin crawled with the ticklish sensation. After that I felt Regaleon tie up the lace.

"Done." Regaleon had an accomplished smile on his face and that just made me blush in embarrassment. "Here, I also bought you this."

Regaleon was holding a pair of white floral sandals. I take my seat and let him put the sandals on me. His hands slowly traced my legs after and made me jump in surprise.

"Haha… still jumpy with a small touch?" Regaleon teased me. "I can\'t get enough of feeling your skin with my fingers."

Regaleon raised my foot and planted a kiss just above my ankles. His gestures made me feel hot and more embarrassed.

"*cough* I guess that\'s enough teasing." Regaleon stood up with his face tinted with a pinkish hue. "If you show me that face, I probably can\'t stop myself from wanting you even more."

"S-Sorry…" I lowered my head in embarrassment. I knew what Regaleon meant.

"Here, try this on." Regaleon gave me the trinkets we just bought this morning. "It will look good with the dress you are wearing."

"O-Okay." I replied.

I started to out the earrings on my ears when Regaleon started to fix my hair with his hands. I was surprised but just let him play with my hair because it felt good. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a beautiful but normal girl reflected. It was far from the dresses I wear as a princess. It was less extravagant but still looked gorgeous in its own way. I looked like a normal girl dressed up beautifully.

"Let me put this on." Regaleon took the silver necklace and locked it from behind.

"I never thought you can tie hair this beautifully." I giggled. My hair was tied up with the hair clip we bought.

"Well I can manage this simple style." Regaleon said. "Now that we are done here, I want to bring you to somewhere that I am sure you will love to see."

"Where?" I asked in excitement.

"It\'s a secret." Regaleon winked. "You will know once we get there."

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