The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 267 The Village by the Border 2

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I was so happy seeing Tricia that I cried in happiness. While eating breakfast, I asked Tricia how her past two years was. We were apart for so long that many has happened.

Tricia told me that after I was kidnapped, Regaleon asked her if she want to go to Grandcrest with them. She agreed, knowing that Regaleon would do everything in his power to get me back. She believed with all her heart that I will get back to Grandcrest, and that she waited these past two years ready to serve me when I get back. I was happy with Tricia\'s devotion towards me.

"I never lost hope that you will return to us your highness." Tricia said while wiping her tears. "I believed that his majesty would get you back, and here you are now."

"Oh Tricia, I am so happy to reunite with you again." I said with having wiped my own tears. "I am just sad that your youthful years are spent waiting for me. But do not worry, I am sure that you will still find a suitable husband. You are still of marriageable age. I can help find a suitable partner if that\'s alright with you."

Tricia who was older than me by a year should have been married, or at least dating someone. Tricia was now included in the lower class nobility. As I recall, her father was given a baron title just before I was abducted. Her father is Grandpa Robert\'s loyal lieutenant under him and was recently given a baron\'s title as a reward for his long years of service and accomplishments.

\'That just means I can find a suitable partner for her from nobility.\' I thought. \'But that is if she still doesn\'t have someone that caught her eye yet.\'

"Y-Your highness…" Tricia was surprised with my proposal to matchmake her. "I-I still don\'t have such plans as of now. I still want to serve you, your highness." She was stuttering and seemed shy.

I looked closely at Tricia\'s blushing face. It looks like she has already someone in her mind, or rather in her heart. I can see her eyes take stolen glances at one direction. I traced her line of vision and saw William at the end of her line of sight.

\'Oh my. Has Tricia fallen for William?\' I smiled with the thought. \'Maybe the two had become close when they were in Grandcrest.\'

William and Tricia came to Grandcrest with Regaleon. Both of them were in a foreign land because of my abduction. With the two of them the only Alvannians that knew each other, I guess they became close to one another.

Knowing that Tricia has developed feelings for William, I am sure to give her my full support. I would try my best to at least let this feeling blossom.

\'I just hope that William will open his heart.\' I sighed internally.


After breakfast, Regaleon pulled me out of the house. He was grinning so much as if he was a child excited to go out. The others were by the door looking at us go.

"L-Leon, slow down a bit." I felt a little shy knowing that many eyes are staring at us.

"No need to be shy Lili, they know that we are a loving couple." Regaleon said with a grin. He quickly scooped me up into his arms that made me shriek.

"Eeekkk…" I felt my body hoisted up in an instant. I quickly encircled my arms on around Regaleon\'s neck to get balance.

"Hahaha…" Regaleon chuckled boyishly that I felt more embarrassed. "Do not worry Lili. I won\'t let you fall."


Midnight came galloping and stopped in front us. Regaleon gently placed me on top of Midnight and he came up next.

"Be careful on your stroll." Mother said while waving her hand. "Take care of her your majesty."

"Of course, mother in law. We will come back before the sun sets." Regaleon said with a smile. He kicked Midnight lightly and we started to move on a slow pace.

The scenery around was breathtaking. As Regaleon have said, this village was found a little south and was at the borders of Alvannia and Jennovia. I can still see the mountain ranges of Jennovia that was capped with ice from afar. The road we are in right now were lined up with huge trees, their branches shaded us from the sun.

"It is nice to see the trees of Alvannia after a long time." I said.

Jennovia was covered with ice and snow the first time I opened my eyes. Everything outside was colored white because of it, and it felt cold and gloomy. It was just recently when the weather in Jennovia improved after using my magic unknowingly. It was still cold but at least plants have started to grow once more.

But now being back in my home country, I can still see the difference of the two. Alvannia was blessed with good weather. At the north we experience four seasons while on the south we shared good weather similar with Grandcrest. Seeing the lush greens and the bright colors of the flowers made my heart feel warm.

"I know you would miss colorful scenery here in Alvannia." Regaleon said. His breath tickled my ear from behind.

This made me conscious that our bodies are close to one another while riding. I can feel the warmth of his chest on my back. My heart started to race.

\'How I missed being near him.\' I thought to myself. I would savor this day with just the two of us.

"Where do you plan on going?" I asked in an excited tone.

"Let us go to the village center first. It is a market day today so there will be many merchants putting up stalls." Regaleon explained.

"We will go shopping?" I asked and giggled. "It feels like we are just a normal couple spending the day strolling while shopping."

Regaleon encircled his other arm on my waist and pulled me closer into an embrace. "That is what I was planning." He said into my ear.

I felt my heart pound with Regaleon\'s sudden action and closeness. I looked up at him and he stole a peck on my lips. He looked mischievous after I looked at him with shocked eyes. I quickly looked away embarrassed.

"No fair." I grumbled. "You always make me flustered."

"Hahaha…" Regaleon laughed out heartily. "You can take revenge on me if you like."

I looked at him grumpily. "Hmph. Just you wait." I warned him.

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